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  • Around the Web

  • American Express, Fitbit Ink Deals With NBA
    Tuesday Jun 20, 2017

    To tip off the renewed partnership, American Express and the NBA are hosting a special draft-themed American Express "Teamed Up" event June 20 in New York City,

    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily
  • Ryder Trucks Launches Campaign With 'Inc.'
    Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

    "The campaign underscores how truck owners are essentially dumping cash all over America's highways from all the hidden costs required in maintaining a private fleet," Ryder's Karen Jones tells"Marketing Daily."

    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily
  • Moon Express Sets Its Sights on Deliveries to the Moon and Beyond
    By KENNETH CHANG - Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

    The company, Moon Express, is aiming to win the $20 million Google Lunar X Prize competition and become a payload delivery company.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Steve Jobs comes alive, in all his contradictions, in new opera
    By Joshua Kosman - Thursday Jul 27, 2017

    SANTA FE, N.M. — Near the beginning of “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs,” the new opera by composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell about the co-founder and longtime head of Apple, comes a scene of such breathtaking inventiveness and dramatic power that it feels as if the tradition is being reinvigorated right before your eyes and ears.The setting is the product launch for the newly revealed iPhone, and Jobs, making quasi-messianic claims for this omnipotent device, is in his element.Tap — book a flight! It’s something between a sales presentation and a cult rally, and Bates’ musical setting — with its sleek, briskly chugging rhythms, its gunmetal orchestral sonorities and the sense it conveys of almost coercive persuasiveness — brilliantly captures all the implacable ambiguity and thrilling creative energy of the event.The mercurial central character himself, brought elusively but expressively to life by baritone Edward Parks, holds center stage effortlessly, alternating at unpredictable intervals between gleeful young rebel and corporate tyrant, between spiritual seeker and flat-out bastard.Director Kevin Newbury’s electrifying staging moves the action fluidly through the colorful sets and visual projections created by designer Victoria Tzykun and 59 Productions; during the performance Wednesday, July 26, as so often happens in the Santa Fe Opera’s open-air theater, the glowering clouds and lightning strikes over the neighboring Sangre de Cristo Mountains contributed some visual effects of their own.Whatever it is that Bates and Campbell want us to understand about the contradictory figure at the work’s heart — whatever the original impulse was that prompted Bates to fix on Jobs as the subject for his first operatic venture — is no clearer at the end of the evening than it was before the curtain went up.(That would take a subtle novelist with many hundreds of pages at their disposal and a willingness to invent psychology out of whole cloth, whereas opera deals in blunter, more elemental emotions.) And because of the libretto’s collage-like structure, neither the revolution nor the evolution promised by the title ever quite materializes.In his most memorable orchestral works — including “Liquid Interface,” “Alternative Energy” and the dazzling “Anthology of Fantastic Zoology” — Bates has created a new sound world at once recognizable and new by seamlessly integrating electronic techniques and the power of the modern laptop into the instrumental textures of the past.In other scenes of technological developments and setbacks, including a ferocious orchestral interlude at about the halfway point, the score also conveys a piquant (if metallic) flavor of true contemporary life — a true fusion of sound and subject matter.Scenes in the Los Altos Zen Center, and the vocal writing for Jobs’ irreverent “spiritual mentor” Kobun Chino Otogawa, start out flirting with obvious Orientalism only to take those melodic scales and airy textures in surprising directions.

    Source: Entertainment News
  • Michigan State University rejects white nationalist event
    By JEFF KAROUB, Associated Press - Thursday Aug 17, 2017

    DETROIT (AP) — Michigan State University on Thursday denied a request by a group headed by white nationalist Richard Spencer to rent space on the campus for a September event, following rejections by other large schools.The East Lansing school said in a statement the decision was made "due to significant concerns about public safety" and cited last weekend's "tragic violence" in Charlottesville, Virginia."While we remain firm in our commitment to freedom of expression, our first obligation is to the safety and security of our students and our community," the statement read.The University of Florida on Wednesday also denied a request by Spencer's National Policy Institute to rent space, as Texas A&M University had done.

    Source: Top News Stories