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  • Unable to play at AT&T park, San Francisco Football Club drops bid for pro soccer team
    By Douglas Zimmerman - Tuesday Oct 3, 2017

    The San Francisco Football Club, a potential Bay Area soccer club back by founder Nick Swinmurn, announced this morning that they are pulling their application to join the United Soccer League, a second division professional soccer league in the United States. happy to answer any questions afterward. Have a few meetings this AM

    Source: The Beautiful Blog - SF soccer
  • Shareholders re-elect Wells Fargo directors, some just barely
    By Kathleen Pender - Thursday Apr 27, 2017

    Wells Fargo shareholders re-elected all 15 of the company’s directors at the company’s annual meeting in Florida Tuesday, despite calls that some should be jettisoned for not acting sooner to prevent the fraudulent-account scandal that has engulfed the San Francisco bank since September.The individual directors received votes in favor ranging from 53 to 99 percent.A vote as low as 53 percent is highly unusual in the corporate world, where directors are routinely re-elected with percentages in the high 90s.In 2016, only 44 directors at the 3,000 U.S. companies in the Russell 3000 index failed to win a majority vote, according to the Council of Institutional Investors.Both are members of the board’s corporate responsibility committee, which oversees political, environmental and consumer lending risks, as well as customer service and complaints.Peña is a former U.S. secretary of the energy and transportation departments.The overall vote is “a significant show of opposition to board members,” said Greg Waters, a research director with Glass Lewis, a San Francisco firm that advises large shareholders how to vote in corporate elections.After the vote was announced, Sanger said that stockholders had sent the board “a message of clear dissatisfaction.”At one point during the three-hour meeting, Sanger called a recess so that a shareholder could be removed.The shareholder, Bruce Marks, CEO of the nonprofit Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, would not stop demanding to hear from each individual director about their knowledge of fraudulent account openings.Glass Lewis recommended voting against the four longest-serving members of the corporate responsibility committee.Institutional Shareholder Services, another proxy advisory firm, recommended voting against 12 directors for “failure to provide sufficient timely risk oversight.”“I am surprised that everybody received a majority vote,” said Jason Schloetzer, an associate business professor at Georgetown University.Schloetzer said receiving a low percentage of the vote could have “a negative spillover effect” for Wells Fargo directors serving on other corporate boards.The state’s two largest public pension funds — the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System — both voted against the company’s nine longest-tenured directors for oversight failures.Berkshire Hathaway, the bank’s largest shareholder with a roughly 10 percent stake, said it was voting in favor of the entire slate of directors.The board formed a committee to launch an in-depth investigation of the unauthorized account openings on Sept. 25.A report on the investigation issued April 10 found “mass terminations” of employees for sales practice violations dating back to “at least 2002.”Wells Fargo said last week it would increase the size of a preliminary class-action settlement to $142 million to cover claims arising from fraudulent accounts dating back to 2002.Based on preliminary results, here is the approximate percentage of shareholder votes cast in favor of each Wells Fargo director at Tuesday’s annual meeting.

    Source: Net Worth - Kathleen Pender blog
  • Tintri delays IPO planned for Thursday, reduces offering price
    By Trisha Thadani - Thursday Jun 29, 2017

    In the latest sign that investors are taking a tougher stance toward new companies listing their shares, Tintri, a Mountain View storage-hardware business, postponed a public offering planned for Thursday by a day and cut the price range for the stock sale.“Investors didn’t really line up to own this,” said Kathleen Smith, a principal analyst at Renaissance Capital, a manager of IPO-focused exchange traded funds.Rick Ehrhart, a developer evangelist, posted a photo of himself Monday on Twitter smiling and wearing a T-shirt printed with the company’s planned Nasdaq ticker symbol, TNTR, and the expected date, “6.29.17.”Sumedh Sakdeo, a senior staff engineer, posted a photo of colleagues at an airport Wednesday morning: “Folks ready to board the plane to NY!” Sakdeo deleted the tweet Thursday.In 2014, Box postponed its offering in the face of unfavorable market conditions; it did not go public until January 2015.In January, Cisco, the San Jose networking giant, agreed to buy San Francisco’s AppDynamics on the eve of its scheduled offering, after executives had already flown to New York to celebrate the listing of its shares.Sales and marketing expenses accounted for more than half of its operating costs.Tintri faces “intense competition” from established companies such as Nutanix, NetApp, IBM and VMware, according to a prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Source: Business and Technology News
  • Make.TV Enables Professional Live Video Production in the Cloud
    By Benjamin Romano - Thursday Jun 29, 2017

    Anyone with a smartphone can do a form of live video broadcasting on social media. Anyone with a drone can rig up a version of their own news chopper. But as live, amateur video proliferates, professional broadcasters need to both distinguish their content with higher production values, and incorporate the myriad video streams washing over the […]

    Source: Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups Feed
  • The Light Of Public Scrutiny Burns Bright
    By Andy Segedin - Monday Jul 17, 2017

    Whether you like it or not, your organization is not immune from the kind of scrutiny concerning organizational expenses that Wounded Warrior Project was slammed

    Source: The NonProfit Times
  • Hidden gems: 11 up-and-coming San Francisco public schools
    By Amy Graff - Wednesday Oct 4, 2017

    The secret to getting your kids into a public school in San Francisco is applying to the less popular schools.

    Source: Bay Area News