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  • M760i xDrive - BMW cloaks muscle car in a power suit
    By Jeff Yip, Autos Correspondent - Friday Aug 4, 2017

    Self-driving cars may have become a holy grail but BMW's powerfully decadent M760i xDrive thumbs its kidney grille at those who would cut the driver out of the loop.[...] there's no way a sane driver would trust that thrust to a mash-up of sensors, cameras and dynamic radar countermeasures.[...] nothing out of Detroit in the sixties or seventies ever came with direct fuel injection and a couple of turbochargers to feed a dozen cylinders.For this kind of coin, you'd better believe that BMW made sure hands-on drivers can run through the gears with the console-mounted shift lever or click the shift paddles on the steering wheel.Through the magic of this computing power (and some long nights put in by programmers) the BMW M760i is monitoring how the car is being driven, its location via the navigation system and even enlists the car's stereo camera.Far from being a one-dimensional performance beast, the M760i can be put in eco pro mode, which tailors accelerator settings and transmission shift points for maximum fuel efficiency.At the other extreme, toggling into sport-plus mode makes the steering tighter, the accelerator mapping bit friskier and the shift points dig in and gear changes mean business.The M760i xDrive also includes the newest generation of BMW's heads-up display, featuring a 75 percent larger projection area and crisper color graphics to show speed, speed limits, turn-by-turn instructions, messages, telephone and entertainment options.Images of roadside traffic signs captured by the M760i's speed limit info camera, along with their locations, can be uploaded anonymously to a BMW server, which then updates the mapping database.Though many will never get to use the M760i's 155-mph velocity (electronically limited), the 17-foot-long sedan's roomy cabin, replete with quilted seat panels, double-stitched seams, brushed metal speaker grilles and driver pedals that are minor works of art, is a fine consolation prize.

    Source: Car News
  • Three breakdowns that buried the Jets
    By Brian Costello - Tuesday Nov 14, 2017

    Here are three plays from Sunday’s 15-10 loss to the Buccaneers that we took a closer look at on the coaches’ tape: Second quarter, 1:10 left, Jets have the ball, second-and-10 from the Buccaneers’ 12 The Jets mounted their best drive just before halftime. They got the ball all the way down to the 12,...

    Source: New York Post: Sports
  • Self-driving rides come to Arizona; granola love panned; and a blockchain stock soars
    By Chronicle Staff and News Services - Wednesday Oct 4, 2017

    Robot roads A fully self-driving ride-sharing service may soon be coming to Arizona. Waymo plans to test a service with no safety driver in Chandler, possibly as soon as this month, reports the Information, citing two people familiar with the plans. The car would be monitored at a remote command center, so if it has trouble, humans can send instructions on what to do. This would mark the arrival of fully self-driving vehicles on public roads in the U.S. ‘Love’ lost Bad news for granola lovers. The Food and Drug Administration has declared that however delicious, there’s no “love” in the combo of rolled oats, brown sugar and maybe nuts.

    Source: Business and Technology News
  • You can mount HFS+ volumes with High Sierra and APFS
    By Glenn Fleishman - By Glenn Fleishman - Wednesday Sep 27, 2017

    macOS High Sierra introduces a new file system call Apple File System, or APFS. APFS replaces the old file system, called HFS+. APFS has a lot of inherent advantages beyond just being modernized that improve reliability and speed. Chances are, however, that you have external hard drives and thumb drives formatted using HFS+.

    Reader Ted Tenny wondered if thumb drives formatted using a macOS prior to High Sierra will continue to work in High Sierra, which automatically converts startup SSDs to APFS.

    The answer is: yes, absolutely. Apple doesn’t require that you change the file system format on external drives, whether attached at startup or plugged in temporarily. You can use Disk Utility in High Sierra to upgrade to APFS, but you will probably not want to do that with any drive that you might want to use with a Mac that isn’t yet running High Sierra.

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    Source: Macworld
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