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  • Four Mississippi Mothers Fight for Their Children’s Education
    By Jim Schaffer - Thursday May 25, 2017

    Four mothers claim Jim Crow-era education inequity is alive and well in Mississippi, harming their children.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Home Buyers, Beware: Wire Fraud Is on the Rise
    By Holly Johnson - Sunday Jun 11, 2017

    Imagine you’re getting ready to close on your first home. You receive the closing paperwork and take special care to ensure all the details are correct. But, on the way to the bank, something funny happens – you receive alternate instructions on where to transfer your down payment. You call your realtor and title company to confirm these details, but never hear back from the title company. You do talk to your realtor, but she doesn’t set off any alarms. Running out ...

    Source: The Simple Dollar
  • How Mothers Can Survive Their Daughters' Teen Years
    Monday Apr 10, 2017

    Teenage girls are hardwired for drama, according to Family therapist Colleen O'Grady, author of "Dial Down the Drama." But there are key ways daughters and mothers can find common ground. She offers tips for keeping the peace on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: iStock

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Books
  • Don’t Be Too Chatty? Dads And Daughters Talk About Outdated And Sexist Job Interview Advice
    By Jeff Beer - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    For Father’s Day, HP got fathers and daughters to talk about some of the most common job interview “tips” out there for women.

    Don’t wear too much perfume. Don’t wear too much make-up. Don’t be aggressive when negotiating your salary. Don’t look too hot. Don’t be too chatty. Avoid dressing too much like a woman. Women who are job hunting might want to cover gray hair. Wearing a wedding ring might indicate you’re going to start a family soon. Just find out you’re pregnant? Best to keep it to yourself for now. Don’t let your body show that you are upset by a sexist remark or question. Good advice?

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    Source: Fast Company
  • 5 healthcare developments that were born in space
    By Nicole Cammorata - Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    Space might just be the next frontier in our quest for better health. That’s because numerous healthcare developments we’ve come to rely on over the years got their start with astronauts.   

    The microgravity climate of the International Space Station combined with the unique needs of making mechanical repairs in space and research efforts beyond our universe have led to some pretty amazing technologies – many of which we benefit from today.   

    Discover how the healthcare industry has come to rely on space as a breeding ground for innovation.   

    Image: Shutterstock / GOLFX

    A better way to take your temperature 

    More about Space, Science, Healthcare, Medecine, and Science

    Source: Mashable!
  • Little girl thinks this bride is the princess from her favorite book, and it's adorable
    By Andrea McNeil - Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    A toddler on a walk with her mother in Seattle in February mistook a bride for a storybook princess.

    Newlyweds Shandace and Scott Robertson were taking wedding photos in February when they encountered Kelsey Edwards and her daughter, who were walking back from a cupcake treat.

    The girl, captivated by Robertson's beauty, thought the bride was the "princess" on the cover of the book she was holding, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, which is currently her favorite book. (Shout out to this little girl for appreciating novels by the way.) Read more...

    More about Cute, Wedding, Bride, Princess, and Toddler

    Source: Mashable!
  • Visiting Dad in Prison
    Sunday Jun 18, 2017

    Derek Smith has been incarcerated for most of his daughters’ lives after robbing a jewelry store. In this 360° video, make the trip from Miami with his daughters and his mother to visit him in prison.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • New! Yoplait's Latest Campaign Tackles Mom Shame
    Monday Jun 19, 2017

    It’s not easy being a mom, especially in today’s judgmental world of social media. With this in mind, Yoplait has launched a new campaign-- from 72andSunny New York, in partnership withFast Horse and Mindshare--to help “disarm the judgment” through a blend of humor, confidence-building and empathy for all of those taking on the role of mom. 

    Debuting today,Yoplait is anchoring its new brand campaign platform, “Mom On,” with an all-new TVspot of the same name. The 60-second spot features a montage of moms from all walks of life confidently narrating their feelings about situations and issues that commonly elicit judgment,such as working from home, breastfeeding and having kids later in life. The women in the spot are unapologetic about their choices, a nod from Yoplait to all of the moms making the best choices forthemselves and their families. 

    Also, this summer, Yoplait is partnering with the comedic Facebook web series, #IMOMSOHARD. Yoplait has teamed up with the comedians and mothers behind the series, Jen Smedley and Kristin Hensley, to bring the duo’s “Mom’s Night Out: SummerBreak Tour” comedy tour to 40 markets across the country. Through a night of camaraderie, Yoplait and #IMOMSOHARD will unite moms across the country in laughter about the ups and downs ofmotherhood. 

    The partnership between Yoplait and #IMOMSOHARD also includes an undercover social experiment video demonstrating that moms have more support than they likely realize.Produced and distributed by The NBCU Content Studio, “Moms Undercover” uses a hidden camera set-up to test if moms would help afellow mom in a tricky parenting situation, or simply sit back and judge. The video, which was also produced with Broadway Video Enterprises through their recently announced relationship with The NBCUContent Studio, features Hensley and Smedley and reveals that moms overwhelmingly support each other when given the opportunity. The hidden camera video premieres today on social media channels, wheremoms often feel the brunt of mom judgment. 

    The campaign is based on a study conducted by Edison Research which found that 75% of moms agreed that mothers would be happier if they feltless judged; that nearly one in three moms (29 percent) adjust their parenting decisions in public because they worry others will judge them, and that one-third of moms (32 percent) say they choosenot to post, share or comment on social media because they worry others will judge their parenting.

    Source: Media Post: Social Media & Marketing Daily