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AUGUST 07, 2014




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2014 - M & P PIZZA LLC


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  • Pizza Hut's new 'pizza parka' will insulate you like a fresh pie
    By Chloe Bryan - Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

    Pizza Hut has updated its delivery pouch in hopes of solving the ubiquitous "lukewarm pie" problem. They've also made a parka from the same material, because, you know, why not?

    The pizza parka, like the new delivery system, is made from three types of insulation, including one used to warm ski jackets. The coat also comes with a splash guard and a window in the sleeve, so you can still order pizza on your phone in the dead of winter. (But does Touch ID still work? Important.)

    Tragically, the pizza parka will not be available in stores. But you can enter to win one by ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut online or through its app. You can also tweet a flame emoji + a pizza emoji at @PizzaHut. Read more...

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  • Stoke Your Nostalgia With Free Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s Candy Corn Pizza On Halloween
    By Hope R. Carter - Monday Oct 30, 2017

    Chuck E. Cheese is giving out free slices of candy corn pizza this Halloween every hour, on the hour from 4-8 p.m.

    Source: Uproxx
  • There's another Pizza Squirrel giving Pizza Rat a run for his money
    By Samantha Scelzo - Friday Aug 11, 2017

    Maybe all the fame got to be too much for our beloved Pizza Rat because we haven't heard much from him lately. We hope he's OK.

    But if he wants to maintain his title as King of Street Food, he'll have to make an appearance soon because another pizza-loving rodent is ready to steal his crown.

    A friendly neighborhood squirrel in Atlanta, Georgia, got a little hungry and chowed down on a slice from a trash canGrant Park Conservancy, a group formed to protect Atlanta's Grant Park, posted photos of the rare sighting on Facebook. Read more...

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  • Lady Gaga threw an impromptu pizza party for fans after she was forced to cancel a show
    By Cassie Murdoch - Tuesday Sep 5, 2017

    If you can't see your favorite pop star in person, pizza is probably the next best thing. 

    Lady Gaga announced that she had to cancel Monday night's show in Montreal due to illness. But as sad as she was to miss it, she made sure her most ardent fans weren't left totally empty-handed.

    A group of monsters, as her fans are known, was camped outside her hotel. So she ordered them pizza and sent down some autographs to thank them. Read more...

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  • Hundreds of frozen pizzas left on highway after truck crashes
    By Brian Koerber - Wednesday Aug 9, 2017

    Pizza lovers suffered a huge loss on Wednesday after a truck crash left a highway littered with boxes of frozen pizza. 

    Westbound traffic on I-30 near Little Rock, Arkansas, was at a standstill on Wednesday as cleaning crews attempted to remove remnants of the wreck from the road. It appears as if most of the pizzas were Tombstone and Digiorno. 

    The mess was so large that the state needed to bring out a tractor to help scoop up the wasted pies.

    Aside from the loss of pizza, the Arkansas Department of Transportation reports that there were no injuries in the crash. Read more...

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  • Digital Engagement Index
    Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

    Pizza Hut uploaded a new commercial to its official YouTube channel on Monday (7/24), featuring actress and comedian Kristen Wiig. Tracking 4.1M views in just 24 hours, the video helped the fast foodgiant jump to the #7 spot of the leaderboard on Tuesday, with an impressive 1,305% increase in digital engagements.

    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily