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  • US Russians wary of Trump-Putin meeting in Germany
    By STEVE PEOPLES, Associated Press - Friday Jul 7, 2017

    BRIGHTON BEACH, N.Y. (AP) — The men sipping coffee in this Brighton Beach cafe have mixed emotions about the world leaders shaking hands on the television above the cash register."Shaking hands with President Putin is like holding a cobra in his hands," said Efes Cafe co-owner, Michael Rubinsteyn, as grainy images from Trump's Friday meeting with Putin flashed on the TV behind him.Storefronts along Brighton Beach Avenue feature signs in Russian, the first language for many residents of this working-class neighborhood.When asked, a handful of Russian immigrants opened up about a meeting they viewed as a positive step in relations between two world powers — even if they don't trust the Russian president.Smart people shake hands and sit at the table and talk, said Boris Milman, 60, who drank coffee as he waited to open his clothing store down the street.Trump is in "a more complicated situation than Putin," said Arcadian, 38, who suggested that Trump can't come across too friendly with Russia because of the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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  • Food & Wine Magazine Will Leave New York for Alabama
    By STEPHANIE STROM - Friday Jun 23, 2017

    The move reflects a changing business in which traditional food magazines, and a Manhattan address, are less important.

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  • Berkshire Hathaway Makes a $9 Billion Bid for Energy Future Holdings
    By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED - Friday Jul 7, 2017

    The deal would augment Berkshire Hathaway Energy, whose collection of utilities delivers power to 11.6 million customers across the West and Midwest.

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  • Young Socialites Conjure the Ghost of Leonard Bernstein at the Dakota
    By BEN WIDDICOMBE - Saturday Jun 24, 2017

    When Larry Milstein, 22, and his sister Toby, 24, are not hobnobbing on the young socialite circuit, they hold séances in their family’s apartment.

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  • Bill Maher Calls His Use Of The N-Word A ‘Comedian’s Mistake’ While Addressing Ice Cube’s Criticism From ‘Real Time’
    By Andrew Roberts - Sunday Jul 16, 2017

    Bill Maher addresses the fallout from his use of the n-word on 'Real Time' and where he disagrees with Ice Cube's criticism.

    Source: Uproxx
  • Daring to revise America’s sacred text
    By Christopher Phillips - Thursday Jun 29, 2017

    The Constitution Cafes are offbeat, miniature Constitutional Conventions that bring together people of many ages, experiences and perspectives to hold thoughtful yet impassioned exchanges about what we think the Constitution says on an array of matters.When Constitution Cafe first got under way, we had a president who’d been a constitutional law professor.[...] events were already prompting Americans to fret about the state and straits of our constitutional republic, which is supposed to be of the democratic variety that respects fundamental individual rights.In our cafes, we saw a growing and pervasive preoccupation, in communities rural and urban, liberal and progressive, conservative and libertarian, with the philosophical basis of democracy, and whether that basis had been undermined in our country.In a similar vein, the Supreme Court’s 2014 “Hobby Lobby” decision that expanded religious rights at the expense of constraining Obamacare strictures has been a platform for deep probing of whether we’ve lost our way when it comes to our Founders’ original intent of keeping corporations at arm’s length in influencing the interlocking concepts of citizenship and personhood.Lately, debates on subjects such as immigration and the constitutionality of sanctuary cities, on whether the Electoral College should be done away with, and on how the Constitution can drive (or serve as an obstacle to) campaign finance reform have been hot Constitution Cafe topics.[...] one issue that has been of perennial interest — namely, our Second Amendment rights (or lack thereof) for citizens not serving in militias to bear arms — has become even more divisive.Over the last six months, I’ve met Americans of quite varied political stripes who declaim that our system has become “rigged.”For many Americans, “rigged” expresses the pervasive fear that Trump and his ilk will do away with all remaining vestiges of our system of checks and balances.[...] it has led to a complementary initiative, the Declaration Project, that seeks to resurrect our rabble-rousing Spirit of ’76 by issuing mini-Declarations inspired by our original July 4, 1776, document.When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a community of people to speak out against the crimes and injustices that have been done to them by other people, and to demand mutual respect and equality, it is their duty to do so.Some hold these truths to be self-evident, that we are and ought to be equal, no matter gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, etc., and that this is one of our many unalienable rights.[...] to secure such rights, we, as a people, must use the power in our freedom of speech to uplift ourselves from the wrong doings of society based upon their biased actions and words.Has our Constitution — as Obama, former professor of constitutional law, maintains — “proved a sufficient defense against tyranny?” Do we need to use our Declaration as a touchstone and “to heed Jefferson’s advice to engage in a revolution every two or three generations?”

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