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United Methodist Church

5712 N Vine Valley Rd
Rushville, NY 14544
(585) 554-3450

Branch Of The Lord Fellowship

7027 County Road 12
Naples, NY 14512
(585) 374-8170

St Brendan's Christian Fellowship

6520 Old Rhine St
Naples, NY 14512
(585) 374-8444

Middlesex Baptist Church

1078 Lincoln Avenue Ext
Middlesex, NY 14507
(585) 554-6852

Bristol Springs Free Church

6481 County Road 12
Naples, NY 14512
(585) 374-5763

  • Evangelical Philanthropy in the Eye of the Storm
    By Titilope Ajayi - Tuesday Sep 5, 2017

    Joel Osteen, pastor of the evangelical Lakewood Church in Houston, came under fire this past week for allegedly not opening his over 16,000-seat church to survivors of the Houston floods that have displaced an estimated 30,000 people and killed at least 40.

    The post Evangelical Philanthropy in the Eye of the Storm appeared first on Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly
  • A Booming Church and Its Complicated, Ugly Past
    By SHARON OTTERMAN - Friday Sep 15, 2017

    Zarephath Christian Church is a dynamic evangelical congregation. But perhaps it’s best not to mention the sect’s fiery founder who embraced the K.K.K.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • A Vatican Shot Across the Bow for Hard-Line U.S. Catholics
    By JASON HOROWITZ - Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

    An officially vetted journal has sown rancor by depicting the U.S. church as overly political, captive to the right and out of step with the mainstream.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Church stoked tithing with unemployment scam, ex-members say
    By MITCH WEISS and HOLBROOK MOHR, Associated Press - Monday Sep 25, 2017

    SPINDALE, N.C. (AP) — When Randy Fields' construction company faced potential ruin because of the cratering economy, he pleaded with his pastor at Word of Faith Fellowship church to reduce the amount of money he was required to tithe every week.To his shock, Fields said church founder Jane Whaley proposed a divine plan that would allow him to continue tithing at least 10 percent of his income to the secretive evangelical church while helping his company survive: He would file fraudulent unemployment claims on behalf of his employees. She called it, he said, "God's plan.

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