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  • HoloLens to launch in China at the end of this month
    By Fei Zhao - Wednesday May 24, 2017

    Microsoft HoloLens — the company’s advanced “mixed reality” headset — will finally launch in China at the end of this month, by May 24. The headset started shipping to developers in the United States and Canada in March 2016, it has gradually expanded its markets to different countries like Australia, England, Ireland, France, and Germany. See also: Bringing AR to elevator servicing with HoloLens The official website of Microsoft China has opened links to pre-order for the business kit and developer kit. However, both of these kits are not available to normal users at...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • Samsung’s Artik promises interoperable, secure IoT solutions
    By Ryan Matthew Pierson - Thursday May 18, 2017

    Samsung has unveiled its new Samsung Artik Smart IoT platform products with the goal in mind of giving IoT-innovating companies the tools they need to jump into the IoT market. Not only does Samsung boast this product line’s ability to give IoT solutions better communication between one-another, but it features end-to-end security enhancements. Unveiled at the IoT World 2017 conference, this end-to-end IoT platform includes everything a company needs to develop its technology, collect and manage data, and to go to market with their products. Chillin’ in the Artik On the hardware...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • Hey IoT developers — it’s time you knew your rights
    By David Curry - Tuesday May 16, 2017

    Ahead of the IoT World conference in Santa Clara, California, today, IoT network firm Silver Spring Networks, laid down a marker and published their “Know your Rights” white paper, pointing out what IoT developers should require from network providers. Issues around the best network options for the growing world of IoT are critical right now, and everyone from wireless carriers to hardware makers wants a hand in this game. Silver Springs’ rights read a little like the Ten Commandments, but the market needs that kind of direction. In case you’re wondering, here’s the...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • Walk this way towards better wearables security
    By David Curry - Friday Jun 2, 2017

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have invented a new layer of security for wearables, by tracking the way the owner walks and recognizing slight alterations in the style. The team also figured out a way to harvest energy from hand movement and feed it back to the wearable, potentially extending the battery life when on the move. See Also: Meet Emma, the wearable that helps people with Parkinson’s “By applying both techniques we have developed a way to achieve two goals at once – powering devices and the ability to verify a person’s identity...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • Apple wants you to pay big for their smart speaker
    By Cate Lawrence - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    As part of yesterday’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) Google launched their foray into home connectivity with the HomePad called by Apple CEO Tim Cook, “breakthrough home speaker with amazing sound and incredible intelligence that will reinvent home audio.” Don’t overlook the last word, in his statement, despite the desire some will have to group HomePad with voice activatedAmazon Echo and Google Home, the product really belongs in a separate category, and here’s why. It’s about sound, not just smarts   The HomePod is a 7-inch tall smart speaker...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • Ultrahaptics finds deep pockets for their groundbreaking AR/VR tech
    By Maya Rao - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    With the rapid development of VR and AR technologies, we have experienced fascinating virtual environments, but in terms of haptic feedbacks and vivid feelings, the market still lacks practical and mature solutions. Ultrahaptics, which was founded in 2013 based on technology originally developed at the University of Bristol, has developed technology that uses ultrasound to virtually create 3D objects and real-life sensations so that users can get feedback from touchless buttons by seemingly gesturing in midair. Its technology will enhance user experience so that VR and AR-related products...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb
  • Neighborhood Joint: Staubitz Market in Brooklyn: 100 Years of Sawdust, Steaks and Chops
    By ANDREW COTTO - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    A display contains frozen items, and the shelves are stocked with jars and cans. But there’s just one reason to visit this Boerum Hill business: meat.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Can machine learning secure your competitive advantage?
    By Ronald van Loon - Thursday Jun 22, 2017

    Business dynamics are evolving with every passing second. There is no doubt that the competition in today’s business world is much more intense than it was a decade ago. Companies are fighting to hold on to any advantages. Digitalization and the introduction of machine learning into day-to-day business processes have created a prominent structural shift in the last decade. The algorithms have continuously improved and developed. Every idea that has completely transformed our lives was initially met with criticism. Acceptance is always followed by skepticism, and only when the idea...Read More

    Source: ReadWriteWeb