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  • Kat Timpf Makes the Black Kid Angry
    Thursday Jul 27, 2017

    Kat Timpf discovers something new.

    Source: American Thinker
  • 'CASE OF HYPOCRISY' Woman: Pro-Trump views cost me Kat Von D contest
    By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com (Fox News Online) - Sunday Jul 23, 2017

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  • Trump Rant Defending Charlottesville Protestors Shocks Social Media
    By Ross A. Lincoln, provided by
    - Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

    Even Fox News' Kat Timpf calls out POTUS for drawing false equivalence between white nationalists and "alt-left" counter protestorsCNN’s Jake Tapper summed up what everyone was thinking immediately after the end of Donald Trump’s combative press conference Tuesday afternoon: “Wow, that was something else.”The president had just delivered a rambling rant about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend — and television viewers, social media users, and even members of conservative-leaning media were left stunned and speechless.Trump backpeddled from earlier comments by saying there is “blame on both sides” for the violence surrounding the white nationalist protest “Unite the Right”;  drew equivalence between white supremacists and counter protestors; used the Sean Hannity-coined term “alt-left,” and demanded to know why no one was talking about that group of people.Trump also insisted that most of the people at “Unite the Right” were not white nationalists, and claimed that they were protesting peacefully on August 11, the day before a counterprotestor was murdered and several others injured when a nazi sympathizer drove his car into a crowd.Notably, “Unite the Right” was organized by a known white nationalists, promoted largely through white nationalist channels, and on August 11 hundreds of attendees were video taped chanting “Jews will not replace us” while carrying torches.Liberal arts college professor brutalizes Nazi, who has a permit.Why is no one focusing on the Antifa protesters, @POTUS?BECAUSE THE PERSON WHO ACTUALLY MURDERED A HUMAN BEING WAS NOT FROM THAT GROUP[...] is the time for citizens, lawmakers, political and business leaders to abandon him.Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, still a highly visible figure in American’s white supremacist culture, expressed outright gratitude for Trump drawing equivalence between the white nationalists at Unite the Right, and liberal counterprotestors.Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa https://t.co/tTESdV4LP0

    Source: SFGATE.com: Daily Dish
  • Atari Claims Nestlé Ripped Off Classic Video Game For Kit Kat Commercial
    By Mary Beth Quirk - Friday Aug 18, 2017

    A 2016 ad for Nestlé’s Kit Kat bars includes a video game that looks an awful lot like Breakout, the classic Atari video game co-created by Apple’s Steve Wozniak. Problem is, Atari says Nestlé didn’t get permission to make this Kit Kat-themed Breakout clone.In a lawsuit [PDF] filed in San Francisco on Thursday, Atari claims that …

    Source: The Consumerist
  • Atari sues Nestle, says Kit Kat video game ad violates Breakout copyright
    By Joe Mullin - Monday Aug 21, 2017

    Candy ad plays off Breakout, “an icon of early Silicon Valley ingenuity.”

    Source: Ars Technica
  • Sierra Trading Post Re-Launches Brand With Campaign From Grey NY
    Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

    Sierra Trading Post, part of the T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods & Marshalls Family, has been around for 30+ years, but is reintroducing the brand with a national marketing campaign dubbed, “Go Wild,Folks.”  

    As part of the brand relaunch, from Grey New York, the firm has launched its first TV ad called “Fight orFlight.”

    The campaign’s messaging is intended to communicate the idea that the great outdoors is accessible to anyone, from the avid campers and bikers to people who enjoy tooccasional outdoor activity.

    STP promotes its vast selection, well-known brands and comparatively small prices, as the go-to emporium for everybody’s apparel and gear needs for outdooraccessibility.

    The brand did a soft launch of "Go Wild, Folks" over Labor Day weekend via social media, parodying extreme athletic events launching with “Cliff, Diving,” that showcased (you guessed it) people named Cliff,  displaying their divingprowess (or lack thereof).  Long- and short-form versions of the video have over a million views across all social platforms to date. 

    Throughout 2017, Sierra Trading Post will rollout additional spots and new social media content. 



    Source: Media Post: Video Daily