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  • Santa Fe Indian Market fuses tradition with contemporary art
    By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN, Associated Press - Monday Aug 14, 2017

    Santa Fe Indian Market fuses tradition with contemporary artThe annual Santa Fe Indian Market begins Saturday as organizers push ahead with raising the bar for showcasing what they say are the best examples of art that has evolved from centuries-old traditions.Some artists and their families have participated for years, but this marks the first time organizers have shifted entirely to a juried application process that has resulted in fierce competition.Organizers say the result is more fair than the system that used to exist, said Dallin Maybee, chief operating officer of the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, which presents the market each year.While much of the art showcased at the market is based on methods and styles used by tribes for generations, more modern narratives have been finding their way into the pieces and the work has been evolving.In conjunction with the market, the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian will present its annual Native Cinema Showcase throughout the week, highlighting more than 50 feature-length and short films created by Native artists.

    Source: Top News Stories
  • New Pacific Rim Uprising trailer debuts at NY Comic Con
    By Samuel Axon - Monday Oct 9, 2017

    John Boyega stars in a sequel about a new generation of Jaeger pilots.

    Source: Ars Technica
  • Charles Bachman, creator of database management system, dies at 92
    By Harrison Smith - Wednesday Jul 19, 2017

    Charles W. Bachman, a software engineer whose creation of the first database management system helped popularize computers in the corporate world and earned him the highest honor in computer science, died July 13 at his home in Lexington, Mass.The devices had promised to reshape businesses around the world, making it possible to automate everything from accounting to inventory, but companies struggled to integrate different processes in one easy-to-use system.[...] because data was stored on magnetic tape, it had to be accessed sequentially — just as, when watching a movie on a VHS tape, there is no way to access the end of the film without fast-forwarding through the beginning and the middle.Mr. Bachman, a bow tie aficionado with a fondness for exotic plants, devised a kind of road map for the system that would allow programs to access a vast database and make changes within fractions of a second.The database management system is really an absolutely essential piece of software technology.Developed further by companies such as Oracle, a database management system allows businesses to link any number of data sets — connecting customers’ profiles with their recent purchases or those of similar customers.Given by the Association for Computing Machinery, an international computing society, the award is often described as the Nobel Prize of computer science.In his Turing Award lecture, Mr. Bachman described a revolutionary change occurring in the world of computers, “a shift from a computer-centered to [a] database-centered point of view,” comparable to astronomy’s Copernican shift from a sun-centered to an Earth-centered model of the universe.While serving in the Army for two years during World War II, firing antiaircraft guns at Japanese forces in the Pacific, he took time to collect orchids in New Guinea; years later, after developing IDS, he put the technology to the test in a personal research project on orchid genealogy.[...] he and his GE team devised the first database management system, he recalled, “we were using 1960 computers which filled a room and had less power and less data storage capacity than today’s smart telephone.”

    Source: Bay Area News
  • A Pacifist Japan Starts to Embrace the Military
    By MOTOKO RICH - Tuesday Aug 29, 2017

    As the North Korean missile threat grows, there are signs that Japan’s citizens are moving away from the country’s postwar pacifism.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • NY AG presses TransUnion, Experian for cybersecurity details
    By DAVID KLEPPER, Associated Press - Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is pressing TransUnion and Experian to explain what cybersecurity they have in place to protect sensitive consumer information following a recent breach at Equifax that exposed the data of 143 million Americans.In letters to executives at the two credit monitoring companies, the Democratic attorney general asked them to describe their existing security systems as well as what changes they've made since the Equifax cyberattack."The unprecedented data breach experienced by Equifax Inc.

    Source: Tech News
  • LG to Unveil webOS-Powered TV
    By Min-Jeong Lee - Monday Dec 30, 2013

    South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. will soon take the veils off a television model that will run on the webOS operating system, highlighting its ambition of creating a prominent operating system for so-called smart TVs.

    Source: All Things Digital