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  • UPS has a plan to transform diesel trucks into electric vehicles
    By Brett Williams - Friday Nov 10, 2017

    UPS is giving some its fossil-fuel powered vehicles a green energy makeover. 

    The company has over 108,000 delivery vehicles deployed on routes around the world. More than 770 of those are powered by electric or hybrid motors, and UPS wants to add to that number without actually buying any new vehicles.  

    UPS will team up with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to convert up to 1,500 diesel trucks to new all-electric systems.

    The program, which will be based in the Bronx in NYC, depends on $500,000 from NYSERDA to develop and test the conversion system. UPS and transportation energy company Unique Electric Solutions (UES) LLC will collaborate on the project. If all goes according to plan, the converted e-trucks will start running NYC UPS routes next spring.  Read more...

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  • Women of Sex Tech, Unite
    By ANNA NORTH - Friday Aug 18, 2017

    New York is becoming a cultural center for young women trying to disrupt the male-dominated industries of design engineering and sex toys.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • This refurbished VW Bus is the DeLorean time machine of vans
    By Laura Vitto - Thursday Nov 2, 2017

    The DeLorean time machine, while iconic, also seems impractically small for everyday use. That's where this refurbished Volkswagen Bus comes in.

    First spotted by Road Show, this 1967 VW Bus up for sale at Velocity Motorcars in Nashville, Tennessee is, in essence, the minivan of time machines. 

    Complete with slick grey paint job, gull-wing doors, and, naturally, a Flux Capacitor, it's the kind of vehicle any Back to the Future mega fan would be happy to own. One caveat: It's listed at $89,995. 

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  • Four Credit Repair Agencies Accused Of Misleading Customers, Charging Illegal Fees
    By Ashlee Kieler - Tuesday Jun 27, 2017

    Four different “credit repair” operations have been ordered to pay a total of more than $2 million in penalties for allegedly tricking people into thinking their bad credit could be easily fixed.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced today that it filed complaints and proposed judgments against Prime Credit, LLC, IMC Capital, LLC, Commercial Credit Consultants, and Park View Law, …

    Source: The Consumerist
  • You get to be funny instead of letting the cards do all the work for you in this new party game
    By Emily Heller - Friday Nov 17, 2017

    We all love Cards Against Humanity, but by the 10th round the humor kinda wears off. There are only so many combinations of irreverent words and phrases to choose from and it's more about drawing the funniest cards than making good jokes yourself.

    Humans Being combines the best aspects of Cards Against Humanity, Charades, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? by letting you be silly with your friends for points. The game was created by two improvisers who perform and teach with the top comedy theaters in New York and LA, including the Upright Citizens Brigade AKA the group that Amy Poehler co-founded.  Read more...

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  • This creepy technology can read your emotions as you walk down the street
    By Gianluca Mezzofiore - Friday Jul 28, 2017

    Facial recognition is so last week. 

    If this Russian tech company has its way, emotion-reading recognition is the cool kid on the block right now. With serious consequences for everyone's privacy and personal data. 

    NTechLab ignited a controversy last year after it released FindFace, an app that can track everyone on VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Twitter, based on their profile. 

    Someone used the app to identify and harass sex workers and porn actresses through their personal profiles, though the firm said that they weren't breaking any privacy regulations. Read more...

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