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Paw Paw's Antiques & Flea Mkt

207 E Oak St
Amite, LA 70422
(985) 747-6772

Roseland 2nd Hand & Antiques

63071 Commercial St
Roseland, LA 70456
(985) 748-8255

  • Facebook makes it easy for cops to nab fugitive at heavy metal concert
    By Joshua Rhett Miller - Monday Jun 26, 2017

    Deputies in Texas showed heavy mettle of a different type during the arrest of a kidnapping suspect in the middle of an Iron Maiden concert. Derrick Roseland, who was sought on aggravated kidnapping charges in Austin, was arrested at the AT&T Center in San Antonio on Saturday by deputies from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office...

    Source: New York Post: News
  • The Online Bazaar for Looted Antiquities
    Tuesday Oct 31, 2017

    A flood of potentially stolen art objects from the Middle East is showing up on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and WhatsApp, often ensnaring unsuspecting buyers

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Lifestyle
  • KIM'S AIR FARCE 'Antique' N. Korean planes could still bring thunder
    By (Fox News Online) - Tuesday Aug 29, 2017

    Source: Fox News
  • Rare painting stolen in museum heist found in antique store
    By Ruth Brown - Saturday Aug 12, 2017

    A masterpiece by painter Willem de Kooning that was stolen in a famous museum heist three decades ago has finally been found — at an antique store 200 miles away. The store’s owner, David Van Auker, unwittingly picked up “Woman-Ochre” in an estate sale on Aug. 1 but had no idea he’d found a $160...

    Source: New York Post: News
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