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  • Clint Dempsey ties Landon Donovan’s mark in US win
    By Associated Press - Sunday Jul 23, 2017

    ARLINGTON, Texas — Clint Dempsey fed Jozy Altidore for the go-ahead goal, then scored on a free kick to match Landon Donovan’s American record with his 57th international goal and lead the United States over Costa Rica, 2-0, Saturday night and into the CONCACAF Gold Cup championship game. Playing in his home state of Texas,...

    Source: New York Post: Sports
  • How loaning doctors, patients iPads may help Apple
    By Hayley Tsukayama - Sunday Jul 23, 2017

    [...] there’s a whole tablet.For hospitals, using these mobile devices can present patient health data in an accessible way, making it easier for patients and doctors to speak to each other.“Apple’s the only one that I’ve seen that has the most concentrated strategic vision within the company’s DNA to do this as a calculated part of their business,” said analyst Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies.The Cupertino company also employs 13 exercise physiologists and specialists, plus 29 nurses and medics at a testing lab it uses to develop health and fitness tech near its headquarters.The Cedars-Sinai pilot, which began last year, is limited but has helped improve communication between doctors and patients, hospital staff said.The patients have also viewed their own health data, such as heart rates or glucose readings, and learned what those numbers mean.[...] they can also watch or read educational material about their procedure from the iPad through the hospital’s app, which can make it easier for nurses to know and mark what the patient has reviewed.Ultimately, Cedars-Sinai decided to delay sharing some results with patients for at least a day to allow doctors to review and explain the information.Part of designing these apps is also figuring out the limits of what data can do, said Shaun Miller, a physician at Cedars-Sinai who also serves as its associate chief medical information officer.John Halamka, a physician and health sector chief information officer who has looked for years at ways to integrate consumer technology and hospital tech, said another approach is to let patients access similar information, but using apps on their own phones.

    Source: Business and Technology News
  • A Winning Design for a New York Monument to Gay and Transgender People
    By JOSHUA BARONE - Sunday Jun 25, 2017

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the artist Anthony Goicolea had been selected to design the monument in Hudson River Park in Manhattan.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • 2017 Apple Design Award Winners Announced: Severed, Things 3, Mushroom 11, Enlight and More
    By Juli Clover - Wednesday Jun 7, 2017

    Each year, Apple chooses a selection of exceptional apps and games that are given the company's coveted Apple Design Award to honor design and innovation.

    The 2017 design winners include popular titles like Severed, Enlight, Things 3, and Old Man's Journey.


    - Mushroom 11 [Direct Link]
    - Splitter Critters [Direct Link]
    - Old Man's Journey [Direct Link]
    - Severed [Direct Link]
    - Blackbox [Direct Link]


    - Kitchen Stories [Direct Link]
    - Airmail 3 [Direct Link]
    - Lake [Direct Link]
    - Things 3 [Direct Link]
    - Elk Currency Converter [Direct Link]
    - Enlight [Direct Link]
    - Bear [Direct Link]

    For more details on the games that were announced as Apple Design Award winners, including reviews, check out our sister site TouchArcade.

    2016 Apple Design Award winners included Lara Croft Go,, Chameleon Run, Auxy Music Creation, Streaks, Complete Anatomy, INKS, Zova, Ulysses Mobile, and djay Pro.
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    Source: MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors
  • Designer Profile: Unique lights, fabrics will make a bold statement this spring
    By Jordan Guinn - Monday Apr 10, 2017

    Designer Suzanne Tucker, co-founder of San Francisco’s Tucker & Marks Design, recently launched new designs and finishes to her outdoor furniture line.The weatherproof finishes are dyed to mimic the random color schemes inherent to real wicker.A sofa, coffee table, dining table and ottoman are among the Riviera’s furniture selections.In addition to operating a design firm and launching her own product lines, Tucker also lectures on incorporating antiques, textiles, decorative arts and various finishes within a home.Pablo, maker of some of most sought-after modern light fixtures in San Francisco and beyond, offers a solution in the form of an LED lantern with surround sound speakers and Bluetooth connectivity.The UMA Sound Lantern debuted last year and already earned a myriad of awards including Azure Magazine People’s Choice Award, the 2016 Good Design Award Australia and the 2017 German Design Award.Venezuelan-born industrial engineer Pablo Pardo founded his namesake firm in 1993, and the brand continues to turn heads and win acclaim for its innovative designs that marry artistry and functionality.The Solis Drum Pendant features laser-cut polyester fabric joined by aluminum rings, allowing the shade to hang under tension.An LED dome diffuser spans the diameter of the top ring, radiating light down and sideways to cast shimmering warm patterns wherever it’s placed.

    Source: Home & Garden
  • The Cozy Men's Sweater That's Destined to Be a Cult Item
    Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    Influential designer Raf Simons riffed experimentally on the iconic “I Heart NY” logo for his first collection shown in his new home.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Lifestyle
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