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  • Welcome to the softer side of gutted Sears stores
    By John Biggs - Monday Jun 12, 2017

     If there is any indication of the cultural import and effect of the “millennials” – a term I dislike for reasons I will explain later – look no further than America’s malls. The Baby Boomer hubris and NIMBYism that sent malls into further and further orbits from city centers has come home to roost and it promises to change the face of retail in a big way. First,… Read More

    Source: TechCrunch
  • Who run the nonprofit world?
    Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

    For years, I’ve noticed that the majority of faces you see in most nonprofits belong to women. Beyonce got it right: women are the backbone of the social sector! They lead organizations, run departments, and power nonprofits at all levels. In fact, women make up most of the nonprofit workforce, yet despite that, we still occupy only a small percentage of the leadership slots at the top 400 charities. Sigh.

    How can we change that? And what can you do to make sure one of those top nonprofit leadership seats is reserved for you?

    I got together with Stephanie Thomas (of Stetwin Consulting) and Adrienne Prassas (of NYU Wagner)-- both fundraisers par excellence-- to convene a pop-up event for AFP NY members about women’s leadership not long ago. A few dozen women participated, representing a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds, and nonprofit professional experience. Here are a few highlights from our discussion.

    Volunteering is a great way to develop your leadership skills. Want to transition into a career in international development? Build your skills in planned giving? Overcome your shyness at speaking in front of groups? Volunteer! Organizing or staffing an event, coordinating a committee, and other volunteer activities not only open up networks, they force you to work with new people in new situations.

    Tell them what you need to learn. Trying to break into a new area? Develop new skills? Tell your boss or your peers and colleagues what you want to learn, and offer to help out with projects that may be outside of your job description so you can build your skills. For instance, if you’re a grant writer but you want to get into major donor work, ask your boss if you can help them research and prep for a meeting, or listen in on a meeting or two.

    Be yourself. We talked a lot about the power of authenticity in building a strong reputation. Not sure what the answer is? Be honest about it. It’s good to stretch - but it’s not good to be something you’re not. Most of the experienced women at this event found their careers really took off when they spoke with their own voice, rather than trying to play a part they felt was expected of them.

    Show up. It’s easy to watch that webinar from your desk, follow along via social media in your jammies from home, and learn virtually. But when you show up at a conference, breakfast, workshop, or other event, the benefits are much greater. Get out and show up! You’ll make deeper, more meaningful connections faster.

    Personally, I was deeply inspired by the younger women who participated, like Amalyah Oren, a young woman who works by day, volunteers by night, and writes a blog called the Giving Kind.

    If you’re building your leadership skills I’ll be participating in a panel on women’s leadership for the Foundation Center on March 7—details are online here. I hope you can make it!

    Source: BigDuck smart communications for nonprofits
  • Food & Wine Magazine Will Leave New York for Alabama
    By STEPHANIE STROM - Friday Jun 23, 2017

    The move reflects a changing business in which traditional food magazines, and a Manhattan address, are less important.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Andrew Olsen Joins Newport One as Vice President
    By Nhu Te - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017

    Andrew Olsen, CFRE, has been in the fundraising field for almost two decades and has raised over $200 million within that timespan. Olsen has recently been appointed as VP of Newport One, a fundraising consulting practice, where he will play a key role in new business development...

    The post Andrew Olsen Joins Newport One as Vice President appeared first on NonProfit PRO.

    Source: Tactical Leadership Strategy for the Modern NonProfit
  • Is Snapchat-Style Video The Productivity Tool Your Team’s Been Missing?
    By Michael Litt - Monday Jun 19, 2017

    Sending short video clips might curb some of the stress of real-time tools like Slack—without the need to type anything.

    My dad was a kind and gentle man. The only time I saw him flustered was when the phone rang during dinnertime. He’d snatch up the receiver and lecture the telemarketer on the other end of the line: “Do you realize I’m eating dinner with my family?!”

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    Source: Fast Company
  • Your Promotion Should Help Your Career, Not Just Your Bank Account
    By Julia Malacoff—Glassdoor - Wednesday Jul 19, 2017

    Here’s how to make sure it does both.

    So you got a promotion. Congratulations! But are you feeling unsure about how great that raise, title change, or additional benefit actually is? Maybe you’re even wondering if it’s worth accepting at all since you might be able to find a better compensation package elsewhere. If so, you’re not alone. Being offered a career boost from your company can be incredibly rewarding, but only if it’s in line with your career priorities and your own personal bottom line. Here, experts break down how to evaluate that shiny new package with a level head.

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    Source: Fast Company
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