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  • 'NY Times' Finally Joins Snapchat Discover
    Monday Apr 24, 2017

    Does The New York Times joining Snapchat Discover lend an air of respectability to a new platform, and breathe new life into an aging publisher? That's obviously what the partners are planning -- but only time will tell.

    Source: Media Post: MoBlog
  • Zone 8 Citrus Trees: Tips On Growing Citrus In Zone 8
    By Bonnie L. Grant - Monday Jun 12, 2017

    By Bonnie L. Grant The traditional citrus belt spans the area between California along the Gulf coast to Florida. These zones are USDA 8 to 10. In areas that expect freezes, semi hardy citrus are the way to go. These might be satsuma, mandarin, kumquat or Meyer lemon. Any of these would be perfect citrus trees for zone 8. Containers are also excellent options for growing citrus in zone 8. So whether you want sweet fruits or acid-type fruits, there are selections available that can thrive in zone 8. Can You Grow Citrus in Zone 8? Citrus was introduced to the continental United States in 1565 by Spanish explorers. Over the years there have been increasingly large groves of many types of citrus, but most of the oldest stands have died to freeze damage. Modern hybridizing has led to citrus plants that are hardier and more able to withstand such

    Source: Gardening Know How
  • Sony teases its PS4-exclusive Destiny 2 strike Lake of Shadows
    By Jeff Grubb - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    Sony has plenty of first-party standouts for its PlayStation 4 console, but one of its biggest games is potentially the multiplayer hit Destiny. Publisher Activision let Sony show off a story trailer for its upcoming blockbuster Destiny 2. In the clip, we see a villainous figure mocking the Guardians for being “weak, undisciplined” and “cowering […]

    Source: VentureBeat
  • Vote for WSJ's House of the Week
    Friday Jun 8, 2012

    Stefanos Chen on Lunch Break shows us the latest homes vying to be WSJ's House of the Week, including a high-altitude house in Lake Tahoe, a Spanish-style home in Oklahoma, an English manor in Atlanta and a Bedford, N.Y. home built from the remnants of an old dairy barn. Photo: Steve Turner.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Real Estate
  • Ask the NY Giants: Socks with Sandals?
    Tuesday Sep 15, 2015

    Professional athletes like members of the New York Giants are the inspiration for the latest (counterintuitive) high-fashion trend: wearing socks with sandals. Photo: Stu Woo/The Wall Street Journal

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Most Popular
  • MacBook Pro 2017 review: The future starts with Kaby Lake
    By Roman Loyola - By Roman Loyola - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    Did you hear cries of regret and maybe a few cuss words in the background during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote? If you did, it was from folks who bought a MacBook Pro in the past few weeks. You see, during WWDC, Apple revealed an upgrade to the MacBook Pro to replace the models that were released just last Fall.

    Now, on the surface, the new MacBook Pro looks exactly the same, but all of the changes are found under-the-hood via performance bumps. And our test results do show an expected increase in speed, but it's not enough to induce serious buyer's remorse in anyone who recently bought a MacBook Pro of the previous generation—though it may spark a bit of envy.

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    Source: Macworld
  • Podcast 564: Take a trip to Kaby Lake
    By Glenn Fleishman, Roman Loyola - By Glenn Fleishman, Roman Loyola - Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

    A potpourri of news this week, from Tim Cook urging that schools teach coding to every student, Scott Forstall’s interview about the creation of the iPhone, and new iOS 11 features, including object recognition and augmented reality (AR), that will bump up camera and other third-party apps’ capabilities. Roman also critiques the new MacBook Pro models, which have a lot to offer.

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    Source: Macworld
  • California Today: California Today: The Extreme Heat to Come
    By MIKE McPHATE - Thursday Jun 22, 2017

    Thursday: Los Angeles’s long-term heat outlook, Lonzo Ball’s helicopter parent, and one of Lake Tahoe’s eccentric historical characters.

    Source: NYT > Home Page