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  • City Arts & Lectures founder Sydney Goldstein steps down
    By Leah Garchik - Wednesday Jul 5, 2017

    “I am looking forward to sitting in a good orchestra seat or even in the green room” at the Nourse Theatre, “and enjoying the programs along with other patrons,” said Goldstein last week. “With a full-time staff of four, everyone has always had their hand in every aspect of the work, from booking to setting the stage and handling travel and accommodations,” Goldstein said. Many programs are parts of series, such as the 826 Valencia College Scholarship events that City Arts has produced for 13 years. Goldstein was organizing literary events for the College of Marin in 1980 when she booked her first speaker, Fran Lebowitz, who was to lead off a series of six fundraisers for the San Francisco Public Library, in the Herbst Theatre. Soon after that, Steven Barclay, who had taken Goldstein’s job at the College of Marin, came to work with her at the new company, “and added a lot,” said Goldstein, crediting Barclay with snagging Tony Kushner, for example, and adding “energy and taste that built up a certain part of our audience.” With design and communications manager Alexandra Washkin, they manage an email list of almost 25,000 patrons, as well as a separate snail-mail list the same size. With the help of patrons and supporters like Moti Kazemi of BBC Construction, Helen and John Meyer of Meyer Sound and the school district’s facilities chief David Goldin, the restoration cost less than $2 million. “Sydney did the work of finding a new venue, and against so many odds, raising money and finding really talented people to make it work for us and to make it work for so many other presenters,” said Goldstein-Breyer. “I think the main lesson is to trust your instincts,” said Goldstein. Because you can poll a lot of people and you end up with something that maybe by the numbers seems like the right thing, and it’s not.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Leah Garchik
  • 7 Myths You Probably Believe About Your CEO
    By Stephanie Vozza - Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

    The top job might not be as great (or as horrible) as you think.

    Arrogant, removed, pampered, and driven, we’ve all read the headlines about CEOs who behave badly. But are a few bad apples spoiling the reputation for the rest of the leaders? We talked to several CEOs who shared the biggest myths employees believe about CEO’s jobs. Here are some details that might help you rethink how you view the person at the top.

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    Source: Fast Company
  • What Do People Want When They Give To Nonprofits?
    By Ben Paynter - Monday Sep 25, 2017

    A new survey of people who have given to nonprofits in the last year exposes what organizations are doing well–and badly–in retaining donors.

    In June 2017, the New York Yankee’s New Yankee Stadium Community Benefits Fund got called out for not really benefiting those it was set up to serve. The fund, created to offset the fact that the stadium gobbled up 25 acres of public parkland, should eventually give out $40 million in grants and sports equipment, plus over a half-million game day tickets to community groups in the South Bronx. But, as the New York Times reported, many early gifts have been channeled to neighborhoods that had less need for improvement or inspiration than those now in the shadow of the stadium. In some cases, distributions ended up at groups that share board members with the fund.

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    Source: Fast Company
  • Watch the #MeToo campaign spread around the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
    By Melissa Locker - Tuesday Oct 17, 2017

    The #MeToo campaign has filled social media with the depressing realities of pervasive sexual harassment and sexual assault. Spurred on by actress Alyssa Milano after being created years ago by an activist named Tarana Burke, the campaign encourages people to share their stories of unwanted sexual attention and assault by posting just two words: #MeToo. …

    The #MeToo campaign has filled social media with the depressing realities of pervasive sexual harassment and sexual assault. Spurred on by actress Alyssa Milano after being created years ago by an activist named Tarana Burke, the campaign encourages people to share their stories of unwanted sexual attention and assault by posting just two words: #MeToo.

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    Source: Fast Company
  • Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company home season concert
    By Maxine Marshall - Monday Oct 16, 2017

    In an evening of modern dance blended with traditional Chinese forms, Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company presents its home season concert this weekend at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. The concert includes four pieces, and combines new work — this is the first showing of both “SenseScape II” and “Shifting” — with favorites like “SilkCascade” and “The Mist Beneath.” Company founder and director Lily Cai incorporates a wide range of ideas into the works, including contemplations on the forces of yin and yang, as well as movements inspired by the action painting of Jackson Pollock and the brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Entertainment News
  • NEW! AmEx Platinum Card Gets 'Transported'
    Monday Jul 31, 2017

    American Express (AmEx) and its agency DigitasLBi are collaborating with the New York Times Company to leverage both its distribution and in-house experiential design agency Fake Love to raiseawareness for the repositioned Platinum Card.

    The “Platinum Transported" initiative incorporates 360º virtual reality to provide viewers with an immersive digital adventure. Thefirst episode "Taste" features chef David Chang exploring different combinations of flavors presented in an unexpected ways. 

    DigitasLBi conceived of the initial creative across alldigital and social platforms while Fake Love helped to develop creative and the technical side.

    "During the conceptualization process, we quickly discovered that 360º was the best way topluck the viewer out of their environment and transport them into this unchartered sensory experience," says Aline Ridolfi, creative director, Fake Love. For the Taste film - which "focuses on perhapsthe most intimate of the senses" - the campaign wanted to bring the viewer as close to Chang and his creative process as possible, "only inches, or seconds away from digging in," says Ridolfi. He isseen talking about the uni with chickpea hozon dish at two Michelin starred Ko.

    AmEx will next roll out “Sound” and“Sight” featuring influential individuals who have made a significant impact on one of the particular senses in the coming months. The series appears as branded content across the NY Timesas well as AmEx's platforms.

    American Express also recently debuted a new, travel-focused creative advertising platform via print, out-of-home and digital ads. Ogilvy served as the lead oncreative for the OOH and print which is designed to inspire global travel experiences. The ads ask, "Where will American Express Platinum take you?"



    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily