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  • Economic Trends: To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now
    By NEIL IRWIN - Sunday Sep 3, 2017

    Focusing on core competence and outsourcing the rest has made U.S. companies lean, nimble and productive. It has also left lots of people worse off.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Hot Spot for Tech Outsourcing: The United States
    By STEVE LOHR - Sunday Jul 30, 2017

    As some American companies pull back from hiring programmers a world away, new tech jobs are cropping up across the country.

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  • 5 Tips to Stop Wasting Money on Substandard Services When Outsourcing
    By Catherine Park - Monday Jun 12, 2017

    Outsourcing jobs is a great way to solve problems at work. It can help you deal with heavy work overload, time sensitive deadlines, lack of work competence or having inadequate workforce at a given time. However, it is still not as ideal as it sounds, especially with all its potential risks. This includes hiring incompetent […]

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  • Publisher Tronc acquires Daily News, storied NY tabloid
    By JENNIFER PELTZ, Associated Press - Monday Sep 4, 2017

    NEW YORK (AP) — Newspaper publisher Tronc has acquired the Daily News, a storied New York tabloid newspaper that won a Pulitzer Prize this year but has been buffeted by the changing media environment.Chicago-based Tronc Inc., the publisher of the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, announced the deal Monday night, and the Daily News posted a story on its website.Tronc CEO Justin Dearborn said acquiring the paper and its popular website would "provide us with another strategic platform for growing our digital business, expanding our reach and broadening our services for advertisers and marketers," and both Tronc and Daily News executives said the company would maintain the quality of the paper's journalism.

    Source: Top News Stories
  • Hot spot for tech outsourcing: the United States
    By Steve Lohr - Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

    For years, U.S. companies have been saving money by “offshoring” jobs — hiring people in India and other distant cubicle farms.Nexient is a domestic outsourcer, a flourishing niche as some U.S. companies pull back from the idea of hiring programmers a world away.[...] as brands pour energy and money into their websites and mobile apps, more of them are deciding that there is value in having developers in the same time zone, or at least on the same continent.Many domestic outsourcers are private, little-known companies like Rural Sourcing, Catalyte, Eagle Creek Software Services and Onshore Outsourcing.[...] IBM, one of the country’s foremost champions of offshore outsourcing, has announced plans to hire 25,000 more U.S. workers in the next four years.[...] from 2016 to 2021, the offshore services industry will have average yearly growth of 8 percent, the research firm IDC estimated.The first wave of Internet-era digital change in business, starting in the 1990s, focused mainly on automating back-office tasks like payrolls and financial reporting.Offshore services companies still excel at maintaining the software that runs the essential back-office systems of corporations.Lacerte of had farmed out technology work over the years, but the headaches of navigating time zones, cultures and language often outweighed the cost savings.Nexient has set up its centers away from the coastal high-tech hubs, like the Bay Area and New York, to tap skilled people who want jobs in the technology economy without leaving the Midwest, where living costs are far less.The U.S. onshore companies say they are seeing a postelection spike in client inquiries, as President Trump lobbies businesses to create more jobs in the United States and seeks to curb immigrant work visas.[...] the sales pitch made by onshore companies is not about raw labor costs.In recent years, it has moved beyond insurance to provide consumers with online tools to shop for doctors and specialists, for example, and to sort through drug options based on effectiveness, prices and user reviews.In 2014, it set up a training academy that feeds graduates into its Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship program for software engineers.Techtonic has an ambitious expansion plan, adding 10 cities in the next three years and hiring 100 developers in each, said CEO Heather Terenzio.“American industry has relied too much on overseas technology workers and neglected the potential talent here,” she said.

    Source: Business and Technology News
  • ITW 2017 – INOC Makes the Argument for the Outsourced NOC
    By Frank J. Ohlhorst - Wednesday May 17, 2017

    Is the Network Operations Center is an asset or a liability?

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