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  • Finally, Something Good From Yahoo
    Sunday Jul 2, 2017

    An investment in its offspring, Altaba, offers a high reward if management can reduce its tax liability, and it has limited downside.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Markets News
  • ‘Friends From College': Every Character Ranked From Hateable to Hopeless (Photos)
    By Ashley Boucher, provided by
    - Friday Jul 14, 2017

    ‘Friends From College': Every Character Ranked From Hateable to Hopeless (Photos)Keegan Michael-Key’s Ethan and Annie Parisse’s Sam are two married college friends having an affair with each other–an affair that’s lasted 20 years.At one point, her husband Ethan and Sam are making out a floor above her at a dinner party, and at another point Ethan purposefully breaks the vial of IVF treatment that cost them $30,000.Marianna is quirky in a fun way, but she does run the party bus into a bridge on purpose just to make a point, putting her a little farther down the list.Max might be the easiest of the friends to like, especially because his college buds are constantly using him with no appreciation–like when Lisa and Ethan interrupt his birthday dinner, not even realizing it’s his birthday.Read original story ‘Friends From College': Every Character Ranked From Hateable to Hopeless (Photos) At TheWrap

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Ronen wonders if proposed fee for utility boxes is high enough
    By Rachel Swan - Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

    A proposed law that would relieve AT&T of obligations to spruce up its sidewalk utility boxes hit resistance Wednesday at a Board of Supervisors committee meeting, when one supervisor asked if the city was asking enough of the telecom company.Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who chairs the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee, expressed cautious support for the proposal to allow companies to pay fees instead of beautifying their boxes with trees and murals.Supervisor Malia Cohen, who sponsored the ordinance, warned her colleagues not to fixate on mural cost, because the money would get added to a city fund that would go toward other projects, as well.Cohen said the ordinance is really about enabling AT&T to deliver high-speed Internet to residents throughout San Francisco, including people in low-income neighborhoods.Attorney Joel Aurora, of the political law firm Nielsen Merksamer, submitted the referendum Friday, at which point he had 30 days to gather 19,040 signatures from San Francisco voters — 10 percent of the vote count from the last mayoral election.“We think the Board of Supervisors is limiting freedom of choice for San Francisco voters,” said Jaime Rojas, a spokesman for the group Let’s Be Real San Francisco, which is running the referendum campaign.The group represents tobacco manufacturers R.J. Reynolds and Altria, as well as several vaping advocacy groups and the Arab American Grocers Association, whose members opposed the supervisors’ ordinance, saying it hurt immigrant business owners.Supervisor Malia Cohen, who sponsored the flavored tobacco ban, called the referendum a “ridiculous attempt to put profit over people’s health.”If Nielsen Merksamer gathers enough signatures to ratify the referendum measure, the ordinance would be suspended and the supervisors will get a chance to reconsider their vote.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • Strawberry Tree Care: How To Grow A Strawberry Tree
    By Teo Spangler - Tuesday Jul 11, 2017

    Source: Gardening Know How
  • Stocks defy conventional wisdom, soar on Trump victory
    By Kathleen Pender - Friday Nov 11, 2016

    When early returns started pointing to a Trump presidential victory Tuesday night, futures contracts on the Dow Jones industrial average plunged as much as 800 points.[...] futures began paring their losses “in the wee hours, when Trump gave a victory speech that was much more conciliatory than people expected,” said Rob Sharps, a portfolio manager with T. Rowe Price.[...] they sold off on Wednesday morning, apparently on concerns that Trump would increase government spending while cutting taxes, which could lead to bigger deficits, higher inflation and higher interest rates.[...] if you look underneath those indexes, “there was really wicked volatility as people repositioned” their portfolios for a Trump presidency, Sharps said.Trump’s vow to increase spending on infrastructure caused a surge in shares of metals, mining, construction and engineering firms.On the flip side, some hospital and health insurance companies were stricken by fears that Trump will carry through on his promise to replace the Affordable Care Act with “something better.”Banking, asset managers and other financial service companies were big winners, apparently on the belief that the Trump administration will relax the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule for brokers and other laws and regulations that have weighed on financial institutions.Banking and finance employees and political action committees poured $64.3 million into her campaign and pro-Clinton super PACs — and less than $2 million into Trump’s, according to Politifact.Investors should not read too much into a single day’s action, warned Brad Sorensen, director of sector analysis and market research with Charles Schwab.In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity this spring, Trump claimed that Bezos is using the newspaper for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust.Martin Baron, executive editor of the Washington Post, issued a statement that said, “I can say categorically that I have received no instructions from Jeff Bezos regarding our coverage of the presidential campaign — or, for that matter, any other subject.”

    Source: Net Worth - Kathleen Pender blog
  • What Is Annotto – Learn About Growing Achiote Trees
    By Teo Spangler - Sunday Jul 23, 2017

    Source: Gardening Know How
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