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  • RPA Helps Honda Tout Innovation, American Kaizen For Civic
    Friday Jan 11, 2013

    As initially reported in MarketingDaily on January 4, Honda is heralding the arrival of its U.S. market icon, the 2013 Civic, unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show last fall. The campaign -- via long-time Santa Monica agency RPA -- comprises four TV spots, one of which debuted in the Rose Bowl on Tuesday. The new ads have "found" video content to talk about entrepreneurial spirit of inventors and Honda's engineers. There are more than 10 different inventors portrayed in the spots. The effort, which also has print and digital elements, mixes product messages with the company's corporate mantra around innovation and continuous improvement (the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen). Three of the TV spots are for the Civic Sedan, Si Coupe and Hybrid, respectively, and a 60-second spot -- which aired during the Rose Bowl -- features all three of the vehicles.

    Source: Media Post: MAD LA
  • Brand TLDs To Change Online Advertising, Marketing In 2013
    Friday Dec 28, 2012

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) held a lottery in Los Angeles last week to decide on which of the proposed new top-level domain names will become the first to go live. Among the banks, media companies and Internet companies, Google applied for 101 and Amazon, 76. There were more than 900 applications for generic names like shop, news, music, and movies. The organization released the application list in June.

    Source: Media Post: MAD LA
  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Design -- Digitaria
    Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

    By tuning out East Coast chatter and conventional thinking, Digitaria creates digital designs that are as useful as they are beautiful. Daiga Atvara talks fast, and from her cadence, you just know she is saying something important, so you press the phone hard to your ear, try to block out the Madison Avenue noise outside your window (and in a way, that's just what Madison Avenue is to Atvara -- noise) and listen. She's excited, and passionately tells you about design, art, clients and culture, speaking about them in her Latvian accent as if they were one and the same, because to her they are. Although you can see Madison Avenue covered in snow and grime outside your window, if you listen closely enough, you'll soon find yourself transported to the San Diego headquarters of Digitaria, the agency Atvara cofounded some 15 years ago, at which she serves as chief creative director.

    Source: Media Post: MAD LA
  • LA Home to Equality Seekers
    Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

    Top 10 DMAs in which adults say equality for all is extremely important to them.

    1. Los Angeles, CA
    2. New York, NY
    3. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    4. Detroit, MI
    5. El Paso (Las Cruces), TX-NM
    6. Davenport – Rock Island – Moline, IA-IL
    7. Monterey – Salinas, CA
    8. Tampa – St. Petersburg(Sarasota), FL
    9. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, CA

    10. Tucson (Sierra Vista), AZ

    Source: GfK MRI’s 2011 Market-by-Market Study

    This brief initially appeared in MarketingDaily on December 7.

    Source: Media Post: MAD LA
  • Real Corporate Tax Reform: Treat Corporate Earnings as Personal Income
    Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    Cutting the corporate tax rate is not reform.  This is.

    Source: American Thinker
  • Style Q & A: Kim Kardashian on Her New Beauty Line and Those Blackface Allegations
    By BEE SHAPIRO - Monday Jun 19, 2017

    With KKW Beauty, the social media celebrity follows in her sister Kylie Jenner’s footsteps.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Hey Hollywood, here's a beautiful video telling you exactly how to do trans artists justice
    By Proma Khosla - Tuesday Jun 20, 2017

    In 2015, 16 percent of Americans knew at least one trans person. The remaining 84 percent learned about the trans community through television and film — and that year, there was one trans character in a major studio movie.

    In media studies, there's a concept of the "burden of representation" — that when there's only one character of a particular gender, race, or sexual identity, that they become responsible for speaking for an entire community through a single character portrayal.

    In recent years, Hollywood has come a long way in representing communities not usually depicted in TV and film. But for trans actors, there's still a long way to go. A new video from GLAAD and ScreenCrush featuring rising trans actors explains the importance of telling authentic stories about transgender individuals instead of relegating them to a bit part or a punchline — or an award-winning role for a cis white male. Read more...

    More about Entertainment, Television, Movies, Social Good, and Transgender Rights

    Source: Mashable!
  • Carrie Preston sharpened her mani-pedi skills for ‘Claws’
    By Robert Rorke - Thursday Jun 22, 2017

    If “Steel Magnolias” were rewritten by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Pedro Almodovar, you’d end up with something very much like “Claws.” TNT’s eccentric drama takes a group of women who work at Florida Nail Artisans of Manatee County and puts them in harm’s way — when the salon’s owner, Desna (Niecy Nash), finds herself...

    Source: New York Post: Entertainment