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Trucking Partners, LLC

1718 2nd Ave NW Suite B
Cullman, AL 35055
(256) 737-8788

White Oak Transportation Inc

63 Walnut St NW
Cullman, AL 35055
(256) 255-0161

  • Smart data exchange will bring value to smart city innovation
    By Cate Lawrence - Friday Oct 6, 2017

    When it comes to smart city innovation, it’s arguable that most use cases are not that exciting to the average resident. A connected garbage bin, traffic light or parking meter is not going to cause applause and adoration for city officials at least in the first instance. But as more and more local systems start to communicate, it will start to make more sense and increase consumer satisfaction, at least until residents forget a life before they existed.I spoke to Peeter Kivestu, director of travel industry solutions and marketing from analytics solutions and consulting services...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • MBAs are snubbing Wall Street to work at consulting firms
    By Kevin Dugan - Wednesday Aug 9, 2017

    It’s official: McKinsey & Co. is sexier than Goldman Sachs. The most sought-after jobs for MBAs are no longer on Wall Street, as more business students than ever before are instead looking to go into consulting, according to a survey released Wednesday. For the first time in eight years, consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain &...

    Source: New York Post: Business
  • How Agencies Can Compete Effectively Against Consultancies
    Friday Aug 25, 2017

    Having seen both sides, the competitive threat is real. But agencies can and should differentiate themselves. It's no secret that consultancies are masters of C-Suite relationships, accustomed to atop-down sales approach. As funding for this work shifts increasingly to CMOs, the presence of consultancies will only increase.

    Source: Media Post: MediaDailyNews
  • Are Consultancies The Key To Unlock The Boardroom?
    Friday Jul 21, 2017

    Agencies have been fretting about the rise of consultancies, but could they turn out to be a route to the top for some?

    Source: Media Post: Video Daily
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