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  • Artistic collaboration led the way to love
    By Alix Wall - Wednesday Mar 2, 2016

    On their first date in March 2012, Robert Trujillo and Joy Liu were at the New Parish in Oakland seeing jazz pianist Robert Glasper, when his band did a cover of Floetry’s “Say Yes.”The Oakland couple had already been friends and artistic collaborators for six years, so the transition to a relationship was seamless.Joy, 36, a graphic designer and line cook at Oakland’s Communite Table, also holds a monthly vegetarian pop-up there called Mudita Ramen, which Joy is working toward turning into a restaurant.When Robert was about to move to New York to attend the New School — taking his then-partner and son with him — he held an art night as a last chance to hang out before he left, which Joy attended.While in New York, Robert started a project called Come Bien Books (“Eat well,” in Spanish), which connects writers and illustrators of color, and asked for Joy’s help with the design work.At some point, through their network, Joy heard that Robert and his partner had split up.“I don’t talk to anyone on the phone,” she said.Robert moved back to Oakland in 2009, and they maintained a work relationship as well as a “refreshingly platonic” friendship, as Joy calls it, although Robert says that eventually his friends began teasing him that he should ask her out.While standing in the freezing ocean, Joy put her hands in Robert’s pockets to warm them, and found a ring.Joy also addressed Robert’s son, Saja, saying, “Thank you for sharing your family with me and for welcoming me like a champ.”In a community vow, the officiant asked guests if they would promise to continue “to build community,” to support Robert and Joy in times of great challenge, offer guidance and hold the couple to their “highest selves.”Robert told Joy that among the things he loved about her was her attention to detail.When you sit down to do a project or agree to help someone, you are 100 percent there.The only time really that we argued was whether a paper-cutting art piece we created should leave some remnants of the razor in the cut (I thought so) or no trace at all, perfect in fact (your position on the matter).[...] Joy told Robert, I promise to keep myself open to you, and to listen mindfully to all that you share with me.[...] I promise to share with you my time and attention and to bring joy, strength and imagination to our relationship.I promise to continue protecting your solitude as well, that fertile space you need to be alone sometimes to create or just unwind.Or attend to social media.From home garden and Oakland Flower Mart; corsages by Sophia BlumEvent planner:Done by the couple, with calligraphy / hand-lettering by Robert Liu-Trujillo; design by Joy Liu-TrujilloSpecial catered meals for vegans:

    Source: Union Squared
  • With late father on mind, Jabari Brown chases NBA dream with Warriors
    By Connor Letourneau - Monday Jul 10, 2017

    David’s encouraging words kept Brown focused on the ultimate objective: a lengthy NBA career.“He’d help keep my mind in the right place,” said Brown, a shooting guard for his hometown Golden State Warriors’ Summer League team.Over the next 20 months, as Jabari began the nomadic life of an undrafted free agent, he was inspired by how his dad slogged through chemotherapy cycles without complaint.In that gymnasium at 2350 Broadway, David taught Jabari a pure shooting form: balanced frame, minimal follow-through, relaxed shoulders, spread fingers.Trips to Oracle Arena for Warriors games were spent discussing how Jabari could incorporate aspects of NBA greats’ playing styles.On Dec. 29, 2014, a day after he hit the go-ahead three-pointer in the closing minute of Missouri’s win at North Carolina State, Jabari returned to Oakland and learned his dad was in the hospital.In 19 games with the Lakers the following season, he averaged 11.9 points and shot 43.5 percent from three-point range.“The chance for him to come see me play meant a lot to me,” Jabari said.Because when he got sick, I wasn’t sure if he’d ever get to come see me play.

    Source: Top Sports Stories
  • Keeper review: A strong focus on security
    By Michael Ansaldo - By Michael Ansaldo - Friday Jul 21, 2017

    You won't find the emphasis on automation of competing password managers, but Keeper will give you peace of mind.

    Source: Macworld
  • 2017 Oakland Athletics Midseason Top 10 Prospects
    By Justin Perline - Friday Jul 21, 2017

    The A's are less focused on nearly big league-ready prospects.

    The post 2017 Oakland Athletics Midseason Top 10 Prospects appeared first on

    Source: Baseball America
  • Locol unveils revamped menu, focuses on future
    By Justin Phillips - Friday Mar 3, 2017

    Locol unveiled a revamped menu and a slight tweak to its format about a week ago.

    Usually this kind of news flies under the radar, but not in 2017, a year when people outside California might know the mini-chain more for Pete Wells’ heavy-handed review in the New York Times than anything else.

    So what exactly is the main difference between the new menu and the old one? Locol’s Roy Choi has a pretty simple answer:

    “We went classic roadside with lettuce, onion, tomato and special sauce, toasting inside of buns, and all that,” Choi told Inside Scoop. “But all ingredients are the same, just chopped and screwed (with) the components.”

    There’s also a new combo section on the menu, along with a value menu, plus add-ons. The value menu has things like frijoles foldies ($2), braised beef foldies ($2), messy greens ($2), chili cheese fries ($5), and the familiar five-piece chicken nugs ($4).

    “And also some new comfort-food items that come from the minds of our staff,” Choi added.

    It all ties into Locol’s goal of constantly evolving, constantly reshaping its concept to better serve the public.

    Pete Wells’ review, which many considered tone-deaf, pushed Locol and its ambitious, community-focused ethos back into the national conversation. It also provided fodder for discussions in the food world about race, inequality and perspective.

    Choi and his cohort in Locol, Daniel Patterson, kept their responses limited in the aftermath, choosing to focus on improving the Locol concept.

    “Locol didn’t just pop out of the womb fully formed,” Choi said. “We are growing and morphing every day. I don’t think we are even close to what we will become in 2, 5 … 10 years from now.” 

    For the time being, Locol and the Wells review are linked. And even though the critic wasn’t a fan of the food, Choi said the menu changes were coming down the pike long before the piece printed.

    “But shout-out to Pete because he got me mad in a good way,” Choi said. 

    Locol: 2214 Broadway St., Oakland.

    Source: Inside Scoop
  • What Are Rakes Used For: Different Kinds Of Rakes For Gardening
    By Liz Baessler - Monday Jun 5, 2017

    Source: Gardening Know How
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