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  • Ronen wonders if proposed fee for utility boxes is high enough
    By Rachel Swan - Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

    A proposed law that would relieve AT&T of obligations to spruce up its sidewalk utility boxes hit resistance Wednesday at a Board of Supervisors committee meeting, when one supervisor asked if the city was asking enough of the telecom company.Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who chairs the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee, expressed cautious support for the proposal to allow companies to pay fees instead of beautifying their boxes with trees and murals.Supervisor Malia Cohen, who sponsored the ordinance, warned her colleagues not to fixate on mural cost, because the money would get added to a city fund that would go toward other projects, as well.Cohen said the ordinance is really about enabling AT&T to deliver high-speed Internet to residents throughout San Francisco, including people in low-income neighborhoods.Attorney Joel Aurora, of the political law firm Nielsen Merksamer, submitted the referendum Friday, at which point he had 30 days to gather 19,040 signatures from San Francisco voters — 10 percent of the vote count from the last mayoral election.“We think the Board of Supervisors is limiting freedom of choice for San Francisco voters,” said Jaime Rojas, a spokesman for the group Let’s Be Real San Francisco, which is running the referendum campaign.The group represents tobacco manufacturers R.J. Reynolds and Altria, as well as several vaping advocacy groups and the Arab American Grocers Association, whose members opposed the supervisors’ ordinance, saying it hurt immigrant business owners.Supervisor Malia Cohen, who sponsored the flavored tobacco ban, called the referendum a “ridiculous attempt to put profit over people’s health.”If Nielsen Merksamer gathers enough signatures to ratify the referendum measure, the ordinance would be suspended and the supervisors will get a chance to reconsider their vote.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • Nearly 2 tons of seized ivory to be crushed in Central Park
    By MARY ESCH, Associated Press - Thursday Aug 3, 2017

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Nearly two tons of trinkets, statues and jewelry crafted from the tusks of at least 100 slaughtered elephants are heading for a rock crusher in New York City's Central Park to demonstrate the state's commitment to smashing the illegal ivory trade.[...] state environmental officials, who are partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Tiffany & Co. for Thursday's "Ivory Crush," say no price justifies slaughtering elephants for their tusks.Last year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service instituted a near-total ban on the domestic commercial ivory trade and barred sales across state lines.Since August 2014, New York law has prohibited the sale, purchase, trade or distribution of anything made from elephant or mammoth ivory or rhinoceros horn, except in limited situations with state approval.The World Wildlife Fund says the illegal wildlife trade not only threatens animal populations, but also endangers national security by funding terrorist cells.

    Source: Top News Stories
  • Woody Allen’s ‘Wonder Wheel’ set to close NY Film Festival
    By Deadline - Tuesday Jul 25, 2017

    The film will go into limited release December 1.

    Source: New York Post: Entertainment
  • SAC trader accused of insider trading claims Bharara got it wrong
    By Kaja Whitehouse - Monday Sep 18, 2017

    Preet Bharara’s credentials as the “Sheriff of Wall Street” are facing yet another challenge from the old gang at SAC Capital. An ex-trader for billionaire Steve Cohen’s now-defunct hedge fund, who had flipped to cooperate with the feds in an insider-trading case, is now seeking to withdraw his 2013 guilty plea, claiming that former Manhattan...

    Source: New York Post: Business
  • New York Is Funding A Community Land Trust To Help Low-Income Residents Buy Homes
    By Eillie Anzilotti - Monday Oct 30, 2017

    Through the innovative housing model, the city’s Interboro CLT will create a pipeline of permanently affordable units from which residents can start to build wealth.

    New York City’s housing crisis has been ongoing for so many years–and become even more rampant in the decade since the financial crash–that finding a solution can often feel impossible, despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s focus on doing so. Rent-stabilized apartments are disappearing at an alarming rate; developers aren’t building enough new affordable units, claiming the lower rents will accrue too slowly to recuperate the costs. And market-rate housing values are rising so steeply that the traditional way of determining affordability—linking the cost to a fraction, usually 40%, of the market rate—renders those units still far too expensive for low-income New Yorkers to afford, both as renters, but especially as owners. In 2014, only 9% of the homes on the market were affordable to the 51% of New Yorkers earning less than $55,000 per year.

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    Source: Fast Company
  • NY State Comptroller Helps Stakeholders Take Action on Climate and Food
    By Marian Conway - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    The changing environment, specifically climate change, is becoming a major piece of the global economic puzzle. Decisions are now increasingly based not just on the bottom line, but on the Earth’s future.

    The post NY State Comptroller Helps Stakeholders Take Action on Climate and Food appeared first on Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly