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  • Newly Unearthed Nirvana VHS Tape Shows How They Got Creative When They Were Broke
    By Dan Solomon - Friday Jul 7, 2017

    A twenty-year-old Kurt Cobain and bandmates take to a RadioShack to make a music video a year before the band’s first album.

    Creative life has always been tough for an ambitious young band without much money, but it’s definitely gotten easier in recent years.

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  • 'American Vandal' star talks mockumentary hit: 'It's unique beyond belief'
    By Proma Khosla - Friday Sep 22, 2017

    Most actors dream of a big break as a romantic lead or action hero, but 19-year-old Tyler Alvarez gets to really prove his mettle on a fake documentary series full of dick jokes. 

    In American Vandal, Alvarez (previously seen on Netflix as Gloria's son on Orange is the New Black) plays a sophomore trying to figure out who spray painted 27 penises on cars in the faculty parking lot.

    "It’s a true crime satire series that is unique beyond belief," star Tyler Alvarez told Mashable in a phone interview this week. "Not only is it funny but there’s also a compelling, heartwarming story underneath the show, and a big lesson that I think our generation should hear — that all generations honestly should hear. There's a big lesson in there for everybody, that I hope people get." Read more...

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  • When Indigenous People Control Their Own Land, It Protects Us All From Carbon Emissions
    By Ben Paynter - Tuesday Oct 3, 2017

    A new center is using mapping and legal services to help establish that indigenous people are rightful owners of rainforests around the world, in turn protecting those forests so that they can keep sequestering greenhouse gases.

    Tropical rainforests controlled by indigenous people currently store 25% of the world’s carbon emissions. At the same time, “controlled” is usually something of a misnomer. While indigenous communities claim ownership of up to 50% of the world’s land, they’ve only legally secured about 10% of it.  Many aren’t able to prove–with evidence accepted by courts–that the areas they’ve occupied for generations are technically theirs, giving industries the ability to work out claims or annexations of ancestral territories for mining, hydropower plants, or palm oil plantations, all of which destroy the land.

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    Source: Fast Company
  • With Pitches for HQ2 Made, Cities Wait on Amazon’s 2018 Decision
    By David Holley - Thursday Oct 19, 2017

    From Portland to Pittsburgh, it’s likely that every city in the U.S. with more than 1 million people has made its case to Amazon to locate the company’s second headquarters there. At least, hopefully they have already, because today—if you haven’t heard—was the deadline to apply. Amazon sent North America into a frenzy after announcing […]

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  • Cruise ship company is rescuing its employees from Irma—on a cruise ship
    By Sasha Lekach - Saturday Sep 9, 2017

    The high seas are not where anyone wants to be as Hurricane Irma rips through the Caribbean and southern Atlantic. 

    To evacuate employees usually stationed aboard ships now in hurricane-churned waters, Royal Caribbean is using its most valuable resource: its own gigantic cruise boat.

    Royal Caribbean is taking the 2,500-passenger Enchantment of the Seas mega-boat to calmer waters with the cruise company's employees and families onboard.

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  • The 5 most expensive TV shows Netflix has made (so far)
    By Jason Abbruzzese - Friday Aug 4, 2017

    A lot of noise has been made about how much Netflix is spending in order to attract new subscribers and expand into new regions of the world. 

    A Los Angeles Times report titled "Netflix is $20 billion in debt" renewed worries that the company was pushing too hard, too fast. First of all, that's technically wrong, as Netflix has some debt but is mostly tied up with deals to pay for non-original TV shows. Secondly, that spending is part of a plan that, if successful, will make Netflix a major media power for decades to come.

    If the list below of its most expensive shows seems dominated by some that didn't quite make it ... that's 'cause it is. Netflix has canceled a variety of its high-profile, costly shows.  Read more...

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