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  • All 41 Tom Cruise Movies Ranked, From So-So to Phenomenal (Photos)
    By Brian Welk, provided by
    - Tuesday Jul 4, 2017

    Tom Cruise Movies” are films only possible with Cruise’s level of charisma, energy and youthful enthusiasm, and MOST of Cruise’s movies are “Tom Cruise Movies.The work-hard play-hard clichés at work here threatened to make Cruise the role model for handsome, affable, lame guys you swipe past on dating apps.Tom Cruise‘s unicorn or his hair? “Legend” was a lavish, fantastical adventure that turned out to be a massive box office misfire from director Ridley Scott and Cruise.Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Outsiders” wasn’t well reviewed at its time, but it’s a great time capsule of Cruise in a small part of a gang of other teen heart throbs of the day, including Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez.In one of his early teen roles that would shape his persona, Cruise contends with a football coach played by Craig T. Nelson in a classic, clichéd, but well meaning sports movie.The sequel to “Jack Reacher” was a mediocre, step back for Cruise in what could’ve been the start to another promising franchise.Cruise goes from playing the cocky, unstoppable Cruise archetype to a deformed, defeated man trying to figure out what matters.Cameron Crowe’s remake of a Spanish-language film shifts genres stunningly, and it’s proved a polarizing movie in both Cruise and Crowe’s catalog.In just his second on-screen role, Cruise plays an unhinged military cadet who goes to extreme lengths to protect their academy when it’s threatened by encroaching condo developers.Robert Redford aimed for intellectual pedigree with his political drama starring Cruise and Meryl Streep, but it mostly high-minded, overly-polished lecturing.Impossible franchise, John Woo’s hyper-stylized sequel has Cruise free-hand scaling a massive, remote cliff, only to put on a pair of sunglasses and watch them explode.[...] it’s a solid samurai epic with Cruise fighting out of his element, playing an American Civil War official overseas as a dynasty comes to an end.Tom Cruise + John Grisham + Gene Hackman + Sydney Pollack? “The Firm” should’ve been a slam dunk, but it’s not even Cruise’s best courtroom drama.From TheWrap’s review: “It’s the same loud, excessive strain of blockbuster that’s cursing multiplexes, barely qualifying as horror, adventure, fantasy, thriller, or even Tom Cruise vehicle.”[...] Cruise delivers that infectious, cocky glint in his eye as he whips his cue around, knocking ‘em dead to the tune of “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon.Critics were torn as to whether Cruise made a convincing father figure in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the famous H.G. Wells story, but it’s that human element that elevated this already tense sci-fi thriller.Impossible benefits from Brian De Palma’s homages to Hitchcock and other spy, genre films, the loopy twists and turns of its screenplay and its laughably great gadgets that explode fish tanks or transform people’s faces.[...] it’s rightfully famous for Cruise’s balletic, expertly executed heist as he dangles from the ceiling and tries not to break a sweat.Cruise is hilariously unrecognizable beneath a balding wig, caked on makeup and some added pounds as Les Grossman, a raging, foul-mouthed studio exec.Michael Mann transformed Cruise into a mysterious silver fox and silent killer, toying with his hostage Jamie Foxx’s mind and morality until the two form an unexpected bond.The movie as a whole channels everything that made Cruise a rising teen heartthrob, his hot shot attitude, his smirking charm, and yet subverts and challenges what made all those other teen films simply affable and conventional.When he’s killed in battle and brought back to life in an endless vicious cycle played for pathos and some laughs, he regains that composure.All anyone wanted to talk about with Stanley Kubrick’s final film was the chemistry between Cruise and his wife Nicole Kidman, or the lack thereof.[...] that icy demeanor in what presents itself as an erotic romance amplified the surreal mystery of the film and made Cruise vulnerable and human.Cruise looks so cool manipulating video in the Pre-Cog crime lab, he practically invented touch screens.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Daily Dish
  • Neighborhoods That Play Hard to Get
    By STEFANOS CHEN - Friday Aug 11, 2017

    In some New York neighborhoods, the housing stock is great, but turnover is so low, word of mouth is the best search engine.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • The Story Of Sean Spicer’s Heist Of A Mini-Fridge Has All The Makings Of A Tom Cruise Movie
    By emmieodea - Saturday Jul 22, 2017

    The Wall Street Journal included a great story about Sean Spicer stealing a tiny refrigerator in their farewell after Spicer resigned.

    Source: Uproxx
  • Driverless-Car Outlook Shifts as Intel Takes Over Mobileye
    By NEAL E. BOUDETTE - Tuesday Aug 8, 2017

    The chip giant gains new prominence in the race to make autonomous vehicles part of everyday life.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Forever Unbridled overtakes Songbird in final turn at Saratoga
    By Larry Stumes - Saturday Aug 26, 2017

    For most of the $621,000 Personal Ensign Stakes on Saturday at Saratoga, 2-5 favorite Songbird cruised on a comfortable lead that appeared destined to result in her 10th Grade 1 win and her 14th victory in 15 career starts. But Forever Unbridled, who lagged in last place until the final turn of the 11/8-mile race, closed resolutely on the far outside and beat Songbird by a neck in 1:49.16. It was just the second start of the year for 5-year-old mare Forever Unbridled and the third for 4-year-old filly Songbird, who had outfinished her by 1¼ lengths when they ran 2-3 in the Breeders’ Cup Distaff to end their 2016 campaigns.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Top Sports Stories
  • ‘Great Comet’ in 360: Goodbye, My Gypsy Lovers
    Sunday Sep 3, 2017

    “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” closes on Broadway today. In 360, here is an onstage perspective of “Balaga,” one of the most rousing numbers in the show.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
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