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  • Corporate America Couldn’t Just Let Us Enjoy The Eclipse
    By Jeff Beer - Monday Aug 21, 2017

    Because everything, even the moon temporarily blotting out the sun, is a commercial opportunity.

    There was a moment in modern marketing–and it was just a moment, right around the time social media still felt like a new, fun club we all just joined, but not yet a required media outlet–that a well-timed tweet from a brand to acknowledge, pay tribute to, or joke about a cultural event would be well received, and maybe even thoroughly enjoyed. The Oreo dunk heard ’round the (advertising) world, perhaps a well-timed Denny’s or Arby’s tweet. But then, as with all great ideas, soon rumbled the rest of the herd, and before you knew it White Castle was #NeverForgetting.

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  • Cosplayers brought the fire at New York Comic Con 2017
    By Chloe Bryan - Saturday Oct 7, 2017

    New York Comic Con hit the Javits Center this week, and — as they do every year — cosplayers brought their A game.

    From Beauty and the Beast to Rey to, of course, Wonder Woman, this year's cosplay crew took their creativity to new heights. (And that great natural lighting in the Javits Center lobby doesn't hurt, either.)

    Here are a few of our favorites ... so far.

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  • Toy blocks that make coding so easy, kids could do it
    By Carlos Cadorniga - Thursday Sep 7, 2017

    Coding, as cool as it is, went way over my head in college. If I had Algobrix as a kid, that may not have been the case.

    These futuristic Lego-like blocks’ true potential can be unlocked through the complex magic of coding. Using special blocks that simulate different lines and functions of code, kids can program their Lego-like creations to do just about anything. With a snap of a finger, a dinosaur can start to walk. Flip a switch to make a whole carnival come to life.  

    Educational and fun, Algobrix can teach kids — and maybe even college students who are neck deep in programming — the wonders of coding through playtime.     Read more...

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  • Kid thinks it's a great idea to play with a garden hose, until he learns the hard truth
    By Andrea McNeil - Tuesday Jun 27, 2017

    Summertime means finding creative ways to beat the heat and this kid seems to think playing with the garden hose will be a great way to stay cool.

    That is until he actually tries it. His reaction is just too funny and too adorable. Even though he's maybe not having the best of times, we can enjoy his experience. 

    Maybe he'll try to keep his eyes closed next time.  Read more...

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  • 13 super last minute Halloween costumes inspired by 2017 pop culture
    By Jennifer Machin - Tuesday Oct 17, 2017

    Look, we all want to be something great for Halloween, but life gets in the way and makes it difficult to put together an elaborate costume. 

    If you want to join in on the fun, but haven't started planning months in advance, this list is made for you. Especially if you keep a close eye on pop culture.

    From Queen B to Get Out, we have all iconic 2017 pop culture moments that are easy to recreate last minute.

    DJ Khaled

    What to wear: Your key items are lots of bling, sneakers, and a baby/baby doll with a cooler wardrobe than you.  Read more...

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  • Big Tech’s Half-Hearted Response To Fake News And Election Hacking
    By Cale Guthrie Weissman - Friday Sep 15, 2017

    Despite big hand waves, Facebook, Google, and Twitter aren’t doing enough to stop misinformation.

    Every day a new front emerges in Big Tech’s battle against fake news. Signs of trouble reared their head during the election, when hyper-partisan misinformation began materializing on Facebook. Months later it became known that many of these sites had been weaponized in a larger misinformation campaign spearheaded by external players, including the Russian government.

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