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  • Shkreli has days to decide whether to take stand at fraud trial
    By Chris Dolmetsch and Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou - Saturday Jul 22, 2017

    Will he take the risk that his eccentric personality may alienate jurors as he tries to offer an innocent explanation for his investment decisions?All it would take is one sarcastic eye roll, one snooty comment, and that’s it — he will have lost the jurors and his chances for acquittal.Prosecutors say after the funds imploded in 2011, Shkreli took investors’ money without their permission to start Retrophin, and later used $11 million from the drug company to repay the funds’ investors.Prosecutors last week sought to show jurors documents that included what they said were sham Retrophin consulting agreements designed to repay investors who had lost money in Shkreli’s ventures.The defense objected, saying prosecutors should be required to call the investors to the witness stand before introducing the agreements.Brafman indicated in court papers that the defense would welcome Geller’s testimony, saying he provided real consulting services by serving as Shkreli’s “life coach” and made millions of dollars from his investments with Shkreli.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Business and Technology News
  • Amazon eyes Best Buy’s Geek Squad with smart home consultations
    By Kevin Kelleher - Monday Jul 10, 2017

    Amazon is offering in-home consultations to customers interested in installing smart-home technologies. The service, first reported by Recode, is aimed at consumers interested in new Internet of Things gear but perhaps intimidated about setting them up. The move is consistent with a pattern Amazon has shown this year of introducing offerings or taking bold steps […]

    Source: VentureBeat
  • A Winning Design for a New York Monument to Gay and Transgender People
    By JOSHUA BARONE - Sunday Jun 25, 2017

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the artist Anthony Goicolea had been selected to design the monument in Hudson River Park in Manhattan.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • China Disrupts WhatsApp Service in Online Clampdown
    By PAUL MOZUR - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017

    The last of Facebook’s major products that still worked in China was hit by government blocks, as Beijing broadly tightens its controls over the internet.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Food & Wine Magazine Will Leave New York for Alabama
    By STEPHANIE STROM - Friday Jun 23, 2017

    The move reflects a changing business in which traditional food magazines, and a Manhattan address, are less important.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • The pop-up employer: Build a team, do the job, say goodbye
    By Noam Scheiber - Friday Jul 14, 2017

    There was a content division to churn out copy for game cards; graphic designers to devise the logo and the packaging; developers to build the mobile app and the website.True Story was a case study in what two Stanford professors call “flash organizations” — ephemeral setups to execute a single, complex project in ways traditionally associated with corporations, nonprofit groups or governments.Temporary organizations capable of taking on complicated projects have existed for decades, of course, perhaps nowhere more prominently than in Hollywood, where producers assemble teams of directors, writers, actors, costume and set designers and a variety of other craftsmen and technicians to execute projects with budgets in the tens if not hundreds of millions.In principle, many companies would find it more cost-effective to increase staff members as needed than to maintain a permanent presence.There is some evidence that the corporate world, which has spent decades outsourcing work to contractors and consulting firms, is embracing temporary organizations.In 2007, Jody Miller, a former media executive and venture capitalist, was a co-founder of the Business Talent Group, which sets up temporary teams of freelancers for corporations.Some of Miller’s biggest clients are in the pharmaceutical industry, whose economics are not unlike Hollywood’s in that it is heavily project-based and a small handful of blockbusters drive most of the profits.Business Talent Group teams frequently work on the kickoff of a new drug — devising the strategy for reaching out to patient groups, journalists, doctors and insurers — and help pry open new markets for existing drugs.In entertainment, there is Artella, which helps freelance animators, sound designers and other talent form teams that produce animated features.In addition to True Story, the two professors enlisted one team that built an app to help emergency medical technicians communicate with hospitals, and another that built a Web tool to help a consulting firm run workshops for clients.First is that the platforms tend to be highly dependent on data and computing power.[...] is the importance of well-established roles.Sociologists and organizational theorists have marveled for decades at the way disaster response teams or emergency room trauma units pull off complex tasks, even if they have never met before, because the division of labor is understood.Dave Summa, who worked on a team that the Business Talent Group assembled to advise a major agribusiness company on which markets to compete in, said it fell to him to define the questions that needed answering and the mode of analysis, while a colleague oversaw teams of workers who produced specific plans.When the writers, who composed short poems for each game card, first submitted their work, he and his business partner had one overriding impression: “Most of the content was really bad,” he said.[...] even if high-skilled workers like project managers and Web developers find they are well compensated on the open market, said Lawrence Katz, a Harvard economist, low-skilled workers tend to fare worse outside firms.Bernstein concedes that the anxiety is legitimate, though he says services could eventually dampen insecurity by playing a role that companies have historically played: providing benefits, topping off earnings if workers’ freelance income is too low or too spotty, even allowing workers to organize.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Business and Technology News
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