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  • Kenny, Dolly: Our last time
    By (Fox News Online) - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017

    Source: Fox News
  • Dodgers, Astros leading the pack heading into second half
    By Associated Press - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    The Nationals have Bryce Harper anchoring one of baseball’s best lineups, and a glaring hole at the back of their bullpen.The Dodgers’ plus-163 run differential is the best in National League history at the All-Star break, according to Stats LLC.Another starting pitcher could help the Cubs, so expect top executive Theo Epstein and company to be working the phones all the way to the non-waiver trade deadline July 31.The Astros, Brewers, Rockies and Yankees also could be on the lookout for rotation help.Some possibilities include White Sox left-hander Jose Quintana, A’s right-hander Sonny Gray and the Tigers’ Justin Verlander.

    Source: Top Sports Stories
  • Doughnut Dolly closes San Francisco and Oakland locations
    By Justin Phillips - Tuesday Mar 7, 2017

    A little less than two weeks after Doughnut Dolly’s Berkeley location closed, the mini-chain’s remaining spots in Oakland and San Francisco have closed as well, according to a social media post by owner Hannah Hoffman.

    Hoffman made the surprise announcement on Facebook this morning, officially ending a seven year run in Temescal and just a few months of operations in Mid-Market.

    Hoffman’s three-year old spot in Berkeley closed last month due to a rent dispute.

    “It is with great loss and sadness to announce that Doughnut Dolly is now closed. We have had the unique privilege of feeding you treats over the last five years in Temescal, three years in Berkeley, and just a few months in San Francisco,” the Facebook post reads.

    In November, Hoffman expanded and opened a doughnut stall in the base of the Twitter building. Over the years, her business was buoyed by a cult following that fell in love with her Naughty Cream and jelly doughnuts.

    “Seeing your smiling faces has been our greatest joy, and will be missed. Thank you for all the love, support, joy, stories, and sugar kisses,” she said.

    While she hasn’t said what the next steps are for the Doughnut Dolly brand, the post left room for hope: “Maybe something exciting will happen next…”






    Source: Inside Scoop
  • Taco Bell fight caught on cam
    By (Fox News Online) - Monday Jul 17, 2017

    Source: Fox News
  • More than Carpool Karaoke, these new features persuade drivers to buy dash cams
    By Valentina Palladino - Sunday Jul 2, 2017

    Ars tests new dash cams to see if new features turn an optional device into a necessity.

    Source: Ars Technica
  • Couple’s ultimate adventure: Love & marriage
    By Bernadette Fay - Thursday Jun 23, 2016

    The next time you’re at a Giants game and Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” comes on, you might notice a young couple dancing.“We always stay and dance at the end of the game,” says Cameron McDonald, referring to the habit he and his wife have of holding one another close during the song, which was the first dance at their Sept. 6 wedding.Alia Al-Sharif, 28, director of Barbary Coast Consulting in San Francisco, was a freshman studying performing arts and psychology.Cam, also 28 and the lead brewer at Fort Point Beer Co. in San Francisco, was a sophomore studying sociology.Cam doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but from his first glance at Alia, he says, he was interested.Because after one look at him, Alia was already falling in love: “When I saw him, I just knew,” she says.Alia’s mother is of Irish descent, but her father is from Jeddah (he previously worked at the British Consulate there), where Alia’s mother runs an art studio.There was also a two-year long-distance relationship when Alia, committed to issues of social justice, stayed at USF for a master’s degree in public affairs, while Cam moved to Redlands (San Bernardino County).Born in Palo Alto, Cam bounced around the state as dictated by his father’s executive job with Boy Scouts of America.Alia’s voice tightens with emotion as she talks about the trust she has in Cam: He was right behind me, cheering me on.Throughout their years together, they’d always spent the holiday with their respective families, so early on they created their own mid-December celebration:Pengusmas — a mashup of penguin on that first date, Cam had joked that his life’s goal was to raise penguins; walrus (Alia loves walruses); and Christmas — and they celebrate it by exchanging gifts and doing Christmas-y things like seeing “Nutcracker” or ice-skating at Union Square.What surprised Alia most wasn’t the proposal but that Cam had asked her father for his blessing beforehand.Because Alia says that by growing up in two very different cultures, she sometimes felt that she had to choose one over the other: But when my dad gave his blessing to Cam, I knew that I didn’t really have to choose.(Fort Point Brewing was represented by Summer Porter and KSA.) On their honeymoon, they hiked Hawaii’s Diamond Head in flip-flops, and glaciers in New Zealand where they saw (wait for it) penguins in the wild.Vegan chocolate cakes (with hazelnut and raspberry filling); vegan and gluten-free cupcakes (mocha, orange creamsicle, lemon passionfruit)

    Source: Union Squared
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