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Flint's Plumbing Co

403 N Franklin Ave
Anthony, KS 67003
(620) 842-5698

Flint's Plumbing

309 S Anthony Ave
Anthony, KS 67003
(620) 842-5698

Hazel's Sheet Metal Inc

238 W Main St
Anthony, KS 67003
(620) 842-5235

  • With another big win, Marc Leishman takes game to a new level
    By Doug Ferguson - Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

    LAKE FOREST, Ill. — Marc Leishman allowed himself to dream of being among the best, even if there were times that that looked a long way off. It’s hard to think about trophies while working the graveyard shift. That was one of the jobs Leishman took briefly early in his career in Australia, when he needed money to pay for entry fees. He operated a laser that cut thick sheets of metal into various shapes. One wrong move could mean the loss of a limb, tough work for an aspiring golfer, especially at $10 an hour working from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. “It was hard work — and hard staying awake,” he said. “That wasn’t too good for my golf, so that lasted a week.

    Source: Top Sports Stories
  • More Aluminum Cars? Not So Fast
    Monday Jul 31, 2017

    Aluminum may not be the new steel, according to a new study, as auto makers’ use of a single predominant lightweight material such as aluminum in vehicles like Ford’s F-150 pickup is giving way to a patchwork of materials replacing heavier sheet metal.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Business
  • Octorock gives some of Zelda’s best songs a metal twist
    By Mike Minotti - Friday Nov 17, 2017

    The Legend of Zelda has some of the best music in gaming. It’s melodic, epic, and memorable. It also works pretty well when translated to heavy metal. Octorock: The Zelda Metal EP rearranges four classic Zelda songs with a metal flavor. It is available on iTunes and Spotify. It includes: “The Lost Woods” (Ocarina of […]

    Source: VentureBeat
  • Markets Await Fed Moves to Trim Balance Sheet
    Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    With the Fed on track to announce a strategy for shrinking its big bondholdings, attention is shifting from how it will work to how it will affect financial markets: Will it be a snooze or a storm?

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Business
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