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  • How Amazon Buying Whole Foods Could Transform Grocery Shopping
    By Davey Alba - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    Get ready for a whole new grocery store experience by the time Amazon's done.

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  • 3 Reasons to Stop Putting Off the Creation of a Nonprofit Communications Plan
    By Jay Love - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    The lack of a documented communications plan is something nonprofits all shapes and sizes struggle with. While small shops may lack the bandwidth to create one, larger shops often decry how hard it is to pull various departments together to create such a plan. Whether you don't yet see the value of creating a plan [...]

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  • Kroger Slashing Prices On Milk, Eggs To Keep Up In Heated Grocery War
    By Mary Beth Quirk - Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    With foreign newcomers like Lidl and Aldi landing on our shores, and online services like Amazon creeping onto an already crowded grocery battlefield, traditional grocers are willing to do whatever they can to keep customers coming back. At Kroger, that means slashing prices on popular staples like milk and eggs, in an effort to signal to customers that their stores …

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  • Piling On The Hate: Stop Fighting Unbundling
    Friday Apr 24, 2015

    Perhaps the most concerning quote in all the copy devoted to cable channels dumping on Verizon for trying to do something everyone in the country wants was this one from a 65-year-old retiredelectronics salesman, who told the "WSJ:" "I've been paying for ESPN for 30 years and never watch it." Really? My head would not have snapped back if he had said Nickelodeon or Home Shopping Networkor even Food Network, but ESPN? As in no college football? No "Monday Night Football?" No Little League baseball playoffs? No "Around the Horn!!" I think that is grounds for excommunication from the"Mystic Knights of The Male Persuasion." Leave it to the "Journal" to track down the singular exception to the rule.

    Source: Media Post: Marketing Daily
  • How to Identify (and Take Advantage of) ‘Loss Leaders’ in Grocery and Department Store Flyers
    By Trent Hamm - Tuesday Jun 20, 2017

    Almost every department and grocery store chain in America produces a weekly flyer describing the sales of the week in the store. The stores do this because it works – good prices get customers in the store spending money, and when they’re in there, they often buy lots of items as they’re buying other groceries, too. In order to really entice customers and get them in the door, stores will regularly promote really steep sales on specific items, sometimes even ...

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  • Chipotle Gives New Life To Paper To-Go Bag
    Thursday Oct 22, 2015

    There are many environmentally harmful habits I still need to stop (e.g., drinking pod coffee), but like many other tree huggers, I have become obnoxious about avoiding one-use bags. On days I forgetmy cloth grocery bag (most days), I can be seen wobbling through the streets of Los Angeles, precariously balancing a milk jug on top of a cereal box on top of toilet paper.

    Source: Media Post: Marketing: Green
  • How Google Shopping Can Help Retailers Bounce Back
    Wednesday Jun 7, 2017

    It's vital to stop thinking only like a brick-and-mortar retailer and combine the best of online and offline experiences. Google Shopping helps to reduce much of the traditional, costly guess work inoffline that can result in such woeful headlines.

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  • Apple Aiming to Make iPhone 'One-Stop Shop' for Medical Info
    By Juli Clover - Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    Apple wants the iPhone to serve as a comprehensive health repository for every iPhone user, keeping track of medical data like doctors visits, lab results, medications, and more, reports CNBC.

    Apple is said to have a "secretive team" within its health unit that has been communicating with developers, hospitals, and other industry groups about storing clinical data on the iPhone. With all of their medical data at their fingertips, iPhone users would have a better overall picture of their health, which could also be readily shared with doctors.

    Apple has been hiring developers familiar with protocols dictating the transfer of electronic health records and has talked with several health IT industry groups, including "The Argonaut Project," which promotes the adoption of open standards for health information, and "The Carin Alliance," a group aiming to give patients more control over their medical data. According to CNBC, Apple VP of software technology Bud Tribble has been working with the latter group.

    Apple is also rumored to be looking at startups in the cloud hosting space for acquisitions that would fit into its health plan.

    Essentially, Apple would be trying to recreate what it did with music -- replacing CDs and scattered MP3s with a centralized management system in iTunes and the iPod -- in the similarly fragmented and complicated landscape for health data.

    Such a move would represent a deviation in strategy from Apple's previous efforts in health care, the people said, which have focused on fitness and wellness.
    A centralized way to store all of a person's health data would allow the medical community to overcome existing barriers that prevent the transfer of patient information between medical providers. Hospitals and doctors offices often don't have a simple way to transfer patient information, and online medical portals are sometimes difficult to use with little info available to patients,

    Apple already allows iPhone users to record medical data and health information gathered by the Apple Watch and other connected devices in the built-in Health app, and it has delved into health research with CareKit and ResearchKit, but based on these rumors, the company's goal is to expand its health efforts far further in the future.

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    Source: MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors