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2014 - G & B P OPTICAL CORP.


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  • This viral optical illusion will make your head hurt
    By Sam Haysom - Thursday Aug 10, 2017

    If you like looking at things that make your head hurt and fill you with a mounting sense of confused rage, you're probably a fan of optical illusions.

    They're frustrating, but they're also kind of cool once you've figured them out.

    But what if you get an optical illusion you can't figure out? One which only makes your eyes burn the more you stare at it?

    Well, see for yourself:

    Hellish.

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  • Can you find the 16 circles in this wild optical illusion?
    By Samantha Scelzo - Thursday Aug 10, 2017

    Rub those sleepy eyes and put your spectacles on, folks — this optical illusion is a real doozy.

    Redditor NLS83 posted a head-scratching optical illusion Wednesday that could have you staring at your screen for hours, but once you see it, you won't be able to un-see it.

    Can you spot 16 circles in this mess of straight lines and boxes?

    You can do it, we know you can. Relax your eyes, look every part of the illusion, turn your screen upside down if you have to!

    Don't worry, it took us a while, too. And it looks like some others also had a pretty difficult time, so you're not alone, pal. Read more...

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  • This man's socks created the perfect optical illusion
    By Laura Vitto - Thursday Aug 31, 2017

    Everyone loves a good optical illusion. There's a weird sort of delight in realizing that you can't always control your brain's perception of something, even if you try really, really hard to fight against it.

    This optical illusion — or, ok, it's really just an impressive camouflage situation — spotted on a New York City subway train is one of those when-you-see-it photos that often pop up on Reddit's Mildly Interesting subreddit.

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  • Glass bridge ups the ante with Instagram-ready optical illusions painted on the floor
    By Victoria Ho - Friday Oct 20, 2017

    Just when you thought you saw all the glass bridges China had to offer, this one just upped the stakes by painting a set of heart-dropping optical illusions into the floor.

    A transparent bridge over the famed Yellow River in Zhongwei, city, Ningxia, was just launched with a set of photo-ready illusions painted into sections of its 328 metre length.

    Some of the illusions invite people to stand at the sides of the bridge, appearing like they're at the edge of a precipice, with a sharp fall down to the river below. Read more...

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  • Hilarious optical illusion makes groom look like a centaur
    By Brian Koerber - Tuesday Aug 1, 2017

    People spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to make sure their outfit for their wedding is perfect. But no matter how much money you spend, sometimes things don't go as planned.

    Redditor Lasabian shared a photo of his wedding day on Tuesday which shows him dancing with his new wife as some guests admire the couple. Everything looks normal at first, but take a close look at Lasabian's legs.

    The man's pants and shoes get lost in his bride's fit-and-flare dress, making it appear as if the groom has some very tapered legs — and hooves instead of feet.  Read more...

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  • Eerie optical illusion in a pet cemetery looks just like a dog
    By Brian Koerber - Thursday Aug 3, 2017


    The YouTuber behind the channel DIY Prophacks was just taking leisurely bike ride near a pet cemetery recently when something caught his eye. 

    "[I] thought for sure there was a dog standing on this grave," he wrote on YouTube. "Turns out it was just an optical illusion created by these dead flowers."

    Looking at just the right angle, two bouquets of dead flowers for the shape of a small dog. And of course, the grave belonged to a pup.   Read more...

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