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  • 360 View: The Headache of Living Next to Endless Construction
    By RONDA KAYSEN - Friday Sep 15, 2017

    Construction scaffolding is a part of New York City’s streetscape. When it happens next door, developers sometimes pay neighbors for their trouble.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded
    By BARRY MEIER - Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

    A self-help organization in Albany called Nxivm has begun to unravel as members reveal disturbing practices and fears of blackmail.

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  • Trump tweets that transgender people can’t serve in military
    Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

    President Trump set off a bipartisan firestorm Wednesday morning by tweeting that the government will not allow transgender people to serve in the military “in any capacity.”In a series of early morning tweets, Trump wrote, After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.Republicans also expressed disappointment and outrage at Trump for posting policy decisions on social media.Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who also serves as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called Trump’s statement unclear and promised that the committee would conduct oversight on the issue of transgender people serving in the military.In a White House press briefing later that day, Sarah Huckabee, the White House press secretary, said that the announcement was “something that the Department of Defense and the White House iwll have to work together on as implementation takes place.”Rep. Scott Peters (D-San Diego) filed an amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations bill to block Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from entering the military service.The amendment states that government funds for defense can’t be used to “implement, enforce, or observe any directive” from the president that “bars or restricts the ability of transgender persons to serve in the Armed Forces.”The order, signed by Truman on July 26, 1948, stated, “It is hereby declared to be the policy of the President that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin.”The RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research group, found that the costs of gender-transition related to health care treatment is “relatively low.”The total cost of medical care for transgender troops would increase health care costs by between $2.4 million and $8.4 million annually, representing a 0.04- to 0.13-percent increase in health care expenditures.Transgender reassignment surgery — which not every trans person chooses to undergo — can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars per person to nearly $100,000, depending on how extensive it ias, according to Courtney D’Allaird, founding coordinator for the Genderal and Sexuality Resource Center at the University of Albany, N.Y.“Weren’t we just last year christening the Harvey Milk vessel in the Navy?” D’Allaird said, referring to the 2016 announcement that a Navy supply vessel is being named after the gay rights pioneer of San Francisco.Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center, a public policy think tank at UC Santa Barbara, said Trump’s announcement would cause discrimination and ultimately harms military readiness.In June 2016, former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that transgender individuals would be able to serve in the U.S. armed forces.In June, Gen. James Mattis, Trump’s defense secretary, delayed Carter’s plan to accept transgender troops and to accommodate transgender service members’ medical needs by six months.In February, Trump rescinded federal protections that were implemented for transgender students, allowing them to use bathrooms that coincided with their gender identity.Trump’s tweeted announcement comes about a year after he pledged in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention to protect the rights LGBTQ people.

    Source: LGBT
  • ARKit creates new developer opportunities and business models
    By Paul Veugen, Mapbox - Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

    Presented by Mapbox With the anticipated launch of iOS 11 and new Apple devices this week, excitement is building in the developer community. The latest version of iOS is opening up new possibilities for augmented reality (AR) to be integrated into games, business, education, and consumer apps through their ARKit framework. With an estimated 200 […]

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  • Game devs: Build your community as you build your game
    By Rafael Vivas - Tuesday Nov 14, 2017

    Mobile gaming communities provide publishers with an opportunity to engage users who want to become better players, share experiences, and discuss the nuances of games. For developers and marketers alike, communities can be a means to monetize games while also improving user experience, which builds deeper bonds with players, ultimately increasing player retention. By planning […]

    Source: VentureBeat
  • Adam Silver: NBA looking for more 'balance' on China trip
    By Connor Letourneau - Monday Oct 9, 2017

    SHANGHAI — For all the positives the Warriors took from their China trip, there was one significant drawback: A whirlwind week of community events, photo opportunities with corporate sponsors, media responsibilities, autograph signings and sightseeing tours made it difficult to find time for basketball. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has heard about how Golden State and Minnesota struggled to carve out opportunities to practice in China. “It’s asking a lot of the players and teams, and we recognize that,” Silver said at a press conference before the Warriors’ exhibition win Sunday over the Timberwolves in Shanghai. “They try to get a lot done in a preseason. They want to get court time for new players.

    Source: Top Sports Stories