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  • ‘Dark Knight’ shooter moved to Pennsylvania prison
    By Associated Press - Thursday Sep 28, 2017

    DENVER — The man who opened fire on a crowded movie theater in suburban Denver in 2012, killing 12 people and wounding 70 others, is being housed at a facility in Pennsylvania, the Federal Bureau of Prisons disclosed Thursday. James Holmes’ location had been a tightly held secret after he was moved out of Colorado...

    Source: New York Post: News
  • Tom Kelly's Path from Virginia Failure to Pro Lacrosse Success
    By mhamilton - Thursday Aug 31, 2017

    Source: US Lacrosse Magazine
  • Russia Hopes Mercer Island Trip Will Spark a Lacrosse Movement
    By mhamilton - Thursday Aug 10, 2017

    O’Hearn, who had performed clinics in a number of countries since his playing career at Albany ended in 2000, said the Russian experience was one of the most unique.

    “As I was talking at the end, it really struck me that this is the first youth group to ever exist in Russia,” O’Hearn said. “So if the sport takes off and grows 20 years from now it’s an established thing, that was the first youth group. … It’s cool for the kids to see the beginning roots of a new country taking off.”

    That was the goal when the Saint Petersburg White Knights and Moscow Rebels were founded in 2007, and it remains the goal 10 years later. And now that the Russian players have gotten a taste of American lacrosse, they want more. Many got the chance to compete with the Russian national team in the 2014 FIL World Championship in Denver, but they’d love to come back.

    “We really looking forward to visiting the United States,” Ventsel said. “We need to gain more experience from United States players, and we understand that it’s very important for us. ... There are thousands of camps. It’s our first intention, to visit the United States and learn more and more.”

    Could they return the favor with Mercer Island? How much could it influence the growth of the game? It may take years to show the tangible benefits of Mercer Island’s trip, but those involved with lacrosse in Russia are hoping it can help change the landscape of the game in their country for good.

    Source: US Lacrosse Magazine
  • Mercer Island (Wash.) Boys Embark on Historic Trip to Russia
    By mhamilton - Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

    Although the itinerary came together in a matter of months, this trip has been years in the making. For Mercer Island Lacrosse, it’s the next step in the process of growing the program. 

    Led by Islanders varsity boys’ coach Ian O’Hearn, who serves as the program director, Mercer Island has become one of the most popular areas for lacrosse in Washington. O’Hearn, who took the reins of the high school team in 2002 and became the state’s all-time winningest coach, also installed youth programs from middle school to kindergarten to help get children involved at an earlier age. As an upstate New York native, he knew he’d have to travel to play the best competition in the country.

    But even with the steady growth of the sport, this trip wasn’t on the radar until last year, and it came about quite simply.

    Ioulia Howard, who was born in Yaroslavl and emigrated to the United States just 17 years ago, regularly visited her relatives back home. She was planning a trip this year when she asked her son, Donnie, if he’d like to come.

    Donnie Howard, a Boston University commit, said he would go if he could bring a friend.

    “Sure,” Ioulia Howard said.

    Time passed, and Donnie Howard came back with another proposal.

    “Mom, what do you think if we could go all together?” he asked.

    “What do you mean all together?” his mother answered.

    “The whole team will go,” Donnie Howard said.

    Ioulia Howard wondered what the team would accomplish in Russia.

    “We are going to teach hockey players to play lacrosse,” Donnie Howard said.

    That got the ball rolling, and Ioulia Howard and Ventsel have since helped hash out the details of an unprecedented encounter of two emerging lacrosse communities.

    Source: US Lacrosse Magazine
  • What’s the Business Model for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?
    By Bruce V. Bigelow - Monday Jul 3, 2017

    This story is part of an ongoing Xconomy series on A.I. in healthcare. Other stories cover big-company efforts, a genomics hackathon, and the impact on doctors and patients. These are heady times for using artificial intelligence to extract insights from healthcare data—in particular, from the tidal wave of information coming out of fields like genomics […]

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  • Five Teams Snag All Available Players in First Round of NLL Draft
    By mschneider - Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

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