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  • Mike Mandel shows off his baseball card collection at SFMOMA
    By Sam Whiting - Wednesday May 31, 2017

    Mike Mandel shows off his baseball card collection at SFMOMABack in 1974, when the big hitters of black-and-white photography were still at work, conceptual artist Mike Mandel had the brilliant inspiration to make baseball cards out of them.Good 70s in the Pritzker Center for Photography, which takes over the third floor at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.The exhibition combines several 1970s projects by Mandel, starting with “Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards (1975).”There is a long wall of cards — Adams, Larry Sultan, Ed Ruscha, Minor White, Bill Eggleston — each next to a vintage card of a real ballplayer, for athletic contrast.“The whole idea of the baseball cards is that the people in the photography world were like a team,” she says.Like any team, there were standouts and these are highlighted in an ancillary exhibit called All-Stars:Works From the Collection, drawn from SFMOMA’s trove of 17,000 pictures.“There has always been humor in his work and a regard for regular folks,” says Phillips, That’s the point of the baseball-photographer trading cards.

    Source: Sam Whiting
  • ‘Veep’ Showrunner Regrets ‘Not Booing and Walking Out’ on Sean Spicer’s Emmys Gag
    By Tony Maglio, provided by
    - Friday Sep 22, 2017

    Some people found Sean Spicer’s self-deprecating skit at the Emmys to be funny. “Veep” showrunner David Mandel was not one of them.“I’m mad at myself for not booing and walking out,” he told EW. “I found it disgusting. Being in a comedy bit does not make him innocent of his crimes … He was up there making light of lies he told the American people.”Mandel’s star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who on Sunday won her record sixth Emmy award (in six tries) for playing Selina Meyer, saw it the same way.“I don’t think it’s cute,” she said in the interview. “There’s nothing funny about Sean Spicer and what his actions have been and what his behavior has been about. Period.”Those two are certainly not alone in that opinion.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • ‘Veep’ EP Says It Seems Like Trump White House Is ‘Doing a Rival Comedy’
    By Rosemary Rossi, provided by
    - Sunday Jul 30, 2017

    Art may imitate life, but when it comes to writing the HBO political comedy “Veep” during the Trump administration, it makes the job a whole lot harder.“Veep” executive producer David Mandel stopped by the “unconventional political convention” Politicon in Pasadena, California Sunday to talk about the show’s upcoming sixth season and how it is influenced by the current state of affairs in Washington D.C.“It does seem like they are doing a rival comedy,” joked Mandel, speaking of the administration. “We think to ourselves, ‘What is the most stupid thing a President can do?’ On a daily basis, and sometimes on an hourly basis, they just outdo us, and it sucks.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • ‘America’s Got Talent': The Clairvoyants Recruit Howie and Mel B, Blow Everyone’s Minds (Video)
    By Tony Maglio, provided by
    - Thursday Sep 7, 2017

    The Clairvoyants returned to “America’s Got Talent” last night, reminding everyone why they probably should have won last season.This time around, the duo recruited “AGT” judges Howie Mandel and Mel B. to participate in their latest trick, which straight-up blew everyone’s minds.Somehow, The Clairvoyants linked the minds between their (mostly) willing assistants, making Mandel feel each time the Spice Girl was touched. Later, there was some good old-fashioned mind-reading going on.Also Read: 'AGT' Mind Reader Has Simon Cowell Killed for Stealing Justin Bieber CDs (Video)Watch the video above, and give us your best (Earthly) explanation in the comments section.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • ‘America’s Got Talent’ Mind Reader Blows the Judges’ Minds With Tweet Trick (Video)
    By Carli Velocci, provided by
    - Wednesday Sep 13, 2017

    Magician Colin Cloud did a mind-reading trick in the “America’s Got Talent” semifinals Tuesday night that was so in-depth that it’s difficult to poke holes in it.Cloud had asked the “America’s Got Talent” Twitter followers for the names of a celebrity, city and object. He said that thousands of people sent in tweets with possible combinations, so his chances of getting the exact three were one in 43 quadrillion.He then printed them all out, gave them to members of the audience, who mostly confirmed that none of the tweets repeated. He then asked judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel to pick some random ones. Then Mel B and Heidi Klum chose one specific tweet out of the ones Cowell and Mandel brought back to the table.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Wray Promises to Act Independently as FBI Director
    Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

    Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump’s pick to be the next FBI director, told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that he would be an independent leader who would never let politics interfere with the bureau’s investigations. Photo: Mandel Nga/AFP/Getty

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Worth It