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  • Marine Corps Plane Crash: The Victims
    By THE NEW YORK TIMES - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    Family members and friends have begun identifying many of the 16 American service members who died on Monday when their plane crashed in rural Mississippi.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • NY Times needs to come clean on wiretap headline
    By John Crudele - Thursday Sep 7, 2017

    The Justice Department announced this week that there was no evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped, as President Trump alleged. OK, that almost settles the issue. I’m still waiting for the New York Times — the self-proclaimed “paper of record” — to explain its Jan. 20 front page story that had the headline “Wiretapped Data...

    Source: New York Post: Business
  • Carl Reichardt, leader of Wells Fargo in 1980s and ’90s, dies
    By Diane Cardwell - Thursday Aug 3, 2017

    Carl Reichardt, who as chairman and chief executive of Wells Fargo during the 1980s and introduced a leaner approach to commercial banking that served as a model for the industry, died on July 13 at his home in Belvedere.Stocky, barrel-chested and blunt — “I guess you could call me fun-loving but hard-nosed,” he once told an in-house newsletter — Mr. Reichardt was not well known in the banking community when he was named president of Wells Fargo in 1978.Turning away from Wells Fargo’s aggressive pursuit of global operations and being all things to all customers, Mr. Reichardt shed much of the bank’s international and financial services businesses, slashed costs and refocused on retail banking and a few other activities in its home state of California.Stationed in Long Beach, he met a fellow quartermaster, Patricia Longenecker, whom he married in 1954 and who survives him.Besides his daughter, he is also survived by his sons Carl Jr. and Fritz, and six grandchildren.Mr. Reichardt resumed his education at the University of Southern California, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.After six years at Citizens, Mr. Reichardt went to Union Bank in Los Angeles, where he spent much of his time making loans to real estate developers and commercial builders.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • Actor Joe Bologna, Husband of Renee Taylor, Dies at 82
    By Rosemary Rossi, provided by
    - Sunday Aug 13, 2017

    Oscar-nominated and Emmy and Writers Guild Award-winning screenwriter lost his battle with pancreatic cancerActor, director, playwright, Oscar-nominated and Emmy and Writers Guild Award-winning screenwriter Joe Bologna died Sunday morning after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer.“Dr. Vincent Chung and Dr. Stefanie Mooney of City of Hope gave him back a wonderful quality of life by creating a personalized treatment and palliative care plan, so that he could receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Night of 100 Stars on February 26, of this year, take a month-long trip to his favorite place, Italy, with his family in June, and attend the 35th Anniversary celebration of ‘My Favorite Year,’ on July 27th,” Taylor said.A Brown University graduate and Marine Corps veteran, Bologna began his career directing commercials, winning many Cleo Awards along the way.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Could the Rockaways Survive Another Sandy?
    By LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    Residents are bracing for the worst, wondering whether measures taken so far are enough to keep devastation of the Queens community at bay.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • BART directors’ day at the troubled Powell Street station
    By Michael Cabanatuan - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    Near the end of Thursday’s BART Board of Directors meeting, the transit system’s elected leaders found themselves in the unusual position of staring at something not listed on the agenda: a small, fresh puddle of urine. BART directors usually meet twice a month in a clean, quiet, windowless board chamber in Oakland, but this time they took a field trip to Powell Street station to view its “challenges” — homeless people sleeping in hallways, intravenous drug users, rundown conditions, dirty floors and elevators and escalators used regularly as restrooms. “You can see, there’s fluid at the bottom,” said Paula Fraser, assistant chief transportation officer for BART’s San Francisco and Peninsula lines. Maintenance workers try to clean up soiled elevators as quickly as possible, Fraser said, but the problem is so pervasive that they’d need to post a janitor at the elevators full time to ensure their constant cleanliness. Thursday’s tour was attended by 50 or so people, who strolled out of the station’s Hallidie Plaza exit past a panhandler on crutches, and up the escalator to Market Street, where they viewed the nearby Decaux public toilet and heard about city plans to move more portable Pit Stop toilets near BART stations. [...] they heard from merchants and tourism experts who said the Powell Street station’s deteriorated conditions are a drag on business. Jessica Lum, of the Hotel Council of San Francisco, said guests often comment on the station’s lack of cleanliness and feeling of safety, and that they don’t see police officers at the station. Later in the tour, they strolled down a hallway lined with people sprawled out and sleeping on the floor, and then gathered in the center of the station to listen to a talk about homelessness. Experts discussed plans that BART has to work with Muni and the city to help homeless people find the help they need, and eventually find a better place to sleep. “We’ll talk with them, work with them,” said Scott Walton, manager of emergency outreach and services for the city’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. Another speaker was explaining a program to help keep low-level drug offenders out of jail, when a BART rider interrupted. Police Chief Carlos Rojas told him BART’s police department plans to increase its visibility in stations and on trains. Selhorst said later that he and his co-workers talk about how unsafe BART feels with aggressive panhandlers on trains and recent stories of robberies by gangs of youths.

    Source: Bay Area News
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