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  • Electric-car racing circuit will zoom around Red Hook
    By David K. Li - Wednesday Jul 5, 2017

    The Formula E electric-car racing circuit hopes New York will be all charged up for the fledgling sport when it comes to town later this month. Tabbed as the first motor races in Big Apple history, the Qualcomm New York City ePrix will take place around Pier 11 and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red...

    Source: New York Post: Sports
  • Cargill Mulls Meat Deals as Portfolio Shifts
    Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    After revamping its sprawling food and agriculture portfolio, Cargill Inc. is considering acquisitions.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Business
  • Zone 8 Grape Varieties: What Grapes Grow In Zone 8 Regions
    By Amy Grant - Tuesday Jul 11, 2017

    Source: Gardening Know How
  • ‘Game of Thrones': Clues About the Ironborn and House Greyjoy From Real Viking History (Guest Blog)
    By Carolyne Larrington, provided by
    - Friday Jul 7, 2017

    Ironborn military power is underpinned by their slender, beautifully designed warships which allow them to strike at will along the Westerosi coastline, and so it’s tempting to compare them with the Vikings, the medieval Scandinavian raiders who brought terror to Europe for three centuries.When he discovers that Theon’s splendid neck chain was bought rather than stolen, Balon tears it from his son’s neck, snarling, “That bauble around your neck, did you pay the iron-price for it, or the gold?” Balon clearly is not the kind of medieval Scandinavian king who would be celebrated by his court poets (skalds) for distributing treasure; no one would praise him as a “breaker of rings” or a “thrower of gold” or even a “hater … of the flame-red dragon square,” to cite just a few of Old Norse poetry’s terms for the generous king.The military successes of the Viking-age Scandinavians — settling northern England, founding Dublin and establishing the duchy of Normandy — were possible because their ships could travel far up the great rivers of Europe.The Great Army which swept across northern England in 865 A.D. took horses from those they defeated and thus were mobile enough to achieve military success inland, away from the rivers and coastlines where they easily could regroup on their ships.The Ironborn’s faith is very different from any version of Viking religion that we know of, but their belief in life after death closely resembles a watery version of Valhalla, the god Odin’s great hall, where the valkyries bring heroes who die in battle.When Yara and Theon sailed to Meereen to put their 50 ships at the disposal of Daenerys Targaryen for her long-anticipated invasion of Westeros, Daenerys agreed to support Yara’s claim to the Salt Chair, the Ironborn throne.The Vikings may have left their homelands because population pressure made it hard for them to sustain a living by agriculture on the thin soils and limited flatlands of the Norwegian or Icelandic fjords.For most of the Viking Age, Vikings were already successful traders, dealing in foodstuffs, timber, furs, falcons and slaves all across the North Atlantic, settling into lives as merchants and craftsmen in thriving towns such as Bergen and Trondheim.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Portrait painting in action at Stanford
    By Sam Whiting - Wednesday May 24, 2017

    At 11:30 Monday morning, writer Tammy Fortin set up her manual Olivetti in the grand marble atrium at Cantor Arts Center and began tapping out a short story. [...] artist Hope Gangloff set up her acrylic paints and began painting a portrait of Fortin as she typed. The main entrance to the Stanford University museum, built in 1894, has been converted into Gangloff’s studio as the first in a five-year series called the Diekman Contemporary Commissions Program, underwritten by arts benefactors John and Sue Diekman. There is a lot to tell because Gangloff, 42, lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and drove out in her Subaru with her boxer mutt Olly, and all her paints and brushes and buckets. “She’s a fun challenge,” says Gangloff, as Fortin clacks away in single space, working that carriage return, her salt-and-pepper hair blending nicely with the marble wall behind her. The typewriter sits on a pullout tray at a midcentury metal office desk. Scattered around are a metal lunch box in red tartan, a bottle of Wite-Out, a magnifying glass and any number of dictionaries and art history books open for quick reference, plus a Princess dial phone with the receiver off the hook and dangling to the floor so she won’t be distracted by a caller. There is a lot of detail to capture, and those who can’t wait around to see the finished product can go upstairs where the concurrent show “Hope Gangloff Curates Portraiture” is on the balcony. There is a whole wall of portraits, and visitors can turn around and lean over the railing to see the next one being worked on at the bottom of the stairs. “Hope is an incredibly talented painter who evokes the 19th and 20th century masters and updates the tradition, ” says Carty.

    Source: Sam Whiting
  • Sandoval return to Giants is official: ‘I learned my lesson’
    By John Shea - Saturday Jul 22, 2017

    Sandoval return to Giants is official: ‘I learned my lesson’Pablo Sandoval is getting another opportunity and saying all the right things.Will he learn how to produce again on the baseball field?Sandoval, who won three World Series rings as a Giant and was the 2012 World Series MVP, finalized his minor-league contract with the Giants on Saturday, then headed to Class A San Jose to begin his comeback bid.Manager Bruce Bochy said the third baseman will spend a couple of weeks in the minors — he’ll report to Triple-A Sacramento on Tuesday — and get 40 to 50 at-bats to show if he has anything left.Bochy insisted the signing was entirely a baseball decision amid speculation that it could be a marketing ploy or even a favor to the man who made the franchise a lot of money, not just with the sale of Panda hats.Sandoval was either injured or ineffective (or both) during most of his 2½ seasons with the Red Sox, who signed him after the 2014 World Series to a five-year, $95 million contract.If Sandoval returns to the big leagues, the Giants would be on the hook for only the prorated portion of the major-league minimum.Sandoval, who placed his Red Sox bag in a locker between Brandon Belt’s and Brandon Crawford’s, said he’s apologizing to Giants’ players and also released a statement through the team:When I left the Giants in 2014, my comments were emotional, insensitive and misguided, and I truly regret and apologize for my actions.Sandoval went as far as saying he regrets not re-signing with the Giants after the ’14 Series.A two-week stint in the minors would extend to August, following the trade deadline.With third baseman-of-the-future Christian Arroyo shelved with a wrist injury, suddenly Sandoval in a Giants uniform again — something that couldn’t have been imagined just days ago — is realistic.

    Source: Top Sports Stories
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