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  • Names & Faces: Frank Howard, Brittney Griner
    Sunday Jul 30, 2017

    Frank Howard The former Washington Senator is no longer the home run king of D.C. after the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman passed him Sunday with his 238th career homer, all in a Washington uniform. “Ryan Zimmerman — this guy is something very special,” Howard said in a statement. “... If he continues putting these kind of numbers up for another six, eight, 10 years, this young man is going to walk into Cooperstown, N.Y., and into baseball’s Hall of Fame. You want to know how I feel about it? Nobody is happier for him than me.” Howard had 237 of his 382 career home runs with the Senators from 1965-71, including a career-high 48 homers in 1969. and 44 each in ’68 and ’70.

    Source: Top Sports Stories
  • Vote for WSJ's House of the Week
    Friday Jun 8, 2012

    Stefanos Chen on Lunch Break shows us the latest homes vying to be WSJ's House of the Week, including a high-altitude house in Lake Tahoe, a Spanish-style home in Oklahoma, an English manor in Atlanta and a Bedford, N.Y. home built from the remnants of an old dairy barn. Photo: Steve Turner.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Real Estate
  • Women of Sex Tech, Unite
    By ANNA NORTH - Friday Aug 18, 2017

    New York is becoming a cultural center for young women trying to disrupt the male-dominated industries of design engineering and sex toys.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Sunday Routine: How ASAP Ferg, Rapper, Spends His Sundays
    By GREG HOWARD - Friday Aug 4, 2017

    When he’s not on the road, the rapper and fashion designer likes to stroll through Harlem, where he grew up and still lives.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Howard's wife poses in bikini
    By (Fox News Online) - Monday Aug 14, 2017

    Source: Fox News
  • A Complete Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Photos)
    By Jeremy Fuster and Phil Hornshaw, provided by
    - Saturday Jul 8, 2017

    Ever since Nick Fury appeared in Tony Stark’s mansion eight years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded into a web of events that spans 13 movies and five TV series, with several more tales in the works.At the dawn of mankind, an alien race called the Kree arrived on Earth and gave certain humans genetic enhancements that would grand them special powers.1934: HYDRA member Johann Schmidt convinces the Nazi High Command to allow HYDRA to conduct research and develop weapons for the Third Reich.Fortunately for Erskine, he is rescued by British secret agent Peggy Carter, who invites Erskine to continue his work on the serum in America with Howard Stark, famed inventor and founder of Stark Industries.Erskine recruits Steve Rogers into his project and uses his serum to successfully transform Rogers into Captain America before being killed by a HYDRA agent.Captain America quickly becomes a major figure in World War II, rescuing his friend Bucky Barnes and several other American soldiers from a HYDRA facility.Two months later, Captain America thwarts Red Skull’s plan to bomb the U.S. by crashing Red Skull’s bomber plane into Greenland, where he was frozen for 66 years.[...] he devises Project Insight, a plan to rebuild HYDRA with sleeper agents that would take over SHIELD from within.1984: SHIELD scientist Hank Pym invents a suit that allows him to shrink to an insect’s size and an EMP communication device that allows him to command ants.Under HYDRA’s control, The Winter Soldier kills Howard Stark and his wife, making the death look like a car accident.1993: A young boy named Matt Murdock saves an elderly man from being hit by a truck, but the truck crashes and splashes hazardous chemicals on Murdock’s eyes.SHIELD Agent Clint “Hawkeye” Barton is sent to kill Black Widow, but he instead makes her an offer to defect to SHIELD, which she accepts.Wendel Rand’s business partner, Harold Meachum, poisons the pilots, causing the plane to crash.2009: SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson is appointed the head of Project TAHITI, which aims to save people who are mortally wounded.Upon his return, Stark defeats his father’s business partner, Obadiah Stane, who was responsible for Stark’s capture.Tony Stark becomes a worldwide celebrity for his exploits as Iron Man, but discovers that the element powering the Arc Reactor that keeps his heart beating is slowly killing him.After getting drunk out of despair of failing to find a way to fix the reactor, Stark is subdued by his friend, James Rhodes, who took one of his prototype suits.Iron Man defeats Ivan Vanko, the son of Howard Stark’s former business partner, with the help of Black Widow and War Machine.December 2012: A traumatized Tony Stark defeats Aldritch Killian, a scientist who planned to use the Extremis virus to enact a plan that would end with the U.S. President being killed and replaced with a puppet ruler through which he could monopolize the War on Terror.While Hell’s Kitchen continues to rebuild after Loki’s attack, Matt Murdock decides to open up a private law office with his Columbia Law School roommate, Foggy Nelson.After freeing Loki from his dungeon cell, Thor and his friends defend Earth from the Dark Elves, who look to take control of the Aether, one of the Infinity Stones.The battle results in Cage suffering heavy brain swelling, which local nurse Claire Temple saves him from by sticking an IV through his eye to drain the fluid.The Avengers inflict a major blow against HYDRA by raiding their main research lab and retrieving Loki’s Scepter, which contains an Infinity Stone.Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff, a telepath with scionic abilities, and Vision, an android brought to life by a mix of Iron Man’s old computer interface JARVIS, Thor’s Asgardian magic, and the Mind Stone found inside Loki’s scepter.Computer whiz and reluctant thief Scott Lang breaks into Hank Pym’s residence to get money to pay for child support.Agent Coulson and SHIELD defeat Hive and, with intel provided by HYDRA’s former leader, are able to eradicate HYDRA’s core leadership and bases.In Harlem, Luke Cage moves on from his experiences with Jessica Jones and Kilgrave and becomes an icon to the black community with his bulletproof skin and hoodie.Unfortunately, Cottonmouth’s cousin, Mariah Dillard exposes that Cage is a (falsely) convicted criminal, which leads to authorities taking him back into custody.Danny argues with Joy and Ward Meachum, the children of his father’s business partner Harold and whom he grew up with, as he attempts to return to the company.Eventually, the Avengers engage in a civil war that results in War Machine suffering major spinal cord damage.Two months after the “civil war” battle, Spider-Man spends his days stopping small crimes around his neighborhood.Spider-Man discovers Toomes is using his flying vulture armor to steal alien technology from Damage Control to use in more illegal weapons.

    Source: Daily Dish
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