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  • Jeffrey Immelt Set to Retire as General Electric Chief
    By CHAD BRAY - Monday Jun 12, 2017

    John Flannery, who has been with General Electric since 1987 and leads its health care unit, is to become chief executive on Aug. 1 and chairman on Jan. 1.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Leaked Apple Document Outlines Apple's iPhone Repair Rules
    By Juli Clover - Friday Sep 1, 2017

    A leaked Apple "Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide" shared this afternoon by Business Insider provides some insight into how Apple's repair policies work, highlighting how Apple determines when to offer an in-warranty repair, an out-of-warranty repair, or a denial of service.

    Dated March 3, 2017, the document is known internally as the "VMI" and covers the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7, along with Plus models. An Apple technician told Business Insider that there's a similar document for all of its products, and that it's generally used for training.

    The guide is divided into three sections. The green section denotes problems where Apple will provide a warranty service, the yellow covers issues where Apple will offer out-of-warranty repairs, and the red section contains examples of issues Apple will refuse to fix.

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    Debris under the display glass, a pixel anomaly, FaceTime camera foam misalignment, and a single hairline crack to the front glass are all problems that Apple will fix under warranty, even if there's additional accidental or liquid damage to the device. These are the only issues that can be fixed automatically even with additional damage to a device.

    Apple will provide out-of-warranty replacements for liquid damage confirmed by the user, evidence of corrosion, LCD fractures, camera damage from lasers, cracks at a point of impact, damaged Lightning/audio/microphone components, extreme abrasion or puncture holes, and a bent or split enclosure.

    Devices that have user-replaced parts, intentional tampering or damage, non-Apple batteries, or catastrophic damage are not eligible for service at all. Enclosure damage, like scratches and scuffs, is not covered and cosmetic problems do not warrant a replacement or repair if there are no other issues.

    Apple also has a special set of rules for water damage. Employees are instructed to look for signs of water damage both internally and externally when diagnosing issues, and if there is evidence of contact with water, employees are told to deny some in-warranty repairs and instead offer an out-of-warranty repair.

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    According to Apple employees, the VMI isn't often used unless there's an "oddball issue," and it's also more of a guide than a hard and fast rule when it comes to replacement, as there are many issues that arise that aren't covered here. "There are always those one-off issues that the phone is technically not covered under warranty but we swap the phone anyways under warranty," an Apple technician told Business Insider.

    These rules don't apply to devices covered by AppleCare+, as that warranty entitles users to two device replacements or repairs, even for accidental damage, so long as the fee is covered. For out-of-warranty repairs, Apple charges $130 to $150 for screen repairs and $300 to $350 for other damage. With AppleCare+, a screen repair costs $29 and other damage costs $99 to fix.

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    Source: MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors
  • Near The East River, Plans Emerge For NY’s Next Life Science Center
    By Ben Fidler - Monday Aug 21, 2017

    At a time when biotech incubators and shared spaces are beginning to multiply in Manhattan, work on what could rank among the city’s largest biotech centers—if it can all come together—is just getting underway. According to Paul Wexler, a longtime healthcare-focused real estate broker, construction should begin next year on what is being called the […]

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  • A Lifer at General Electric, John Flannery Is Named Chief Executive
    By JULIE CRESWELL - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    In taking over from Jeffrey R. Immelt, Mr. Flannery will face the challenges of simplifying G.E.’s complex structure and lifting its lagging stock price.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Moraga finally begins repairing massive sinkhole from 2016
    By Alison Graham - Monday Jul 17, 2017

    [...] that $1.3 million has come through, construction crews began moving equipment and material to the site Monday, setting up detour and construction signs and working on traffic control.Without the reinforcement, the entire area collapsed, taking with it a traffic signal pole and a PG&E electrical switch vault.Sixteen months ago, the collapse also ruptured a four-inch gas line, prompting the temporary evacuation of two nearby shopping centers until that could be repaired.[...] the sinkhole has remained largely untouched as the town waited for federal emergency funding to repair the area.The declaration will allow the town to hold a special election and ask voters to approve a tax measure on a majority vote, according to Michael Coleman, fiscal policy adviser for the the League of California Cities.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • FEMA Tweets Number For Phone Sex Line Instead Of Disaster Relief Effort
    By Mary Beth Quirk - Wednesday Sep 20, 2017

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is offering help to Florida residents with a program called “Operation Blue Roof,” which provides fiber-reinforced tarps to homeowners to cover damaged roofs until they can arrange repairs. The only problem is, one federal agency appears to have accidentally directed folks to a phone sex line instead.A …

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