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  • Chick-Fil-A Testing $30 Family Style Meals So Everyone Can Just Share
    By Ashlee Kieler - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017

    Taking a page from KFC’s finger-lickin’ chicken book, Chick-fil-A is stepping away from fast food’s traditional individual meals — you know the ones where everyone has their own fries they never finish — and dipping its toes into family style meals. Chick-fil-A recently began testing family style meals, along with new sides, at select locations in North Carolina, Arizona, and …

    Source: The Consumerist
  • Whole Foods Seeing More Shoppers In Wake Of Amazon Merger
    By Chris Morran - Thursday Sep 7, 2017

    Maybe it’s the slightly lower prices, or the curiosity of seeing Amazon Echo speakers being sold in the produce aisle, or even the ground beef sculpted into Amazon logos — whatever the reason, it looks like Whole Foods is seeing a boost in foot traffic in the weeks since it officially became part of the Amazon family.This …

    Source: The Consumerist
  • Remains of Minnesota sailor killed at Pearl Harbor confirmed
    Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

    (AP) — The family of a Minnesota sailor who was killed in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor has received confirmation that exhumed remains are his.Two of Radioman 2nd Class Quentin Gifford's siblings learned this week that tests on DNA they submitted last year confirmed the remains were those of their brother, who was 22 when he died.Shoen said she and her 93-year-old brother, Harold Gifford, of Woodbury, can now have closure on the death of their sibling and make burial plans.Human remains gathered from the attack site were brought to a Navy laboratory in 1941.

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  • Simple steps you can take to create a happier, healthier nonprofit.
    Tuesday Sep 27, 2016

    Not making time to exercise? Checking email in bed at night and first thing in the morning? Eating fast food at your desk during a conference call? Too many people I know fit that profile. There’s a culture shift that has to occur so people OK when they unplug, take a break, and do what they need to do in order to be able to produce good work.

    In The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout (Wiley, 2016), Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman open up this long-overdue conversation, defining burn out and showing how to practice self-care as a strategy to avoid it.

    Too many people work tirelessly in their businesses but not on their businesses. This book mandates that we work on ourselves in our businesses—and, while it’s tailored for nonprofits, each chapter is full of practical tips for any business type. The first section starts with a focus on you, the nonprofit staff person or leader, and what you need to work happily and healthily.

    If this were coming from Rodney Yee or Gwyneth Paltrow we’d all be snickering–but it’s coming from Beth Kanter, the sector’s social media and tech wizard, and Aliza Sherman, also a digital diva. When these women tell us to unplug, we take it seriously.

    But this isn’t a book that simply suggests that you unplug. It touches on how you work inside and outside your organization in various ways.  I particularly appreciated the “5 Spheres of Happy, Healthy Living,”  which provides a framework to think about your work in the context of your life.

    "5 Spheres of Happy Healthy Living" © 2016 Kanter/Sherman

    We even get a burnout scale and a self-assessment tool to see how bad things really are.

    Worried your organization will go into a tailspin if you start taking time away for self-care? You don’t have to go from working 24/7 to silent meditation retreats: the book is full of practical ideas and suggestions to help you ease into it.

    Later sections of this book focus on your nonprofit. The authors dive into culture: how to define it and what it really means to have a happy and healthy one. Last, they map out strategies to create a healthy organization with practical tips that might inspire policies, for instance. The connection is obvious: we need to take care of ourselves, but also to exist in organizations that support healthy ways of working.

    Got a boss or board member who drives you to work in unsustainable ways that are making you nuts? Send them a copy of this book. Better yet, read it first, with a highlighter in hand. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, my friend.

    Source: BigDuck smart communications for nonprofits
  • 'Healthy' foods not so healthy
    By (Fox News Online) - Monday Aug 14, 2017

    Source: Fox News
  • Novato will field varsity football team
    By Mitch Stephens - Tuesday Aug 8, 2017

    After the school petitioned the Marin County Athletic League last week to to drop the sport for at least one varsity season because of low participation, 25 players — all juniors and seniors — arrived for Monday’s first day of practice, according to assistant principal Greg Fister.“We had tremendous support from our parents and the students stepped up,” Fister said.Part of the problem was we had players on family vacation and they fell behind on paperwork and weren’t eligible for practice.“Having a good, healthy football program always has a strong positive influence on a school campus,” said Fister, who is in his second year at Novato after having worked at Clayton Valley-Concord.MaxPreps senior writer Mitch Stephens covers high school sports for The Chronicle.

    Source: Top Sports Stories
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