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  • US nixes sleep apnea test plan for truckers, train engineers
    By MICHAEL BALSAMO and MICHAEL R. SISAK, Associated Press - Tuesday Aug 8, 2017

    U.S. officials are abandoning plans to require sleep apnea screening for truck drivers and train engineers, a decision that safety experts say puts millions of lives at risk.The decision to kill the sleep apnea regulation is the latest step in President Donald Trump's campaign to drastically slash federal regulations.Sleep apnea is especially troubling for the transportation industry because sufferers are repeatedly awakened and robbed of rest as their airway closes and their breathing stops, leading to dangerous daytime drowsiness."Obstructive sleep apnea has been in the probable cause of 10 highway and rail accidents investigated by the NTSB in the past 17 years and obstructive sleep apnea is an issue being examined in several, ongoing, NTSB rail and highway investigations," NTSB spokesman Christopher O'Neil said.The Association of American Railroads, an industry group, said railroads are continuing to take steps to combat worker fatigue, including confidential sleep disorder screening and treatment.A notice posted in the Federal Register said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration would consider updating a 2015 bulletin to medical examiners about the physical qualifications standard and respiratory dysfunction.

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  • Sleep gadgets adjust if you’re restless — or snoring
    By Anne D’Innocenzio - Friday Jul 14, 2017

    Some specialized businesses are making gadgets that promise to measure and improve the quality of slumber, while mass-market retailers like Best Buy are offering simpler ideas like the effect different lighting can have on falling asleep.“I’m willing to spend more on sleep technology because it will hopefully help me fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer and be more rested when I wake up,” says Frank Ribitch, a self-described gadget junkie from Martinez who tracks his sleep with apps connected to a Sleep Number bed and the Zeeq pillow.Insufficient sleep is a public health concern, federal officials say, with more than one-third of American adults not getting enough on a regular basis.“Previously, it was about the sleeping pill, and people didn’t want to talk about sleep apnea,” Lasse Leppäkorpi, co-founder and now former CEO of Beddit, said before Apple bought the company.The scientists assess how well the devices match the center’s own overnight sleep studies, which use measures such as heart rate and brain wave activity to determine the length and the stages of sleep.[...] San Francisco startup Hello, the maker of a product aimed at tracking sleep via a clip attached to a bedsheet, recently announced it was shutting down amid reports the device didn’t correctly track sleep patterns.Longtime insomniac favorite HSN Inc. offers a $299 Nightingale Sleep System that masks indoor and outdoor noises.Best Buy has a Philips Lighting’s system that works with devices like Nest and Amazon Alexa to let people choose the colors and brightness of lights and program them to turn off at certain times or respond to the sun.[...] a company called Sensorwake is launching a product in the U.S. that releases smells like fresh linen it says can help you sleep better.[...] if you let it go for three minutes without shutting it off or hitting snooze, it’ll start making noise — good if you have a stuffy nose.

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  • Carrie Fisher Died From Sleep Apnea and Other Factors, Coroner Says
    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - Saturday Jun 17, 2017

    The Los Angeles County coroner’s office said investigators have not been able to determine an exact cause of death for the actor who died in December.

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  • 44 train engineers diagnosed with sleep apnea, sidelined
    Wednesday Nov 8, 2017

    HOBOKEN, N.J. (AP) — Dozens of New Jersey Transit train engineers were sidelined because testing imposed after a deadly rail crash found they suffered from sleep apnea.The transit agency screened 373 engineers for sleep disorders, and 57 were taken out of service until a full study could be conducted. reported Wednesday that 44 eventually were confirmed to have sleep apnea and were sidelined until they met treatment requirements for the disorder, which causes people to breathe irregularly, not get restful sleep and feel tired later.Three of those engineers remain out of service. The 13 others were found to not have sleep disorders.

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  • Sleep apnea, speed cited in NYC-area train crashes
    By MICHAEL R. SISAK and JOAN LOWY, Associated Press - Thursday Sep 21, 2017

    The engineers of two commuter trains that slammed into New York City-area stations in the last year were both suffering from severe sleep apnea and have no memory of the crashes, according to investigative reports and interview transcripts made public Thursday.The National Transportation Safety Board said the common circumstances of the Sept. 29, 2016, New Jersey Transit crash in Hoboken, New Jersey, and the Jan. 4, 2017, Long Island Rail Road crash in Brooklyn warranted combining findings and recommendations in a single investigative report to be released early next year.Neither engineer had been diagnosed with sleep apnea before the crashes, according to the documents.

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  • Democrats want Trump to require sleep apnea testing
    Thursday Sep 28, 2017

    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Democratic lawmakers from New York and New Jersey are introducing legislation Thursday to force federal transportation officials to implement a rule to test train engineers for sleep apnea.Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and New Jersey U.S. Sen. Cory Booker announced the legislation a week after the National Transportation Safety Board said that the engineers involved in crashes in Hoboken and Brooklyn were suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea.It also comes ahead of Friday's anniversary of a crash in Hoboken when a New Jersey Transit train slammed into Hoboken Terminal, killing a woman standing on a platform and injuring about 110 passengers and crew.

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