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  • Comment on Race Reopens New York Democrats’ Split Over Schools
    By SHANE GOLDMACHER - Saturday Aug 12, 2017

    A Facebook post by a proponent of charter schools singled out an African-American state senator and invoked the Ku Klux Klan.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Support for charters drops markedly over past year
    By MARIA DANILOVA, Associated Press - Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

    Trump campaigned on a promise to dramatically improve school choice — charter schools and private school voucher programs — and his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has made it a priority.About 39 percent of respondents favor opening more charters — schools that are funded by public money, but usually operated independently of school districts — according to the survey by Education Next, a journal published by Harvard's Kennedy School and Stanford University.[...] when respondents were told that Trump was advocating for charter schools, overall support increased by 6 percentage points.Nina Rees, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, says the drop in popularity was due to "expensive, sustained, and coordinated campaigns to discredit charter schools, led by teachers' unions and special interests that feel threatened by families having a choice in public school."On the campaign trail, Trump spoke of funding a $20 billion school choice program and has proposed major cuts to long-standing K-12 programs, such as teacher preparation and after-school classes, while requesting more funding for charters and vouchers.Rick Hess, director of education policy at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, said Trump and DeVos may have turned school choice into a much more federal and divisive issue than it needed to be by talking about it in black-and-white terms and by being too critical of public schools.

    Source: Top News Stories
  • ‘Step’ Review: Dance and Dreams Bolster Exhilarating High School Doc
    By Robert Abele, provided by
    - Tuesday Aug 1, 2017

    Amanda Lipitz’s inspiring, Sundance award-winning documentary follows three African American teenage girls in Baltimore as they wend their way through a senior year in which they’re not just contenders for a statewide step dance crown, but also the first graduating class at an all-girls charter school designed with the express purpose of sending its students to college.At the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, founded in 2008, step is an elective, but its cultural roots in black history — as an exuberant form of expression — make it feel as necessary a part of the students’ academic day as any other subject.Step is a passion for her — as a sixth grader she founded the team after discovering the dance form online and convincing her fledgling school to start a program — but with a mother and little brother who need help, getting across the finish line with grades, a diploma and a university prospect gets increasingly harder.Single mom Maisha is frequently seen dancing along at practices to motivate the team, and commiserating with the girls’ hard-driving coach Gari, an example of parental engagement all the more remarkable considering Maisha’s job is corrections officer on a night shift.Tayla may consider her mother’s energy tiresome, but first-time director Lipitz finds the right mix of embarrassment humor and poignant dedication in their special relationship.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Rapper Common surprises students at NY school, donates money
    By MESFIN FEKADU, AP Music Writer - Thursday Jul 20, 2017

    Rapper Common surprises students at NY school, donates moneyNEW YORK (AP) — Oscar and Grammy winner Common surprised a group of New York students by donating $10,000 to help their teachers buy supplies like calculators and science kits.The rapper-actor partnered with the nonprofit and Burlington Stores to give Renaissance School of the Arts in Harlem the funds on Thursday.Jadon-Li M. Antoine, an aspiring musician, actor and dancer, said Common's visit motivates him to keep aiming for his dreams.Burlington has been raising money from its 599 stores to help other schools, asking customers to donate $1 or more.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Weekend booking: Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
    By John McMurtrie - Tuesday Sep 26, 2017

    Margaret Wilkerson Sexton is well familiar with Berkeley, having graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law. This week, the New Orleans native, who now lives in Oakland, will be back in Berkeley not as a student, but as a celebrated author. Sexton’s debut novel, “A Kind of Freedom” (published by Counterpoint Press of Berkeley), has been receiving high praise from critics and was recently long-listed for the National Book Award for Fiction. The story follows the travails, over three generations, of a New Orleans family that must confront, like millions of others in this country, pervasive racism in its quest to attain something like the American dream. Sexton will read from her novel at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28, at Books Inc.

    Source: Entertainment News
  • Bringing Unions to Charter Schools: What Will It Mean?
    By Martin Levine - Wednesday May 31, 2017

    Only one in eight charter schools have a union bargaining agreement with teachers. Union supporters believe representing charter teachers will improve charter education as well the compensation and working conditions of teachers.

    The post Bringing Unions to Charter Schools: What Will It Mean? appeared first on Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly