c & b pizza corp.

79 audubon avenue
store 3
new york, new york 10032

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FEBRUARY 13, 2013




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2013 - C & B PIZZA CORP.


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  • Pizza Hut's new 'pizza parka' will insulate you like a fresh pie
    By Chloe Bryan - Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

    Pizza Hut has updated its delivery pouch in hopes of solving the ubiquitous "lukewarm pie" problem. They've also made a parka from the same material, because, you know, why not?

    The pizza parka, like the new delivery system, is made from three types of insulation, including one used to warm ski jackets. The coat also comes with a splash guard and a window in the sleeve, so you can still order pizza on your phone in the dead of winter. (But does Touch ID still work? Important.)

    Tragically, the pizza parka will not be available in stores. But you can enter to win one by ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut online or through its app. You can also tweet a flame emoji + a pizza emoji at @PizzaHut. Read more...

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  • People Paid $75 To Receive Sad, Cold, Tiny Slices At ‘Fyre Festival Of Pizza’
    By Laura Northrup - Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

    When you pay in advance for tickets to a food festival, you expect an event that serves large quantities of said food, right? Yet people who bought tickets to pizza and burger festivals held in Brooklyn on Saturday found tiny and cold slices of pizza, warm drinks, and a long wait before they could even get to that subpar food. …

    Source: The Consumerist
  • The 'Fyre Festival of pizza' was so bad it's under investigation
    By Rachel Kraus - Wednesday Sep 13, 2017

    If there's one thing New Yorkers take seriously, it's pizza. Which is why it makes total sense that the New York attorney general has reportedly opened an inquiry into a possibly criminally shitty pizza festival.

    On Monday, Gothamist reported that attendees of the September 9 New York City Pizza Festival might have been seriously scammed.

    As a result of social media complaints about the disparity between what was promised by the event, and the pizza-lacking disaster that materialized, WNYC reports that the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has "opened an inquiry" into the event. Read more...

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  • Avocado Rat is the millennial version of Pizza Rat
    By Shannon Connellan - Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

    It's been two years since a rat struggled to drag a hefty slice of pizza along a few subway stairs in New York, and oh, how far we've come. 

    American hero Pizza Rat now has a rather on-trend Brooklyn antithesis: Avocado Rat.

    Discovered hauling an avocado along the tracks at Greenpoint Avenue subway station in Brooklyn on Tuesday, this determined little rat truly embodies the undying millennial addiction to the coveted fruit.

    Documentary filmmaker Jessica Edwards managed to capture the little hero, posting an Instagram video of the little battler. Read more...

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  • The NYC-Chicago Pizza Wars Are On Again, Thanks To A NYC Mayoral Staffer Switching Sides
    By Alia Stearns - Monday Nov 13, 2017

    Eric Phillips, press secretary for Bill de Blasio, punctuated a trip to Chicago with an inflammatory series of pizza tweets.

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  • “We Want To Be The Best Neighbors”: &pizza Reinvents The Pizza Parlor
    By Eillie Anzilotti - Tuesday Oct 31, 2017

    Serving up unique pies for an affordable price–and a living wage and healthcare for employees–the ethical pizza shop is expanding rapidly.

    Michael Lastoria, founder and CEO of &pizza–dubbed “the pizza shop for the 21st century” by The Washington Post–has vivid memories of opening his first shop on H Street in Northeast D.C. in the summer of 2012. The area was rapidly gentrifying; new restaurants were opening with price tags that placed the new eateries out of reach of the people that had lived around H street their whole lives. So when Lastoria opened shop, he did things differently.

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