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  • Let’s clear the air: mapping our environment for our health
    Monday Jun 5, 2017

    How hot will it be today? What is the traffic for my commute to work? Where’s the nearest grocery store? Every day we use data about the world around us to make decisions. One useful dataset is air pollution data, which contains much-needed information that can help us understand how to live healthier lives, build smarter and more sustainable cities, and reduce climate-changing greenhouse gases in both urban and rural areas.

    Mapping air pollution at street level

    Today, with our partners at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Aclima, we’re sharing the first results of an endeavor we started in 2015: to measure air quality using Aclima equipment mounted on Google Street View cars. You can now see maps for Oakland, CA, released by EDF, of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and black carbon—pollutants emitted from cars, trucks and other sources that can affect our health and our climate.

    Black carbon particles come from burning fuel, especially diesel, wood and coal. High exposure is associated with heart attacks, stroke and some forms of cancer. Air quality data from Google/Aclima; analysis by Apte et al/EDF. Colors on the map do not correlate to colors on the Air Quality Index.

    Zooming in, you can see street-level details that show how pollution can change block by block. For example, the area where the Bay Bridge meets the I-80, a major freeway, has sustained higher pollution levels due to vehicles speeding up to cross under I-80 and merge onto the bridge. These insights can help community groups like the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project get a better understanding of local air quality and assist regulators like the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in identifying opportunities to achieve greater air quality improvements. This kind of information can also be applied to other cities, who are trying to understand local air quality patterns and implement solutions that improve the local environment.

    Zoom-in of black carbon in Oakland, where you can see block-by-block air quality. Air quality data from Google/Aclima; analysis by Apte et al/EDF. Colors on the map do not correlate to colors on the Air Quality Index.

    We hope Bay Area residents use this resource to explore air quality in Oakland, and find out how you can do your part to improve it. Scientists can request access to the validated data now. You can also learn more about the science behind these maps in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, authored by a scientific team led by Dr. Joshua Apte, at the University of Texas-Austin.

    Today’s news follows our 2014 project with EDF to map methane leaks, and our 2015 announcement with Aclima to map air quality in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Central Valley communities. We’re excited to share the data that made this science possible with more researchers.

    With nearly 3 million measurements and 14,000 miles captured in the course of a year, this is one of the largest air quality datasets ever published, and demonstrates the potential of  neighborhood-level air quality mapping. This map makes the invisible, visible, so that we can breathe better and live healthier. It helps us understand how clean (or not clean) our air is, so that we can make changes to improve it.

    Source: The Official Google Blog
  • TV's 'Scandal' Or Trump's?
    Wednesday May 17, 2017

    Can you believe the political headlines -- in fictionalized or in reality content missives? Scandal is in the air. ABC is ending the political drama "Scandal," as a real-life Trump-Russian scandal heats up.

    Source: Media Post: TV Watch
  • 'NY Times' Finally Joins Snapchat Discover
    Monday Apr 24, 2017

    Does The New York Times joining Snapchat Discover lend an air of respectability to a new platform, and breathe new life into an aging publisher? That's obviously what the partners are planning -- but only time will tell.

    Source: Media Post: MoBlog
  • Pirate Bay may finally be sunk after EU copyright ruling
    By Kelly Fiveash - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    Can be found liable for infringement, even if it doesn't host any content itself.

    Source: Ars Technica
  • Kirk Douglas on Surviving a Childhood Home With Little Food and No Heat
    Tuesday Jun 20, 2017

    The award-winning actor, now 100, lived in poverty in Amsterdam, N.Y.; then a friendship led him to Hollywood

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Lifestyle
  • Too Hot to Fly? Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel
    By ZACH WICHTER - Tuesday Jun 20, 2017

    Excess heat in Phoenix grounded more than 40 flights in recent days, and scientists say a warming climate could also mean more turbulent rides.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Brutal Southwest U.S. heat wave sends temperature soaring to 125 degrees
    By Andrew Freedman - Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

    There is little that's normal about the heat wave roasting the Southwest U.S. during the past several days. In Phoenix and Palm Springs, temperatures were so high that 43 flights on American Eagle's regional jets were canceled on Tuesday afternoon because the heat exceeded aircraft operating limits. 

    So far, slightly lower temperatures are expected on Wednesday, and there were no heat-related delays or cancelations as of Wednesday morning, American Airlines said in an email.

    The reason for the flight cancelations is that the heat plus the relatively high altitudes in the Southwest caused the air to be so thin that it was impossible for small jets' wings to generate enough lift to become safely airborne. Since Sunday, more than 100 flights were canceled due to the heat, according to American Airlines and news reports. Read more...

    More about Climate, California, Global Warming, Extreme Weather, and Climate Change

    Source: Mashable!
  • Target Pulls Hampton Creek Products From Stores Over Food Safety Concerns
    By Laura Northrup - Friday Jun 23, 2017

    Target, a chain that’s popular because “upscale discount store” is apparently not an oxymoron, is a big seller of Hampton Creek’s vegan food products, including its not-mayonnaise Just Mayo. But now Target has reportedly pulled Hampton Creek products from its stores and even disabled cashiers’ ability to scan these items at checkout. Why? That’s a more complicated question. The retailer …

    Source: The Consumerist