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  • Jana Partners tries blocking pricey energy company merger
    By Carleton English - Monday Jul 3, 2017

    Jana Partners is trying to block an expensive merger between two energy companies. The Barry Rosenstein-led activist hedge fund announced a 5.8 percent stake in Pittsburgh-based EQT Corporation on Monday, and is pushing the company to abandon its announced $6.7 billion acquisition of Rice Energy. The hedge fund is hoping to get more shareholders on...

    Source: New York Post: Business
  • Critics throw shade at Cuomo's plan to light NYC bridges
    By DAVID KLEPPER, Associated Press - Sunday Aug 13, 2017

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Critics are throwing shade at Gov. Andrew Cuomo's pricey plan to install high-tech, color-changing lights on New York City's bridges, questioning whether the investment is the best use of public money.A government watchdog group this month called for a state probe into what it says are conflicting explanations for how much the lights cost and where that money will come from.De Blasio, who has frequently sparred with his fellow Democrat, urged Cuomo to reallocate the money for emergency repairs on the subway system, which has been plagued by mounting delays, derailments and other problems caused by decades of neglect.Despite initial reports that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority would foot the bill, the state now says the money will come from economic development funds and proceeds from the state's Power Authority, which often works on big energy efficiency projects.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Top News Stories
  • Shareholders re-elect Wells Fargo directors, some just barely
    By Kathleen Pender - Thursday Apr 27, 2017

    Wells Fargo shareholders re-elected all 15 of the company’s directors at the company’s annual meeting in Florida Tuesday, despite calls that some should be jettisoned for not acting sooner to prevent the fraudulent-account scandal that has engulfed the San Francisco bank since September.The individual directors received votes in favor ranging from 53 to 99 percent.A vote as low as 53 percent is highly unusual in the corporate world, where directors are routinely re-elected with percentages in the high 90s.In 2016, only 44 directors at the 3,000 U.S. companies in the Russell 3000 index failed to win a majority vote, according to the Council of Institutional Investors.Both are members of the board’s corporate responsibility committee, which oversees political, environmental and consumer lending risks, as well as customer service and complaints.Peña is a former U.S. secretary of the energy and transportation departments.The overall vote is “a significant show of opposition to board members,” said Greg Waters, a research director with Glass Lewis, a San Francisco firm that advises large shareholders how to vote in corporate elections.After the vote was announced, Sanger said that stockholders had sent the board “a message of clear dissatisfaction.”At one point during the three-hour meeting, Sanger called a recess so that a shareholder could be removed.The shareholder, Bruce Marks, CEO of the nonprofit Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, would not stop demanding to hear from each individual director about their knowledge of fraudulent account openings.Glass Lewis recommended voting against the four longest-serving members of the corporate responsibility committee.Institutional Shareholder Services, another proxy advisory firm, recommended voting against 12 directors for “failure to provide sufficient timely risk oversight.”“I am surprised that everybody received a majority vote,” said Jason Schloetzer, an associate business professor at Georgetown University.Schloetzer said receiving a low percentage of the vote could have “a negative spillover effect” for Wells Fargo directors serving on other corporate boards.The state’s two largest public pension funds — the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System — both voted against the company’s nine longest-tenured directors for oversight failures.Berkshire Hathaway, the bank’s largest shareholder with a roughly 10 percent stake, said it was voting in favor of the entire slate of directors.The board formed a committee to launch an in-depth investigation of the unauthorized account openings on Sept. 25.A report on the investigation issued April 10 found “mass terminations” of employees for sales practice violations dating back to “at least 2002.”Wells Fargo said last week it would increase the size of a preliminary class-action settlement to $142 million to cover claims arising from fraudulent accounts dating back to 2002.Based on preliminary results, here is the approximate percentage of shareholder votes cast in favor of each Wells Fargo director at Tuesday’s annual meeting.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Net Worth - Kathleen Pender blog
  • How Retiring Nuclear Power Plants May Undercut U.S. Climate Goals
    By BRAD PLUMER - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    The oversupply of natural gas brought by hydraulic fracturing is driving out dirty coal, but it is also threatening zero-emissions nuclear power.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Mt. Sinai's new therapy dog is a mutt with a mission
    By Peter D'Amato - Thursday Aug 10, 2017

    Midway through his shift at Mount Sinai’s Kravis Children’s Hospital, the health system’s youngest worker was doing his rounds—on four legs. Professor Bunsen...

    To view the full story, click the title link.

    Source: Crain&apso;s New York Business
  • FBI-DHS “amber” alert warns energy industry of attacks on nuke plant operators
    By Sean Gallagher - Thursday Jul 6, 2017

    Spear-phishing e-mails with malicious fake resumes targeted plant engineers.

    Source: Ars Technica
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