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  • Katy Perry and Lady Gaga shared a touching moment after Hillary lost the election
    By Martha Tesema - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    Who would have thought that even after an endless press tour in support of her fifth album Witness, there's still a bit more to learn about the pop star Katy Perry.

    In a New York Times profile written by Caryn Ganz, Perry opens up about a lot of things she didn't get to during her four-day livestreaming experiment—including Hillary Clinton's loss, sexuality, and the false nature of award shows. 

    Perry found comfort in Lady Gaga after Hilary Clinton's loss: 

    She explains her frustrations about 'woke-ness' and reacts to being repeatedly called out for appropriative actions: Read more...

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  • Big Tech’s Half-Hearted Response To Fake News And Election Hacking
    By Cale Guthrie Weissman - Friday Sep 15, 2017

    Despite big hand waves, Facebook, Google, and Twitter aren’t doing enough to stop misinformation.

    Every day a new front emerges in Big Tech’s battle against fake news. Signs of trouble reared their head during the election, when hyper-partisan misinformation began materializing on Facebook. Months later it became known that many of these sites had been weaponized in a larger misinformation campaign spearheaded by external players, including the Russian government.

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    Source: Fast Company
  • People are not cool with Katy Perry's Australian ad
    By Johnny Lieu - Thursday Jul 6, 2017

    Don't mess with the koalas, Katy Perry.

    The pop star faced criticism for telling her pet dog Nugget "let's go chase some koalas" in an ad for Australian department store chain Myer. 

    But one veterinarian wasn't cool with the koala, saying it reverses efforts to stop dogs coming into contact with the marsupial.

    "Perry is a role model to so many young people, and this just destroys all the good work we do to try to encourage people not to let their dogs come into contact with koalas," Queensland vet Claire Madden told the Courier Mail. Read more...

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  • For some reason, Katy Perry is really craving Australian meat pies
    By Johnny Lieu - Friday Jun 30, 2017

    For some reason, Katy Perry is obsessed with the Australian meat pie — the country's tasty (and occasionally gross) national dish.

    To those who don't know, a meat pie is a crust filled with a (usually) piping hot concoction of beef and gravy, often enjoyed with tomato sauce a.k.a. ketchup. They're a delicious, calorific treat Australians enjoy at the football, or as a last resort from a service station after a night of drinking.

    And Perry wants to eat as many as she can while in Australia, where she came to announce an upcoming tour in the country. 

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  • TBH, Katy Perry had some terrible jokes at the VMAs
    By Martha Tesema - Monday Aug 28, 2017

    "Even in the apocalypse, we deserve a great soundtrack," Katy Perry said during her opening monologue of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards—but apparently, we don't deserve good jokes. 

    Many of the singer's opening remarks fell flat with fans watching at home, and they took to Twitter to blast the singer for her lack of comedic chops. 

    Perry awkwardly landed on stage and, despite fumbling a bit with her mask, that was smoothest portion of her introduction. Her whole bit was about how she had been away from Earth and was just now catching up with what's going onHa ha.  Read more...

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  • Congrats to Katy Perry on hitting 100 million Twitter followers — most of which are bots
    By Kerry Flynn - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    Friday we witnessed history, according to Twitter. 

    Katy Perry, whose new album is titled "Witness," is the first person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter.

    In honor of this major milestone, Katy Perry got a special emoji for the hashtag #LoveKaty and a minute-long celebratory video. 

    But the big issue: Katy Perry doesn't REALLY have 100 million followers because Katy Perry's account is plagued by a common problem on Twitter — bots. 

    There are many third-party platforms for analyzing the authenticity of Twitter followers out thereDigital Spy used the service TwitterAudit and found that of her 99.3 million followers at the time, only 32 percent were real. That means nearly 67 million of her followers were fake.  Read more...

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