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    GamesBeat 2017 will take place at San Francisco’s beautiful Fort Mason on October 5-6, and we’re delighted to announce our next two legendary speakers, who can teach us a lot about making big decisions in the game business. They are Robyn Miller and Rand Miller, the brothers and co-creators of Myst, the 1993 computer game […]

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    Miller made a splash by insulting a CNN reporter as "insulting, ignorant and foolish"Stephen Miller: 8 Late-Night Insults for Trump’s ‘Basic Henchman’ (Photos)Over the weekend, 31-year-old Trump adviser Stephen Miller went on Sunday morning shows to push the president’s border policies.Late-night hosts were not impressed by his chilly claim that “the powers of our president to protect our country… will not be questioned,” and compared him to some unflattering people, places and cartoon characters.A foot Exact quote: If you’re wondering why his face looks familiar, it’s probably because you see him every time you take off our socks.

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  • Sixgill®, LLC Launches Sense 2.0
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    Sixgill, LLC, the leader in sensor data services for governing IoE, today unveiled the next generation of its universal and highly scalable sensor data services platform, Sixgill Sense 2.0. Sense 2.0 provides vital capabilities...

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  • BlueStreak's Clement Breaks Down Age-Appropriate Youth Exercises
    By mschneider - Monday Oct 23, 2017

    Works On: Core, hips, glutes, shoulders
    Helps With: Lateral strength, shot strength, upper body control, change of direction
    Reps: 3 sets of 12 reps each side for beginners, 3x/week

    How To:

    1. Place your lacrosse stick about a foot behind you.

    2. Lay on the ground sideways and lift your hips off the ground, only supporting yourself with your forearm and side of your foot.

    3. With your top hand, rotate and reach under your body and touch your lacrosse stick.

    4. Return to the side plank position with top hand reaching towards the sky.

    Form and Technique:

    1. During the side plank, maintain a straight line through your chin, belly button and heels.

    2. Start square to a wall and finish in the same position.

    3. Rotate your chest toward the ground and reach under your armpit towards your stick.

    4. Touch the lacrosse stick and return to your starting position without your hips dropping throughout the movement.

    Jones’ Workout: Power Snatch
    Youth Version: Bench Jump to Drop

    Works On: Upper back (rhomboids, rear deltoids), forearms, biceps, lats (latissimus dorsi), erector spinea, rectus abdominus.
    Helps With: Posture, injury prevention, upper body strength for contact
    Reps: 3 sets of 12-15 reps

    How To:

    1. Find a bar, like the parallel bars at park, or something you hang underneath.

    2. Hold the bar with your hands and walk your feet under until your body is below 45 degrees.

    3. Pull yourself up to the bar until your chest touches.

    4. Control yourself on the way down.

    Form and Technique:

    1. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees with your palms facing your feet

    2. Keep your butt and lower back off the ground during the exercise.

    3. Keep your mid-section as straight as you can. Maintain core engagement. Don’t go too far and overextend your lower back.

    4. Once you hit the bar with your chest, control and slowly lower yourself down.

    Progression of Exercise:

    1. Beginner: Bent legs, feet flat on the ground

    2. Medium: Legs straight out

    3. Advanced: Legs straight and elevated on box


    Douty’s Workout: Advanced Burpees
    Youth Version: Mountain Climbers into Tuck Jumps

    Works On: Core, shoulders
    Helps With: Upper body strength, endurance, posture, triple threat position
    Reps: 3 sets of 20-second reps for beginner

    How To:

    1. Find a box, step or a sturdy edge that is about six inches off the ground.

    2. Get in front of it in a push up position.

    3. Keep your lower body as still as possible feet shoulder width apart.

    4. Alternating hands, take one hand and put it on the box and then the other hand, and then return both hands to the starting position.

    5. Don’t let your hips fall towards the ground.

    Form and Technique:

    1. Engage your abs the entire time to help control your lower body and keep your lower back safe.

    2. Stay straight through the mid-section the entire time.

    3. Keep arms straight and your body still throughout the sets.

    4. Box should be about 6-12 inches in front of you.

    Douty’s Workout: Front Squat
    Youth Version: Goblet Squat

    Source: US Lacrosse Magazine
  • LA Home to Equality Seekers
    Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

    Top 10 DMAs in which adults say equality for all is extremely important to them.

    1. Los Angeles, CA
    2. New York, NY
    3. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    4. Detroit, MI
    5. El Paso (Las Cruces), TX-NM
    6. Davenport – Rock Island – Moline, IA-IL
    7. Monterey – Salinas, CA
    8. Tampa – St. Petersburg(Sarasota), FL
    9. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, CA

    10. Tucson (Sierra Vista), AZ

    Source: GfK MRI’s 2011 Market-by-Market Study

    This brief initially appeared in MarketingDaily on December 7.

    Source: Media Post: MAD LA