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  • As Europe sours on diesel, Germany fights to save it
    By Melissa Eddy and Jack Ewing - Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

    [...] while others have increased investment in electric cars and pushed tougher rules against diesel itself, German auto executives and political leaders meeting in Berlin on Wednesday appeared determined to rescue diesel, not to hasten its death.[...] most of the measures had already been announced, while politicians and automotive executives alike rejected calls by environmental groups to force carmakers to add antipollution hardware like better catalytic converters.[...] as far as auto industry leaders were concerned on Wednesday, diesel remained central to their ambitions.Wednesday’s meeting between ministers, state leaders and car company chiefs — described as a “diesel summit” — was an attempt to contain a crisis of confidence that threatens Germany’s most important industry, and perhaps even its national identity, ahead of elections next month.Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW confront growing public outrage domestically and overseas for underplaying the health effects of diesel fumes and, in at least some cases, misleading customers about how much harmful nitrogen oxides their cars produce in everyday use.Leaders of both major parties, meanwhile, face criticism that they have been too cozy with carmakers, blocking stricter European Union regulation of diesel emissions while providing tax breaks on diesel fuel.Diesels are particularly important to German carmakers, and the technology has a long history — Rudolf Diesel, a German, invented the diesel engine.Because of diesel’s superior fuel economy today, it is a popular option with buyers of the large luxury cars that are profit centers for the industry.[...] recently, diesels outsold gasoline cars in Europe, thanks in part to de facto subsidies.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Business and Technology News
  • Britain to ban sale of new diesel and gasoline cars by 2040
    By Leonore Schick - Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

    LONDON — Britain will ban the sale of new cars and vans using diesel and gasoline starting in 2040 as part of a sweeping plan to tackle air pollution that experts say is feasible, if ambitious.The government announcement Wednesday follows similar moves in France and Norway and comes amid a global debate on how quickly electric and hybrid cars can replace internal combustion engines.Traditional engines running on diesel and gasoline are still popular with consumers as they’re relatively cheap and do not face some limits of electric cars, such as a limited range.On Wednesday, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said that diesel engines can help lower overall carbon dioxide emissions because they emit less than gasoline cars.Environmental activists note, however, that diesels emit more nitrogen oxide, which is harmful for people’s health.Analytics company IHS Markit estimate that sales of internal combustion engines are expected to fall from 17 million vehicles in 2015 across the EU to about 12 million in 2025, which would still make up a significant portion of cars on the road.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Business and Technology News
  • France wants to ban sale of gas and diesel cars by 2040, end coal by 2022
    By Megan Geuss - Thursday Jul 6, 2017

    The country’s ambitious plans to stem climate change will be a challenge.

    Source: Ars Technica
  • U.K. to Ban Sale of Diesel, Gasoline Vehicles by 2040
    Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

    The U.K. said it would ban the sale of cars powered by traditional internal-combustion engines by 2040, joining other European regulators in a bold push toward electric cars that remain unpopular in the mass market.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Business
  • Volvo to make only electric and hybrid cars from 2019
    By Paul Sawers - Wednesday Jul 5, 2017

    Volvo is the first of the major car manufacturers to commit to ditching petrol- and diesel-only cars by the end of the decade. The Swedish automotive giant has revealed that every car it makes will have an electric motor from 2019. The company is also preparing to launch five fully electric cars by 2021, in […]

    Source: VentureBeat
  • German automakers to give 5 million diesel cars new software
    By GEIR MOULSON, Associated Press - Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

    BERLIN (AP) — German automakers committed Wednesday to fitting over 5 million diesel cars in the country with updated software to reduce harmful emissions and to finance incentives for drivers to trade in older models, the transport minister said.BMW said it would give owners of older diesels registered before 2009 an "environment bonus" of up to 2,000 euros ($2,360) if they trade in their older car for a new electric or hybrid model, or for a lower-emissions internal combustion car meeting current standards.The auto industry also is to contribute an unspecified amount to a German government "sustainable mobility fund" for cities aimed at using technology to make traffic flow better.Industry representatives indicated that wasn't realistic, said Stephan Weil, the governor of Lower Saxony state, although the topic will be examined further by experts.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Tech News
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