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  • Investigators seek cause of Oakland fire after crews topple crane
    By Hamed Aleaziz - Sunday Jul 9, 2017

    Hundreds of people remained displaced Saturday as crews toppled a giant, fire-damaged construction crane — the last obstacle before investigators could determine what caused a huge blaze one day earlier in Oakland.On Sunday, Oakland Fire Department officials expect to enter the burnt-out husk of what was supposed to be the Alta Waverly apartment complex— 196 market-rate units with ground floor retail.On Saturday morning, fire crews continued to shoot water at hot spots in the charred wreckage of the building, which caught fire around 4:30 a.m. Friday, sending flames and smoke above downtown Oakland before being contained a few hours later.Workers knocked down much of the scaffolding surrounding the building as people watched from nearby streets.The teetering crane, which was damaged in the fire and in danger of collapsing, caused fire officials to order the evacuation of residents in the surrounding areas.The developers of the burned building, along with their contractor, rotated the crane and pulled it down into an empty parking lot on Valdez Street on Saturday evening, according to Oakland Fire Department officials.Though the plan had been designed to avoid hitting any buildings, police officers went through the evacuated buildings to make sure all civilians were out of the buildings Saturday afternoon, officials said.“Our goal is to return residents to their homes as swiftly as possible, but only once we've conducted these inspections to confirm it is safe for them to do so,” he said.Residents such as Hernan Carrillo, a 50-year-old AT&T technician who lives in an apartment building next door to the charred construction site on Waverly Street with his wife and young son, are staying with friends as work at the fire site continues.A group of displaced residents met with Angela Robinson Piñon, a spokeswoman with the Oakland Fire Department, at the St. Vincent de Paul center Saturday afternoon to discuss future assistance and when they could potentially return to their homes.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • Ryder Trucks Launches Campaign With 'Inc.'
    Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

    "The campaign underscores how truck owners are essentially dumping cash all over America's highways from all the hidden costs required in maintaining a private fleet," Ryder's Karen Jones tells"Marketing Daily."

    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily
  • A Winning Design for a New York Monument to Gay and Transgender People
    By JOSHUA BARONE - Sunday Jun 25, 2017

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the artist Anthony Goicolea had been selected to design the monument in Hudson River Park in Manhattan.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Federal investigators join search for cause in massive Oakland fire
    By Sarah Ravani, Kimberly Veklerov, Hamed Aleaziz and Steve Rubenstein - Friday Jul 7, 2017

    Federal investigators join search for cause in massive Oakland fireFederal and county arson investigators were among those trying to determine the cause of a huge blaze that destroyed a seven-story building under construction in Oakland on Friday, displacing 700 nearby residents and leading one city council member to suggest the fire had been deliberately set.A tall construction crane that had apparently been damaged in the fire and was swiveling out of control and in danger of collapsingcaused fire officials to order the evacuation of nearby residents, many of whom were planning to spend Friday night in an emergency shelter nine blocks away.The blaze at the Alta Waverly mixed-used building at 23rd and Valdez streets happened less than two months after an arson fire destroyed a similar development of apartments and retail space just across the Oakland border in Emeryville for the second time in a year.The Alameda County Arson Task Force and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives teamed with Oakland fire investigator to search for what caused the blaze even as firefighters were still putting out hot spots at the scene.While not commenting n a possible cause, Schaaf said the city would reach out to developers to make sure they have surveillance cameras and security guards keeping watch over their construction sites.The swiveling crane, apparently moved by winds generated by the fire, caused firefighters to retreat and to employ a drone aircraft to inspect the condition of the apparatus from above.White said hundreds of people living in surrounding buildings, including a 22-story apartment building, were evacuated.Investigators concluded that blaze was arson and released grainy surveillance camera photographs of a man riding a bicycle near the seven-story residential and business development.In the chaos, nearby residents in pajamas and bath robes stood on street corners, brushing ash from their hair and gazing at flames licking up the side of the building.Later in the morning, dozens of residents sought refuge in a nearby Red Cross shelter, where they typed on laptop computers and drank coffee.According to a project website, the building known as Alta Waverly — set to be completed next spring — was to include 196 market-rate apartments and up to 31,500 square feet of retail, with parking for residents in an underground garage.The building was part of the Broadway Valdez Specific Plan district, an area designated by the city in 2014 where developers can get speedier approval for projects if they meet certain mixed-use requirements.A 22-year-old construction worker on the project was staying at a nearby hotel when one of his co-workers got a text from his mother alerting them to the fire.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • Lexus, 'Interview Magazine' Offer NY Fashion Week Interactive Experience
    Friday Sep 8, 2017

    "For Lexus, as in fashion, there is a mutual appreciation for luxury, craftsmanship, design and attention to detail," Lexus' Greg Kitzens tells "Marketing Daily."

    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily
  • “It’s Shame On Us If We Blow It”: Highlights From NY Seizes the Momentum
    By Ben Fidler - Wednesday Jun 7, 2017

    Mike Foley, a drug industry veteran and director of the Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute, has a pointed message for the New York life sciences industry: Don’t waste the moment. Changing the course of New York biotech has been a saga that dates back to the 1990s, and as Xconomy has detailed, progress has been made […]

    Source: Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups Feed