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  • ‘This Is an Intentional Slap in the Face’ to All Women
    By LELA MOORE and TALYA MINSBERG - Saturday Jun 24, 2017

    Our Top 10 Comments of the Week: Readers debate the Bill Cosby verdict, the Senate health care bill and the resignation of Uber’s C.E.O.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Publisher Tronc acquires Daily News, storied NY tabloid
    By JENNIFER PELTZ, Associated Press - Monday Sep 4, 2017

    NEW YORK (AP) — Newspaper publisher Tronc has acquired the Daily News, a storied New York tabloid newspaper that won a Pulitzer Prize this year but has been buffeted by the changing media environment.Chicago-based Tronc Inc., the publisher of the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, announced the deal Monday night, and the Daily News posted a story on its website.Tronc CEO Justin Dearborn said acquiring the paper and its popular website would "provide us with another strategic platform for growing our digital business, expanding our reach and broadening our services for advertisers and marketers," and both Tronc and Daily News executives said the company would maintain the quality of the paper's journalism.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Top News Stories
  • Soldier accused of killing New York State Police trooper
    Monday Jul 10, 2017

    THERESA, N.Y. (AP) — A U.S. Army soldier is accused of shooting and killing a New York State Police trooper who was responding to a domestic dispute."Trooper Davis served as a member of the New York State Police for four years and his death is yet another sad reminder of the risks law enforcement officers face each day in order to protect our communities and serve the residents of this great state," the Democratic governor said while urging New Yorkers to keep Davis' family, friends and colleagues in their thoughts and prayers.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Top News Stories
  • Could the Rockaways Survive Another Sandy?
    By LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    Residents are bracing for the worst, wondering whether measures taken so far are enough to keep devastation of the Queens community at bay.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Pink triangle rises again as symbol of pride for LGBT community
    Saturday Jun 24, 2017

    Pink triangle rises again as symbol of pride for LGBT community The pink triangle was first used by the Nazis during the Holocaust in concentration camps to identify LGBT prisoners, but has since been reclaimed by the LGBT community as a symbol of pride, said Patrick Carney, who hoisted the first pink triangle atop Twin Peaks in the dead of night in 1995. Volunteers on Saturday had on white T-shirts with a pink triangle and the words “Friends of the Pink Triangle” in pink letters. Hammers were strewn about as people finished setting up under the haze of the San Francisco fog and snacked on doughnuts and croissants. Not far away, the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band rehearsed, the melodic sounds of the trumpets and clarinets traveling through the area. Some people had on rainbow socks, rainbow hats and rainbow belts with pink balloons, carrying flowers in hand as bubbles floated in the air. Shortly after the volunteers completed their morning duties, Hannah Portner, 17, of Walnut Creek took a seat atop the triangle. “It was on my bucket list,” she said, brushing back her pink and blue hair from her eyes while she pulled out a black notebook from a paint-stained backpack. Under numerous pages titled “Life Goals,” Portner checked off the item she had scribbled down years before: to partake in the pink triangle’s assembling. At night, the triangle will be illuminated by a projector with videos of people’s lips blowing kisses to the world, a showing of love, Carney said. Trump “has allowed us to embrace and remember our core California values,” Wiener said, citing support for immigrant rights, the LGBT community, women and health care.

    Source: SFGATE.com: LGBT
  • Trump administration pulls health law help in 18 cities
    By CARLA K. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writer - Thursday Jul 20, 2017

    CHICAGO (AP) — President Donald Trump's administration has ended Affordable Care Act contracts that brought assistance into libraries, businesses and urban neighborhoods in 18 cities, meaning shoppers on the insurance exchanges will have fewer places to turn for help signing up for coverage.[...] insurers and advocates are concerned that the administration could further destabilize the marketplaces where people shop for coverage by not promoting them or not enforcing the mandate compelling people to get coverage."There's a clear pattern of the administration trying to undermine and sabotage the Affordable Care Act," said Elizabeth Hagan, associate director of coverage initiatives for the liberal advocacy group Families USA.Two companies — McLean, Virginia-based Cognosante LLC and Falls Church, Virginia-based CSRA Inc. — will no longer help with the sign-ups following a decision by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services officials not to renew a final option year of the vendors' contracts.The insurance exchanges, accessed by customers through the federal HealthCare.gov or state-run sites, are a way for people to compare and shop for insurance coverage.The health law included grant money for community organizations to train people to help consumers apply for coverage, answer questions and explain differences between the insurance policies offered.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Top News Stories
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