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  • Stop looking at how much you raise
    Thursday Jan 12, 2017

    This might sound radical to many fundraisers, but here’s my top recommendation for 2017: Stop looking at how much you raise.

    I’ve been in the trenches of year-end fundraising for more than a decade now, and I’m not looking to take your hard fought wins away. It’s just that those big numbers can be misleading.

    Staff and board politics will almost always require that you plug that big number into a Powerpoint or two and bring it up at some meetings, so that’s likely unavoidable.But if you really want to grow your fundraising program, you should let it go at that.

    What you should be looking at instead is your percentage change, year over year. Here’s an example to illustrate why. Let’s say your year-end campaign finally hit the one million mark. That’s pretty exciting! But what if you raised $975,000 in 2015? One million minus $975,000…divided by…oh, that’s just a 3% increase. Not bad, but you’d think a lot differently about how your campaign performed when you look at it that way. (If you’ve been running a sizeable acquisition program, that increase may be kind of bad, but that’s another post.)

    Looking at percent change rather than total raised means that you can see whether, at the end of the day, you’re really growing your program or more-or-less just maintaining the status quo. But if you’re just calculating the overall percentage change you’re still stuck on the totals. And the devil (and god) is in the details.

    If you’re not seeing a breakdown by channels (online, offline) and mediums (direct mail, white mail, email, social, etc.), you may be missing big wins and losses. Let’s say you see an unimpressive overall percent change, but after breaking it down you see that direct mail decreased while online fundraising saw a huge increase. If you hadn’t looked at that, you would miss that your offline approach might need some TLC, and that it would likely be worth the time to dig into your online results until you understand what exactly drove such a great increase.

    But here’s the big thing that way, way too many fundraisers miss: You need to look at large gifts separately from low-level donations. Let me use another name for large gifts: Outliers. Every organization receives gifts that are simply so large that they can significantly skew your results. And those donors don’t always come back next year.

    Taking this step can be hard to swallow—we all want to take credit for the biggest increases possible. I’ve seen fundraising results go from showing a 57% increase to a 1.5% increase after just a single large gift was removed. Similarly large differences can easily be produced by a handful of $5,000 gifts. You might think twice before doubling down on your fundraising strategy after you see the percentage change with outliers removed.

    The overall lesson? Beware of totals. It’s the change—and, more importantly, what changes—that matters.

    Source: BigDuck smart communications for nonprofits
  • This Morning with Gordon Deal April 17, 2017
    By (Compass Media Networks) - Monday Apr 17, 2017

    VP Pence says 'era of strategic patience' over with North Korea, manhunt in Cleveland after video of killing posted to Facebook and how running can help you live longer.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Wall Street Journal This Morning
  • Beer and...Iced Tea?
    Friday Apr 21, 2017

    Looking for a refreshing drink this summer? WSJ reporter Charles Passy and Tanya Rivero sip an unconventional option: the Owl's Brew Radler, a new artisanal beer and iced tea fusion. Photo: Owl's Brew

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Food & Drink
  • New York Today: New York Today: Brewing in Harlem
    By GABRIELLA ANGOTTI-JONES and VIVIAN WANG - Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    Thursday: A beer with local flavor, more balmy weather, and getting great shots on Nature Photography Day.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • NEW! High Brew Cold Brew Coffee Hits The Road
    Friday Jun 16, 2017

    High Brew Cold Brew Coffee and experiential agency OutCold are launching the beverage brand's first comprehensive campaign beyond OOH billboards.

    The #HighRoadTour mobile tour will cover anestimated 16,000 miles over a 22-week tour and visit various festivals, trade shows and grocery stores in 33 markets.

    The adventure features a redesigned red and silver 1952 ContinentalTrailways bus that has been transformed into an immersive mobile coffee sampling experience. The interior features an air-conditioned “Vintage Diner” with booth and bar stool seating,charging stations and a reach-in cooler filled with High Brew Coffee, while the exterior footprint will host a pop-out sampling bar.



    Source: Media Post: Mobile Marketing Daily
  • Kiss singer wants to trademark “devil horns” rock and roll sign
    By Joe Mullin - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    Simmons says he first used the longtime rock symbol “in commerce” in 1975.

    Source: Ars Technica
  • Fleet management tracking provider Samsara raises $40M
    By Matthew Lynley - Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

     Rapid changes in the shipping industry has caught the attention of investors who are starting to pour large sums of money into the industry. And likely for good reason: as a future where trucks are run autonomously becomes ever clearer, the sensors and software behind that is going to have to be able to keep up. One company, Samsara, is working on just those kinds of sensors and products to… Read More

    Source: TechCrunch
  • Devils Take Nico Hischier No. 1, Defying N.H.L. Draft Predictions
    By JEFF ARNOLD - Saturday Jun 24, 2017

    Hischier, surprised that the Devils picked him over Nolan Patrick, becomes the first Swiss-born player to be selected first over all in the draft.

    Source: NYT > Home Page