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  • In Brisbane, a battle between small-town and housing advocates
    By Lizzie Johnson - Tuesday Aug 8, 2017

    After a heated, two-plus hours of public comment, the Brisbane City Council pushed to at least the end of the month its vote on a proposed mixed housing and commercial development that has pit proponents of the city’s small-town feel against those who say the region desperately needs more housing.Just south of San Francisco, the property owned by S.F. developer Universal Paragon Corp. rests along a high-tech, job-saturated corridor stretching to Silicon Valley.The sprawling plan would fill 684 acres of former rail yards and bay fill with 7.5 million square feet of office, industrial and retail space, and — most controversially — 4,434 homes, apartments and condos.Brisbane officials’ reluctance to approve the housing — they continue to delay the decision — has sparked a heated debate over the region’s housing crisis, with housing groups and advocates weighing in.At the meeting’s start, housing activists passed out neon green stickers reading “Build housing.”The Bay Area Council, a business advocacy organization, and a handful of state legislators also released statements Thursday in support of the proposed thousands of units of housing.“The Bay Area and California are in this housing crisis for a long list of reasons, but the fundamental issue is that we simply do not have enough housing that our residents can afford,” said a joint statement released by state Sen. Scott Wiener and assemblymen David Chiu and Phil Ting, among others.[...] at the meeting, some residents pushed back, saying that increasing the city’s housing stock would destroy its identity and that it wasn’t their responsibility to solve the region’s housing issues.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Bay Area News
  • What to Do When You’ve Picked the Wrong Suburb
    By BROOKE LEA FOSTER - Friday Jul 28, 2017

    After leaving the city, some people discover that the first town they choose isn’t quite right and they have to search for a place that is a better fit.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Five Years Later, Why Americans Must Remember Oak Creek
    By Raghuvinder Singh - Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

    On the anniversary of the Oak Creek tragedy, Raghuvinder Singh says he believes the nation is failing to make hate crime prevention a priority.

    Source: NBC News
  • Detwiler Fire leaves family only memories
    By Kurtis Alexander - Saturday Jul 22, 2017

    MARIPOSA — Beneath the sweltering foothill sun, Miki and Jai Crawford stood in the front yard of their daughter’s home eyeing an odd but deliberately placed pile of stuff: two trash bags filled with clothes, several bins of family photos and a few pieces of small furniture, including an old sewing machine and a cuckoo clock.The items, strewn across a tarp next to an oak tree Friday, were all that the couple managed to rush out of their three-bedroom house before it burned in last week’s explosive wildfire west of Yosemite National Park.While what survived was little more than memories of raising three children in their home of 22 years, the Crawfords spent the recent morning taking stock of what they had — and, more importantly, what they would need going forward.Residents up and down the state will see skies continue to clog with suffocating summer smoke, and thousands in small towns and rural hills have already begun the tiresome drill of evacuating their homes until danger passes.While the Crawfords have not been back to their property since the fire hit — the area has remained under mandatory evacuation — their son has.Just like the homes on either side of them in the community of Mount Bullion, a few miles northwest of Mariposa, the Crawfords’ house was reduced to a pile of chalky debris.Jai works maintenance at the dump in Mariposa and Miki, 56, makes crafts that she sells at local fairs.Amid the somber talk of their future, Miki Crawford felt a pang of comfort when she realized the wisdom — and luck — of her impromptu decision earlier in the week to pack out her sewing machine.[...] she can continue to work, she said, and though that probably won’t produce the kind of windfall they need to get their lives back in order, it will at least help — and take her mind off the fire.The couple left within minutes, gathering up their six dogs and the few things they’d thrown together the day before, all the while expecting that they’d be back in their house soon.Sixty homes have burned in the Detwiler Fire since it began last Sunday, fire officials say.With the fire, the total area turned to ash in California since Jan. 1 has grown to nearly 200,000 acres, about twice what usually burns by this time of year, according to state and federal figures.The activity, officials say, is because of a wet winter that left behind an unusually thick proliferation of combustible grass and brush.In historical downtown Mariposa, which remained shutdown to all but firefighters until Friday afternoon, residents and merchants were already doing what they could to help fire victims.Bob Borchard, owner of Bett’s Gold Coin tavern — which at 167 years old is said to be the oldest occupied building in the Mother Lode — was preparing to open the bar after a four-day closure and serve food and drinks to locals.While Borchard was turning on the tavern lights, the president of the town’s Chamber of Commerce stopped by to talk about fundraising.Several aid groups, including the American Red Cross, were inviting donations while victims like the Crawfords were accepting contributions through individual GoFundMe accounts.“On Sunday, we were swimming in our pool with our four grandchildren,” Miki said, as she clutched one of the surviving photos that showed her home with colorful jasmine growing out front.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Bay Area News
  • Marine Corps Plane Crash: The Victims
    By THE NEW YORK TIMES - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    Family members and friends have begun identifying many of the 16 American service members who died on Monday when their plane crashed in rural Mississippi.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Richmond mayor wants to scrap city’s public Housing Authority
    By Kimberly Veklerov - Saturday Aug 19, 2017

    Richmond Mayor Tom Butt is proposing the dismantling of the city’s Housing Authority, saying that diminishing funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development make the agency’s continued operations untenable. Butt said dissolving the Richmond Housing Authority would not eliminate existing public housing, but would essentially divorce the city from financial responsibility over the subsidized homes. He said the city has spent millions to maintain the properties because HUD has not provided its fair share for upkeep. In calling for the authority’s elimination Friday, Butt requested that the authority first investigate the inadequacy of its federal funding levels.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Bay Area News
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